Wednesday, 19 September 2018

[JOLSE] NAKEUP FACE PHA Water Tox Ampoule 33ml

Have you ever watched your package travel across the country and wondering what the heck happened?! I have.. My Nakeup Face PHA Water Tox Ampoule from Jolse did exactly that. It cleared through Vancouver customs only to travel across the country to Montreal and spend a few days there before coming back to AB.. I guess my ampoule just really wanted to travel the country before it gets on my face!

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

[TIA'M] - My Signature Panthenol Moist Cream

Hey everyone. I was lucky to be selected to test out one of the new products from TIA'M a while back. I was excited as I quite liked their Aura Milk Face Peeling Toner (review here) and the My Signature Panthenol Moist Cream looks quite appealing to me. It is supposed deeply hydrate the skin while forming a moisture barrier and strengthen the skin barrier. I look forward to anything that is supposed to keep my skin moist!

Thursday, 6 September 2018

[JOLSE] 302WHITE II Step Nano Melting Bio Mask 3ea

Hey peeps~ I am back with a dedicated review on these masks I received from Jolse. I love Jolse's reviewer program! You apply and they randomly select a number of people to try out a specific product each week. I love it because it doesn't take into consideration your social media follower counts, it just requires you to have one so the review can be shared. Jolse also provide the reviewer with a month or so to compensate for shipping and testing period. To me that makes it less about the numbers and more about the genuine reviews.

Anyways, I digress.. I was lucky to be chosen to test out the 302WHITE II Step Nano Melting Bio Mask back in August! I was pretty excited because this is a new brand to me! I also love reviewing masks because it's just use up and then be done. I don't have lots of opened products sitting around. Does anyone else get stressed out with the amount of opened products they have? I am starting to get that and now doesn't want to hoard products if I can.. Masks are different issues....😅