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Testerkorea Haul #2

Yes this is an extremely belated post for my TK haul #2 that was made in January. This was placed a week after my first haul and shipped out a day before #1 shipped out. So they arrived around the same time as each other. This one was purchased for various reasons. 1) I wanted to try some samples, 2) I needed a reason to get the castle hand creams and 3) to get some cute fruit shaped items for a friend's birthday present. 

Anna Sui La Vid De Boheme
I gotta admit, I got this purely because I liked the container. It's a small 4ml sample but it's a small glass container and I prefer the clear plastic butterfly over the gold butterfly on the regular bottles. This was pretty expensive at $7.70 for 4ml but the container has both roses and butterfly on it! Two of things that I love. So it was worth the money I spent even though I can guarantee I won't ever wear it.

The perfume has a light and floral scent and I feel like I smelt something similar before. But I can't quite recall what it is. I think this would be good for a nice warm spring day.

Etude House My Castle Hand Cream in Ice Frozen & Sweet Cookie 
I already received the rose version of the hand cream in a previous Memebox and loved it. So I couldn't resist on getting the rest of them. I decided against getting Pink Wish as the description says it's a fruity floral scent and I don't really like floral hand creams. 

Etude House My Castle Hand Cream in Ice Frozen 
My Castle Hand Cream in Ice Frozen is housed in a blue castle. Its name and colour reminds me of Frozen. I wouldn't be surprised if it's inspired by Frozen. Even the hand cream is of a light blue colour. I have to admit, I got this hand cream purely for the Frozen reference rather than its scent. 

The cream is supposed to have a ice floral fragrance. I am not sure what an ice floral is supposed to smell like but I don't particularly like this scent. It's hard to describe what this smells like but it reminds me of a product I have received from Memebox. It's got a light floral smell and you can feel a very light tingle at the back of your throat if you keep on smelling it. I guess that's the ice part. 

The hand cream is same as the rose version, it's a thick hand cream that has a similar texture as a cream jello. It kind of bounces back when you press down on it and it's not easy to scoop some out. Once you do get some out, it spreads easily and feels quite moisturizing.

Etude House My Castle Hand Cream in Sweet Cookie
Sweet Cookie is supposed to have a sweet vanilla fragrance, and it is housed in a gingerbread cookie house. It's so adorable I couldn't NOT get it. 

It's supposed to be a sweet vanilla scent, but I smell more of a coconut scent, reminding me of macaroons. It also smells faintly of a sugar cookie. It's definitely my favourite scent  since it's the lightest scented out of all three castles. 

Texture wise it's the same as the other two. Bounces back and it's not too easy to grab some without having to dig it out. Feels as moisturizing as the rest of them.

Tonymoly Red Apple Hand Cream & Tangerine Whitening Hand Cream 
I got the red apple hand cream for my friend's birthday so I could not say anything about the product. But I just have to say the picture on TK does NOT do justice to how cute the apple is. It has a gradient colour just like a real apple and around the same size as one. I was so tempted to keep it as my own. But I talked myself out of it since I have the larger Red Appletox Honey Cream apple from Memebox so I don't need another apple.

Tonymoly  Tangerine Whitening hand Cream 
This may be my favourite hand cream from the haul. It is shaped just like a tangerine, with the pock marks and little green stub. I was pleasantly surprised when I was unscrewing the lid and discovered it is not a perfect circle. Instead, it has very faint bumps that you will only see it does not match up when you are unscrewing the lid. 

This smells very similar to the Yeon's Hallabong hand cream but without the leafy smell. It smells just a tangerine, with the fresh tangy peel smell. 

The cream looks and feels like a regular hand cream, so I am assuming it can be in a tube form if Tonymoly wanted to do it that way. But the tangerine shaped container is an even better selling point. Many finds it hard to refuse the cute container. 

I am not sure about the whitening part of the cream but it makes my hand feel so soft afterwards. Though it does leave a shine on my hand unless I keep on rubbing it in. Not impressed with that aspect but the scent and the moisturizing aspect outweighs it. 

