Friday, 22 April 2016

ReEn Yungo The First Cleansing Treatment

Hiiiii~~~~~ I am back!!!!! I finished my exam last month and have a month of free time~~ Yay~~~ Back to normal life!!!! 

Anyways~ I been neglecting my skin because I just am too tired and lazy to do anything every day. That decision has caused havoc on my skin and I am currently trying to remedy that mistake. Because I haven't been using much products, I am doing a review on hair product instead of skincare. But don't worry. I may have went a few little stress induced shopping trips when I was avoiding studying. So there will be more things to post about in the future.

Okay, back on topic. Today's post is about ReEn Yungo The First Cleansing Treatment. I got this from Global Interpark for about $10 CAD back in October. If you are in Canada, you should be able to find it at your local T&T supermarket for about $20 CAD. Yikes on the mark up, but that's T&T for you.
I was super impressed by the look of this shampoo when I got it! I absolutely love the design of the box. It's so simple but so pretty. It's got those flowers embossed on a simple white box. So pretty!! (♥ω♥ ) ~♪ I may have kept the box just because it's so pretty. ೕ(˃̵ᴗ˂̵ ๑)

Little background on my hair. I have pretty weak, fine and thinning hair due to PCOS. I have to switch my shampoos every few months as my hair would start to look "greasy" just hours after I washed it. It looks super bad since my hair is so fine, it looks like I haven't washed it for days. Yuck. And because my hair is thinning, you can see "bald" spots when it gets weighted down. To make the matter worse, I would get lots of dandruff so it's a complicated situation. The only good part of having fine thinning hair is that I basically don't have to brush it at all. I can just wake up and not brush my hair and it still looks perfectly fine.

I used to switch between the Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care shampoo and Head & Shoulders dandruff shampoo. These shampoos along with my conditioner kept my hair smooth and free from tangles. But I thought I would give the Yungo treatment a try and see if it helps with my dandruff and greasy roots problem.

The Yungo treatment/shampoo is actually red! I was surprised when I first saw it. It has a nice floral herbal scent to it. Normally I am against these kind of scents but this is a light and pleasant scent that I came to accept. It does linger though! I can still smell it after my hair is dried, so if you are sensitive to smell, this may not be for you.
The treatment actually doesn't lather well, but it does leave my hair feeling squeaky clean. Good thing right???

Well... No.... Let me explain...

 After the first wash, my hair looked nice and clean and I didn't have to bust out the dry shampoo the next day. Yay! Downside is, I woke up with a HUGE tangled mess at the back of my head. What's a girl to do besides just gently brush it out? I thought if I added more conditioner that would help, but nope, it didn't help at all.

Fast forward to March, I am still getting huge tangled mess at the back of my head every morning. I am getting comments from my mother saying how my hair has thinned out even more. Yet I am still using the shampoo for some odd reason. I knew it was the treatment/shampoo that was causing the big mess every morning but I just didn't bother switching from it. Until one day I was showering and just had CLUMPS of hair coming out. ( ͒˃⌂˂ ͒) That was the last straw for me and I immediately switched back to my Shiseido shampoo.

It's now 5 weeks since I switched back to Shiseido and I have to say it's been a slow recovery for my poor dying hair. ( ≧Д≦) The Shiseido shampoo has helped in restoring my hair such that I no longer wake up with a huge tangled mess every morning. It didn't completely eliminate it, only slowly reduced it. If I move around a lot in my sleep, I end up with a big huge mess in the exact same spot and would have to carefully brush it out. I think it's going to take a LONG time and probably some hair masks to restore my hair. I got some Skylake shampoo to try but at this stage, I think I am going to focus on restoring my hair before possibly damaging it again.

While I appreciate how the treatment allowed me to have a dry scalp with no dandruff, the fact that I have to spend 5 minutes holding my hair at the roots and trying to brush out the tangles every morning completely outweighs any benefits I can see from the treatment. I don't know what hair type this treatment will be good for, but I know for sure my hair did not like it and the half finished tube is going in the garbage.

Last thing.. I found out I passed my module today!! YAY!!!!!!!!! Now I got two weeks before the next module start.... But YES!! I passed!!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

*Update* I FINALLY got my hair back to normal!! It took a long time but I finally got it to the point where I don't wake up with a big mess on the back of my head every time I wake up. 

Monday, 4 April 2016

Leaders Cosmetics Canada

Hi everyone!

Yay!!! My first module is done and I am free for a month to do whatever I want!! Yay!!! O(≧∇≦)O

Okay, back to business.

I did a haul from Leaders Canada back in December. I was super pleased with my experience as everything was in Canadian dollars and they were beyond generous with the samples! I ordered $50 worth of masks (16 masks in total) to get free shipping and received 10 additional masks as freebies! How awesome is that?! ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

A photo posted by @addictedtocrafts12 on

I did plan on doing a whole post just on these coconut gel masks, as I really liked them. Unfortunately school got involved and I had to drop everything to focus on that. Even more unfortunately, Leaders ended up repackaging and reformulating most of the coconut gel masks in January. That is why you see most of them as out of stock on the website.

Now all of my masks are out of date and it seems kind of silly to do posts on out of date products. So I won't be doing a post like I originally planned to. But based on what I read so far on Instagram, the repackaged reformulated masks are even better! I will purchase and test them once they are on the Leaders Canada website. Until then, I just want to put the word out there for all my fellow Canadians that there is a legit Leaders Canada website you can purchase the products from! I would also recommend emailing them and asking if there are any sales going on! I did and they gave me an introductory coupon code for 30% off!!  ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)

*Update* Hmm, it looks like Leaders Canada is gone as quietly as it came.. The website is gone now. So I guess they decided the Canadian market is just not worth it. Oh well. Too bad.. I'll order straight from Korea then.