Monday, 6 April 2015

Tester Korea Haul #3

After trying a few masks, I decided I wanted to do a mask haul. I added so many masks into my cart and then kept on checking how much the shipping would be.. I was very shocked when I got $20 something for shipping because the order was so huge. I kept on playing with it and then made a boo boo. I accidentally confirmed to buy the cart thinking it was going to confirm after I go to Paypal. So imagine my surprise after coming back to the website and see my cart completely empty. I decided to just complete the order and "patiently" waited for my masks to come to me.. This was placed in early February and I received it by February 20th. So it wasn't a LONG wait. 

So this haul is primarily masks but it does contain some items that are not masks. So let's start with them first. 
Tonymoly Honey Melon Hand Balm
This was a gift for my friend who loves cherries and honeydew melons. As such I have no swatches for it. But according to her the balm smells wonderfully like a honeydew melon. So it was a success!

Too Cool For School Marshmallow Puff

Mogie and I were at Sephora and looking at the Beauty Blender and I told her there are dupes online. After asking my online forums and doing some online searches, it seems like the cheapest and okay dupe is the Too Cool for School Marshmallow Puff. They are about $5 with shipping and seem to get okay reviews. Everyone recommends that you invest the $26 to buy an original Beauty Blender but given the fact that we both barely uses makeup it seems kind of wasteful. So the Marshmallow Puff it is!
I gave the pink one to Mogie and kept the white one to myself.. The sponge is cinched near the center so it provides a better grip. The puff is soft and squishy while feeling quite dense. It is basically a very dense make up sponge. 

I followed the online tutorials and wet the sponge first, which does prevent it from absorbing most of the BB cream. Then I dabbed the BB cream all over my face using the sponge and found that it blended well. It does a better job than my fingers but I think any sponge or brush would do better than my fingers. Cleaning it was not too bad. Just used my Biotherm foam cleanser and it washed the BB cream right off. I then set it on top of the container to dry off and it was completely dry within hours. 

That being said, I did notice a small indent on the bottom of the puff after just one use. So I am afraid this puff will start have develop tears on the bottom the more I use it. So while I would recommend this sponge to those who doesn't apply make up often, I wouldn't recommend it to those who does it often. I would recommend investing that $25+ into an authentic Beauty Blender instead 

The Saem Fruit Punch Hand Cream in Quince
This was bought because I saw it on a redditor's post on /r/AsianBeauty and she said it smelled pretty nice. It was sold out when I started to play around with my cart and was back in stock when I accidentally placed the order.

This is the first item I got from the Saem and it looks interesting. I never heard of a quince before and according to wiki it often looks like a pear or an apple. So I guess the Saem decided to go with the pear shape.

The cream is a light cream that is similar to Tonymoly's tangerine hand cream. It has a light floral scent, where I would smell apples, then pears and then flowers. I quite like the scent as it is light enough that I can put it on my hand without the scent bothering me. As for the moisturizing aspect, I find it to be average. It's nothing amazing but it does its job and doesn't leave greasy hand prints everywhere.
Su:m 37 Flawless Regenerating Eye Cream
O Hui Age Recovery Super Anti-aging essence
Skinfood Gold Caviar Collagen Serum
The Face Shop The Smim Fermentation Concentrate Gel Oil
Su:m 37 Flawless Regenerating Essence

Samples! I bought some more samples to try out. The regenerating/anti-aging stuff was for my mom to try out. The Face Shop gel oil was to see what a gel oil is like and how oily it would be. The Skinfood serum was honestly because I thought I would see specks of gold in the package, but I was obviously wrong. Will post updates once I get to try these samples. 

Pure Smile Snail Hand Cream in Strawberry
I did not give up on finding another "flavour" of the Pure Smile hand cream after the disaster that is honey. I am so glad I chose Strawberry. It has the same consistency as the Milk version but it smells so wonderful. It doesn't smell like those artificially sweet strawberries, but rather a fresh strawberry with a hint of tartness. I can't wait to finish my two tubes of Milk to use this!

Re:cipe Slowganic Sheet Mask in Jeju Tangerine
For some reason Re:cipe just attracts my attention and I been dying to try these masks. I chose the mask purely on the "flavour", but it is suppose to brighten and even out your complexion. Just what I needed!

They were expensive when I bought them, they were $4 each. So I only picked up the Jeju Tangerine to try out. After my order is shipped, they dropped the price down to $1.50.. Grrrrr. Not happy about it but what can I do right?

Mamonde Flower Essential Mask in Peach Blossom Shiny Hydrating

Mamonde Flower Essential Mask in Jasmine Oasis Water
The Mamonde Flower Essential masks were interesting because it is all flowers! There were so many choices I had to whittle it down to two. Jasmine because I love Jasmine and Peach Blossom because it is supposed to be hydrating. I have read online that some find the smell to be overpowering so I am hesitant to try it. But if it does work well, I want to try Lotus, Lily, Rose, Sunflower and Camellia.