Side note: Panda loves this tangerine so much! I just put it on the ground and he picked it up and started trying to chew it and kept on trying to steal it from me. Hehe.

Baviphat Mini Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack,  Mini Peach All in One Peeling Gel , Mini Lemon Whitening Sleeping Pack
These are also fruit shaped presents to my friend, so I can't say much about how the products are. But they are so adorable!

I did keep the mini peach for myself as that was the original plan. I like anything smelled like peaches and I was in need for a peeling gel. I was disappointed that the container was less than half filled but I think I can get at least 3 uses from it.

You are supposed to scoop it out and massage it onto dry skin. It's supposed to remove any skin flakes. The peeling gel is actually reacting with the oil on your skin and while it balls up it takes some of the dead skin from your face.

I have read reviews that it does not work well and it smells funny. But the batch I got smelled just like peaches! The gel is a light pink opaque gel that looks thick but is pretty easy to scoop out. It only take a few small scoops to cover my entire face. After I washed off the gel, my skin felt so soft and I no longer see the visible skin flakes. So now I am considering buying the full sized version. Though that version also doesn't look quite like a peach either so I don't know if I want to add it to my fruit shaped collection.

Tonymoly Petit Bunny Gloss Bar in #4 Cherry
This was also a present to my friend as she mentioned she seen these and regretted not buying it. Her favourite lip balm is Nivea's lip balm in Cherry and we always has to chase it down in Shoppers Drug Mart. So why not get her the bunny in cherry? 

I have this in Peach so I imagine this has the same quality. It has a light shine, not very moisturizing and the colour is very noticeable on dry skin on your lips.

Tonymoly Mini Berry Lip Balm in Cherry
This was meant to be a present for the same friend, because of her love for her cherry lip balm. But this was sooo adorable I had to commandeer it as my own. 

I was wondering how would the stem not break in your bag when it's a hard plastic. But it's actually a piece of flexible rubber. I haven't gotten to open it but I heard it's not the greatest product out there. 

How cute are the four little fruits?!

Etude House Mini Jam Jam Hand Lotion in Clean Gel
I was intrigued by the container when I first saw it. I thought that's so neat that they made a clear hand cream. But there was barely any reviews on it so I wasn't sure. Fortunately I did find a review on it which noted this is actually a hand sanitizer. Knowing that, I decided to get it anyways as I don't like the scented hand sanitizers and the ones with the flip caps. 

This is a TINY little tube. I finally found a quarter for sizing. It's a small tube and it's just what it is, a hand sanitizer. It doesn't have a strong alcohol scent and leaves no residue. Nothing remarkable about it besides its small size and its cuteness.

The History of Whoo Whoo Hwa Hyun Cream 10ml
Gotta admit I got this purely because how cute it is. This is part of the set that cost $100 or so. So to buy it at $5.60 is a steal! 

It's a small container that is more container than product. It's got a highly reflective gold surface, where you can see my polka dot pj pants. XD The cream is thick and has a smell I dislike. It's got a very chemical/synthetic smell that reminds me of a product that I can't pinpoint but it brings back bad memories. It is absorbed quickly while leaving my skin very soft and does not leave any residue. But due to the smell, I don't think I'll be using it on my face. Maybe I'll use it on my body instead. 


Shara Shara  Real Sauce Strawberry Mask 
I got another mask instead of sample packs. I was annoyed at receiving a mask again but after receiving the unimpressive sample packs I wish I am still getting masks as samples.

Top row: (Left to right) Su:m 37 Water full timeless gel essence, Su:m 37 Water Full Timeless Water Gel Cream, Missha Super Aqua Ultra Water Full Clear Cream, Nature Repbulic Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream
Bottom Row: (Left to right) The Face Shop The Smim dew fermentation moisturizing essence, Tonymoly Tomatox Magic Massage Pack, It's Skin Pure Moisture Gel 
I bought sample packs that grabbed my eyes to try and gift. Can you tell I grab mostly for moisture? I have been using them as present stuffers and my friends has been loving the samples. The most popular is the Tomatox. I think I am going to cave and get the full sized product to add to my collection of fruit containers. 


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