Monday, 2 November 2015


Oh man.. I really shouldn't buy so much things, but I do.. *stands up* Hi.. I am Alex, and I am a shopaholic.. I buy too much things and takes my sweet time in using them up. 

Some of these hauls goes all the way back to August, but took its sweet time getting to me.. 

#1: Skin18 Freebies: 
First up, my Skin18 freebie order from middle of August. This package took FOREVER to get to me. As in a month an a half!! It was shipped out August 17, I didn't receive it till October 8th. The package also came to me all ripped up. Thanks so much Canada Post!!! *sarcasm right there*

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I ordered quite a bit of freebies again.. Looks like some of the freebies are still available for grabs if anyone wants to try them out. I find the shipping charge to be reasonable, works out to be about a $1 per mask. Skin18 has advised they are providing tracking numbers to all their orders so now it shouldn't take over a month to deliver. *We can only hope with Canada Post* 

I also ordered one of Etude House's Skin Note hydrogels as it was the cheapest I can find and I didn't have to pay any additional shipping. I honestly was so tired from waiting for it to arrive that I just put it with the rest of my masks and never looked at it again. 

Though I just want to say the customer service at Skin18 has been great. They filed for lost package for me when I haven't received my first freebie package in a month and promptly sent a replacement to me. They were willing to just let me return the replacement package to them, meaning they lost out on the postage paid. *Not gonna lie, I am glad they wanted it back, I don't think I want to have any more of those hydrogels* Once they received the returned package, they even sent an email thanking me and offering extra samples in my future order as their way of saying thank you for my trouble. 

#2: Mask Genie's Oriental Pouch #2 - LoveMore Edition Restock 

This was bought back in June (wow, that was so long ago), but Genie had trouble restocking some of the masks so that caused delays, and the fact that I accidentally had it shipped to my parents' address. I didn't receive this package until a long while after it's arrived. Luckily I couldn't wait and placed my BGO order of Lovemore masks right after ordering the pouch and was not waiting anxiously for this. 

The pouch comes with 10 LoveMore silk masks. But because I already had a few of the flavours, I picked out the duplicates and left it for my mom to try. I can't remember what those duplicate flavours are, sorry! But these are the ones I got left. I am curious to try the top row as they seem to be a different series than the two that's readily available at the moment. 

#3: Beautius Haul 
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Beautius is a new beauty website based out of Hong Kong. Their shipping is really reasonable! $2.99 - $4.99 depending where you are in the world. The shipping is super fast too! 7 calendar days for it to arrive in my mail box!

I ordered the My Scheming Facial Mask Book in Brightening and two Freeset Donkey Milk mask in whitening. The rest are just samples~~ So much samples!! I even got a handwritten note from Tracey, the founder. It was incredibly sweet! I think I will definitely shop more from them if I see anything else I want...Or when our sucky CAD goes back to close to par with USD so everything doesn't cost so much more than our US counterpart. 

They also have this points system where you get specific amounts per item you order, and you get some more for reviews! They are quite diligent in giving out those points! I just posted them on IG and a couple of minutes later, *poof*, I got an email advising me I got points for review! So nice!! 

I love the My Scheming Masks! They are silk masks like Lovemore but cost half as much and produce better results in my opinion. I may have ordered another of the book from eBay. 

#4: Dowaja Haul
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Excuse me while I cry in the corner for a little bit...

Okay, I am okay. I am just sad that Dowaja has closed up shop! They were SOO good to communicate with! I didn't mind the fees they charged at all! I may have been considering putting in another haul when they announced they are stopping service. 

Okay, back on topic. Back in Chuseok, Shara Shara Korea had a sale where you get the Honey Bomb + Berry Bomb for $30 including free domestic shipping. I originally wanted the Aqua Bomb because I have an obsession with anything promising moisture and it was only $15! Sadly they were out of stock and Dowaja suggested this set instead. So I decided to get it. 

Dowaja kept me informed when they had a delay in shipping due to the amounts of the same items ordered. They even helped me keep shipping down by taking out one of the freebie hydrogel masks so I can make it under 1000g. Hey I don't mind sharing the products if it means saving me some money in shipping!