Aritaum Fresh Essence Mask in Hyaluronic Acid 
I honestly got this because it was one of the cheaper masks and I love anything H-acid! I am not familiar with Aritaum but after a quick search it turns out Aritaum is part of AmorePacific's numerous cosmetic lines along with Mamonde, Innisfree and Laneige. So I think it should be a pretty good mask.

Tonymoly Pureness 100 Propolis Mask Sheet
I really like Tonymoly for their cute items but never tried their masks before. So I decided to try their Pureness 100 line with propolis. I decided on propolis simply because Snail was out of stock and I didn't want to get Hyaluronic Acid again. So Propolis it is, and since it is for skin soothing, I will use this when I have those angry hormonal breakouts or after staying out in the sun for too long *psh like that will happen any time soon*.

Holika Holika Mask Sheet from Nature in Vitamin + Pineapple
Holika Holika has decent masks. I have tried their Piggy Nose 3 step masks and liked it. I chose the Vitamin + Pineapple purely because I haven't seen pineapple in masks before. The mask is to have pineapple and Vitamin C derivatives to help revitalize your skin, but I think it probably also brightens due to the Vitamin C. I wonder if I should apply sunscreen the next day.

Tonymoly I'm Real Seaweeds Mask Sheet
Another Tonymoly mask! I was slightly intrigued by the I'm Real line after seeing the wine version in the Wine and Cheese Memebox. I decided on seaweed as I have not seen this in masks often and I like that it is supposed to purify your skin. TK has stated this is an emulsion/milky lotion type mask, so I am already aware this will be a thick mask. So probably saving it until winter hits, which is probably... September.
Baviphat Woori Rice Mask Sheet in Mung Beans
How cute is this mask?! I mean, packaging for the mask. :P I purely bought this because I found the line to be adorable. I would have bought the oatmeal mask as it is supposed to provide moisture and nutrition, but it was sold out. So I settled for the Mung Beans, which is supposed to provide moisture and clean?
Baviphat  Juicy Mask Sheet in Peach
Doesn't this look like a jug of peach juice? Again, bought it purely for the "flavour". Yeah I know... Some bad shopping habit... This is supposed to revitalize and lift your skin. I have tried the mask and will post a review for it soon. The short of it is, it's an okay mask that I didn't find much lifting results.

Holika Holika Juicy Mask Sheet in Mango
It's a cup of mango soda! Yes I know.. My randomness strikes again. I bought this purely to see how it matches up to the Etude House I Need You Mask in Mango. I really liked how my skin felt brighter and younger after using the Etude House's mask so I wonder how Holika Holika will do with theirs. 

Mamonde 7 Days Project in Moisturizing
This was an interesting choice. A series of masks that you use for 7 days to improve a problem. I decided on moisturizing as I am always trying to keep my skin moisturized and no skin flakes. I always does masks every other day, so I do hope I remember to do this for 7 consecutive days..
Tonymoly Changing U Magic Mask Sheet Box 
 I picked up the Tonymoly Changing U Magic Mask sheet box so I can try the different "flavours" and step slightly outside of my comfort zone. This kind of reminds me of the My Beauty Diary variety boxes where you get to sample a variety of masks that the brand offers.

I have tried the red wine as it was a firming mask. Let's just say, I am not impressed by the smell but the result is decent.

Sally's Box Loverecipe Mask Set 

How cute is the Sally's Box Loverecipe collection? Each "flavour" has a different image of a couple at different points in their relationship. I arranged them to show how I think the story goes. :P 

I really wanted to try this package as it has banana! But boy was this heavy to ship. It was the heaviest item in the cart and I had to take out so much to keep this. 

I have tried the apple mask and didn't find any AMAZING results. It was a little bit meh. Too bad I tried the mask after I ordered this set. I probably wouldn't have ordered this had I tried it first. I wouldn't waste the $14 + shipping on this set. 

Additional Thoughts: I am glad I made the mistake of accidentally placing this order as TesterKorea has changed their discount program and their shipping. They now use the step up program for shipping, so if I order even 1g over the limit, I am bumped up to the next level. I am not impressed with that. Their new up to 35% discount is very unclear in which product gets the discounts and to what extent. There are still few items I wish to try out from TK but I may wait for Canadian dollar to rise up again.. (that's going to take a while) and see if I can find it cheaper from elsewhere.. 


  1. How do you like Sally's sheet masks? I've tried a hair a mask from them and it was okay. I love how you made a little story with the masks they are adorable..:)

    1. Oh I am so sorry! I didn't see the comment until now. Umm.. I really thought it was meh.. I was so excited to use it then it was like.. the result is just meh..