Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Choosy Night Lip Treatment

I done review on the Pure Smile lip treatments before, and was saddened to see that Pure Smile has decided to discontinue the line. So imagine my surprise when I saw a post on r/AsianBeauty stating there is a new lip treatment that is comparable to it. And to make it even better, the eBay page has it on sale for 1+1. I snagged it up rightaway! However, this wasn't offered through eBay Canada so I just did it through and those lip treatments were on their way to me!
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The seller was nice and included some point pads as free gifts. I was quite mifted as to why I connected Pure Smile with Choosy. Then I realized, all of the eBay listings label it as Pure Smile Choosy. NO WONDER!!!!

Anyways, moving on.

To make things easier, I'll refer to the Choosy Night lip treatments as the Choosy lip treatments and the Pure Smile Snail lip treatments as the Pure Smile treatments.

The Choosy and Pure Smile has similar packaging, with similar sizes. The Choosy treatments are 10ml each, and the Pure Smile treatments are 10g each, which is essentially 10ml as well.

The lip treatments comes in two flavours, milk vanilla and bergamot. I got one of each. Bergamot is a type of orange, so I expected it to smell like orange. It actually smells like those cheap No Name brand vanilla wafers. That cheap but super sweet vanilla smell with a tinge of tartness to it. I like it actually. Whereas milk vanilla smells of very sweet artificially flavoured coconut treats.

The Pure Smile treatments came in a variety of flavours. They were milk, honey, assorted fruits, chocolate and strawberry. I only got the milk as I couldn't tolerate the honey smell from its lotions and loved the sweet milk scent.

Both treatments has the same applicator, which is not surprising given how they are the same packaging. But this is where the similarities end.
Difficulties in photographing transparent product on a white background while using flash.. =__=
The Pure Smile treatment comes out in a thick transparent gel like consistency. It goes on sticky, and remains for hours. I always put it on when I leave the house for the day, as I tend to roll around too much during my sleep and I don't want to rub it everywhere. Every time I put it on, I have to make sure I have my hair tied up, as it it will cling onto everything that comes into contact with it. It is THICK! But it does wonders. Every time I use it, my lips are just so much more moisturized afterwards.

The Choosy lip treatment is different. It is also a night treatment but it doesn't perform as well. It is a tad bit opaque compared to Pure Smile. It is more of a thinner consistency, and it is quite slippery so it applies more like a lip gloss. I would apply a thin coat of it over the Peripera velvet lip tint for a nice glossy look. I would also apply a thin coat over bare lips right before I leave the house. By the time I reach the office, which takes about 1.5 hours, the treatment is pretty much "gone".
Dry, chapped lips 

A coat of Choosy lip treatment 

2.5 hours later, no drinking or eating. 

Let me put it this way, I would always want to but won't actually put on the Pure Smile treatment when I leave the office, despite how much I wanted to. This is because I know, despite the 1.5 hour travel time, the treatment will still be sticky as hell when I get home. This wouldn't be a problem except the fact that I have a super hairy dog named Panda, and one of the first things I do when I get home is to shower him in kisses. So if I had the Pure Smile treatment on, my lips would have been covered in dog hair, or as I like to refer to it, Panda hair, and some of it would have rubbed off on my dog.

On the other hand, I have absolutely no problem with putting on the Choosy treatment before I go home. In fact, I often find myself reaching for it while I wait for the bus. This is because I know it will most likely be "gone" by the time I reach home and I don't have the risk of being covered in Panda hair.

Why did I put gone in quotation marks you may ask? Well, I am not sure if it actually sunk in, I am not sure what actually happens to it. I don't eat or drink while on the bus ride so it can't have rubbed off. I also know it haven't sunk in as my lips often feels dry when I get home. So it must have evaporated? I am not sure. Hence the "gone" reference.

Overall, I would say this is not a replacement for the beloved Pure Smile lip treatment, despite being made by the same company. But the highlight of these treatments is that it is not sticky and can act as a nice light gloss for everyday wear.


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