I have already started using the Berry Bomb and will do up a post about it. Sadly... I don't think this All In One Ampoule is for me. I broke out and I suspect the AIO was the cause of it. Which is odd since my skin can take anything I throw at it. So I will do more testing with it once my skin is adjusted to the winter weather and is back to its normal happy self. 

#5: TesterKorea Haul 

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This order was purely to get the samples of Banila & Co's Miss Flower & Mr.Honey Cream. I requested this and a day or two, TK delivered and had it in stock! 

I also ordered some of the Cosrx Acne patches as I had some bad reactions and had no spot treatments on hand. I had the infamous Benton snail essence on hand but since it started to develop a long string within the essence, I been afraid to use it. Spoiler alert! I love these patches! Wish they weren't so expensive! I may have ordered some more from Jolse as they worked out to be about $3 per patch including shipping.

The masks are purely ordered to max out the shipping weight and to add to my ever growing mask collection. 

TK was quite generous with the samples this time. I got two boxes of the Skinfood vial trial sets and a packet of foil samples! So much samples for such a small haul. Compared to my measly one pack of foil samples for $70+ haul.. T____T 

#6 Bonjour HK Haul
 I mentioned in my Battle of the Lip Treatment, I placed my BonjourHK order primarily for the Pure Smile lip treatment and the LJH Propolis Ampoule. I haven't tried out the ampoule yet but I have been using the DHC cleansing oil. It will be in an upcoming post against Banila & Co's Clean It Zero. ^__-

The only downside was that I thought I was getting the Cinderella bottle as it was the picture shown on the English website. But I got the three princesses version instead. Oh well... I also thought it was bigger than the actual size. But that's okay, I can finish it faster this way.

#7: HKCPlaza
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This was also a package that took its sweet time. It was ordered on August 27 and I didn't receive it until October 15. Thanks again Canada Post!!! *Shakes fist*

I ordered the LJH hydrogel masks after Fanserviced's rave about it. It wasn't bad, as the masks were $4 each including shipping. I believe HKC Plaza has raised it back to normal price, which is around $7. Maybe it's best for my wallet that my skin doesn't like it.

#8: eBay 
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After trying the My Scheming brightening masks I bought from Beautius, I decided to buy the Book of Facial Masks in moisturizing. Beautius didn't carry it at the time so I ordered it from a Taiwanese eBay store. It cost the same as Beauitus with free shipping. No samples except for one little tea packet.. T__T

I received it in two weeks and I haven't tried any yet due to my skin acting up. But I will post reviews once my skin is back to normal. I have high hopes for this mask as the brightening ones were really good!

#9: Interpark Hauls:

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Interpark has lots of free shipping items at a discount. I ordered the BIG sized Banila & Co Clean It Zero and it arrived within two weeks. It appeared to be authentic so I decided to order more.

Unfortunately they only allow one free shipping item per order so I placed three different orders. They were all shipped separately but all arrived within 2 weeks!

I ordered the Leaders Aquaringer Skin Clinic Mask, which is almost like a silk mask. It's wonderful! I am so tempted to order more! There is also the Mediheal N.M.F Aquaring mask and the ReEn Yungo Hair Treatment/shampoo. I haven't tried the Mediheal mask but I have started using the Yungo treatment. So far I like it despite it's herbal smell!! Yes.. Eventually there will be a post.

#10: Secret Key Mystery Box

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Last but not least, I got my Secret Key mystery box last week. I placed it in the end of September but unfortunate for me, Canada Post decided to treat it as an unregistered parcel so it took a month once again.

I chose the anti-aging as I thought I would like to try their 24K Gold line. But honestly, I can probably buy the items cheaper from Jolse. Oh well. I like the surprise factor. :) 

That's all I got! I know, SO much things but SO little time!! I am taking it easy because my skin acted out so I want to get it back to normal before forcing new things on it. I am also on a NO BUY until the new year. In the mean time, I will force myself to finish up the posts I have planned. ^_^


  1. Some amazing beauty samples there, I always get my samples from my daughter she loves collecting them, she recently showed me this so I collected them myself x