Thursday, 19 February 2015

Mini Rant - Memebox

So I started this blog to review all my Memebox. Now that they have gone crazy and decided to close their international shop and focus only on China, Korea, and United States. Thanks.. We Canadians really feel the love here..

Anyways.. The reason for my rant is that I am really displeased with the way they are handling everything. They gave the international buyers less than a month's notice that they are closing shop. They gave a little more than a month to cash out outstanding Memepoints. So a lot of people has been sending in their reviews for really old boxes so they can get some Memepoints back. In return, Memebox changed their review policy so people can't abuse the system. That's fine, I understand.

What I have a problem with is that I sent in two reviews on brand new boxes I just received and I STILL haven't gotten my points yet. I sent it in on February 6th, before they closed their international shop on the 10th. I was hoping they will get back to me in time so I could buy another Elizavecca set. Nope, Nada. I caved and bought it with whatever I had in my account. That's fine.. That's my decision... But fast forward to today, the 19th. I still have not seen those points in my account. The deadline to send in a withdrawal request to Paypal is tonight at 11:59PM PST. So.. I can't withdraw that amount because Memebox is dragging their feet.... And I am not alone in this, few people has complained they sent in their request weeks ago and haven't received it yet.

Yes, it's only $6 which is a small amount. Yes, I know with the hundreds, if not thousands of customers out there, Memebox is looking to pay out thousands of dollars. An amount that any business is unwilling to pay. But if you do not wish to give out review points as money, then as a business, you should have suspended the review system upon announcing the closing of the international shop. Do not leave customers, *excuse me* former customers, in the dark, waiting for their review points hoping they will get it in time. Honour the terms and conditions you as a company has put up! If you didn't want to pay it out, you should have said something, not drag your feet until time has run out. That's just a shady practice for a business. Yes, they made more than a few shady business moves, but this is the last straw. So now, even if Memebox is offering to the international community again, I will not be giving them a single penny. Nor would I recommend them to anyone.

So kids, if you are ever thinking about starting a business... Look at Memebox as an example of how NOT to run your successful business. Every move they made has turned their customers against them and flee to other companies. If the business folds, that would be their own doing.


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