Monday, 18 June 2018

[BENTON] - Cacao Moist and Mild Serum

I like Benton and they been introducing quite a bit of new products lately. I was slightly beating myself up for getting the Cacao Moist and Mild Serum because I got the toner and cream. I was just one away from the complete collection! So imagine my surprise when I got the serum in my goodies bag from Skinvestment! Thank you!! 💓

[107 ONEOSEVEN] - Feminine Body Soap + α

After the success with the OneOSeven Rose Vinegar Water, I was really intrigued by the other OneOSeven product I received from Be Mused Korea during the Skinvestment Beauty Date x MTL event back in May.

It is the OneOSeven (I am just gonna go 107 from now on) Feminine Body Soap + α, which is a body soap with fermented mugort vinegar and is designed for you private. It is to help balance healthy menstrual cycle of your body and will create a moisture barrier and lock in the moisture.

[SOYBIO+] - Fermented Mist

The other SoyBio+ product I received from the Beauty Date x MTL event hosted by Skinvestment was the Fermented Mist.

[SOYBIO+] - Fermented Shampoo

One of the more interesting products I received from Skinvestment's Beauty Date x MTL event was the SoyBio+ Fermented Shampoo! I haven't tried much Korean shampoos before but it sounded very interesting after Daint/Carmen's review of it!

Sunday, 17 June 2018

[APOTERRA] - Hibiscus Exfoliating Mud with Rosehip + Acai

I received multiple samples from Skinvestment's Beauty Date x MTL event back in May and Apoterra left quite an impression on me! The card they sent to each of us were all handwritten! It's a a small gesture but it's so thoughtful to send handwritten notes with samples. I really appreciate it!

Now, let's get into the product they sent. Which is the Hisbiscus Exfoliating Mud with Rosehip _ Acai.