Thursday, 12 February 2015

Possible trading scam

Sigh.. I hate calling people out in public, just in case I am wrong.. But... I also don't want someone else be fooled into it. So.. Here's a short post regarding an Instagram user who I think scammed me.

Back in December, Instagram user Thecraftymuffintop left a message on one of my pictures asking for trade. I was open to it so we did the whole exchange on direct message. I didn't suspect anything as I found a Youtube video of someone unboxing their trade. And when she kept on sending me new updates with pictures of what she got, I was really excited. When I sent out the package and complained about shipping cost in Canada, she provided me with a weight and cost of her shipment. So I thought everything was legit.. But....

Fast forward a month later, she has received my package. Told me she will wait for me to receive mine to open hers.. I asked her for a tracking number.. That is when the communication stopped. I got absolutely no reply for three weeks. So I sent another message asking for a tracking number.. Again.. no reply.

It's now two months, I have no tracking number, no package, and out of about $160 CAD. I genuinely hope she didn't scam me but it's starting to look like it. I believe in karma, so I am just letting this go as a kind gesture to a stranger in time for Christmas and hope to receive good karma for it. I definitely learned a lesson here regarding online trading, I am definitely not straying from a safe trader list now. Let my experience also be a lesson to you, don't trade with anyone without much credits to their account.

Edit: Posting the pictures she sent me of my "supposed" package. If you see these pictures, don't do it!!!


  1. Omg This is exactly what she's doNE to me smh😠😠😠😠How could this person be so heartless and dirty she's a evil person