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Lip tints~~~

So I am not sure why, but toward the end of my last module, I started to have this "want" to buy lip tints.. So I caved and did stress induced purchases.. I bought quite a few of them.. Hahahahaha... So bad!  I'll do a review on a few of them so I hope you don't mind close up shots of my lips....Also, because how much I ramble and how much swatches there are, this will be a LONG post! Please be patient!  

Okay, first up is the Aritaum Volume Up Oil Tint in #3 Bounce Pink and #4 Cotton Blossom. I bought these from Jolse when it was on sale for $7.98 USD with free shipping. I think the average price for these are about $9 each so that was a steal. 
I bought these because they were supposed to be dupes for the YSL oil tints. There wasn't much reviews available but I managed to find some swatches on Weibo which convinced me to get it. I chose #3 Bounce Pink because I liked the official swatch. As for #4 Cotton Blossom, I read on Weibo that the pink is so pale that it will almost like clear gloss on darker lips. So I was hesitant to purchase it but thought why not. It's not often I am attracted to pale pink lip tints. 

 These took FOREVER to get to me. I ordered it on February 27 but Jolse didn't ship it out until March 7th. Then thanks to Canada Post and their decision to be make unregistered parcels a very low priority. Which resulted in the package arriving in May. This was ordered first but arrived last. Sigh... 
 The tints are in plastic tubes with shiny coating, with the colour of the tint on top of the lid. I like how the applicator is slanted. I don't think it actually does much, but it makes me feel like the application much easier? The tints have a very strong sweet candy smell to it, and it last a while so if you dislike having sweet smells on your face, this isn't for you. 
Top: Bounce Pink
Bottom: Cotton Blossom 
These tints feel thicker than the water based tints. As you can see from above, the Bounce Pink is much more pigmented than the Cotton Blossom. It's more on the red side than pink. But Bounce Pink is SO cute!!! I love how it is such a light shade of pink and it's more on the translucent side. Let's see how they are on my lips.. *You been warned, close up shots of my lips are to come.*
Bare lips
Bounce Pink 
Cotton Blossom 
As expected, the Cotton Blossom is more of a clear gloss on my lips just like the Weibo review stated. I do think it does add a LITTLE pink to my lips, which make it a good everyday colour. Whereas the Bounce Pink had GREAT colour payoff! I thought I may not like based on the arm swatch and how red it is. But I really like how it looks on my lips! It's a cute colour and even when it comes off, it still leaves my lips a very cute shade of red. 

As for lasting powers, it's not the greatest. The oil does get absorbed over time so the glossiness does go away. Once the oil is absorbed, the colour does stay. I tried kissing the back of my hand and no colour came off. BUT... When I tried to drink water, that is when the colour started to come off. As long as you don't eat or drink, the colour stays on well! If you do need to eat, like any normal human being does, you will need to reapply. But overall, I think this is a great tint for less $10 USD with shipping. 

Next up is the Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack in Lovely Peach. 
 I ordered this from TesterKorea as a weight filler when I ordered the Son & Park Beauty Gel. This looked interesting as you would have to peel off the dried tint pack to have a lasting lip colour that doesn't come off for hours. I ordered this at just below $8 USD + shipping from TesterKorea and it was the cheapest I could find. However, I did find it cheaper at Beautynetkorea but it seems like they removed it from their website so it must have sold out. *Edit: Looks like Beautynetkorea added the product back on their site! It's only $5.98 USD with free shipping! * 
 The lip tint has a very sweet peachy smell to it, but it does go away once you peel it off. Based on the arm swatches, the colour pay off isn't the greatest. 
 So you are suppose to put it on thick but evenly, so the tint will dry and apply evenly. I have tried many times, and the above was the best I can do. The videos I saw says to apply it on thickly, but I find that if you apply thickly, like I did above, the excess drops down to the bottom of my lips due to gravity. So it doesn't actually dry evenly at all. 
 This is the dried and peeled tint pack. It took a LONG time dry though, due to the thick patch on he bottom. Just fair warning, you DO need to apply a relatively thick coat and wait for it to dry completely. In one of my attempts, I applied a light coat and I ended up with little patches to peel off. 
Bare lips
Lovely Peach
Please excuse my dry lips. But you can see it did add some colour to my lips. This lip tint does last a LONG time, even through drinking and eating. It does what it promises, but I think the colour payoff isn't the greatest. I did a second coat once and it was a much better payoff. However, it pales in comparison to Peripera, which I will review in a little bit. 

I would say this is a great novelty item to try and play with. But I wouldn't recommend getting it as a regular day to day item. This cost $8 + shipping and I would say it last no more than 10 applications. That is VERY expensive for a lip tint that doesn't have the greatest colour payoff. I would not get it again. 

Aritaum Water Sliding Tint
I got these Aritaum Water Sliding Tint from Interpark Global for $13 USD with free shipping for two. I thought this was a pretty good deal! Especially when we have no Amore Pacific stores in YYC. 
 I decided upon #1 Pink Prism and #9 Coral Fantasy. I thought Coral Fantasy looks like a nice nude colour and the Pink Prism was just a nice pink shade to go along with the 1+1 event. 
 As you can see, Coral Fantasy is quite a orange colour while Pink Prism is, of course, pink. 
 My mistake here, I mixed up the order when I did the swatch. Pink Prism is on top and Coral Fantasy is on the bottom. The shades seems pretty similar, except Coral Fantasy is a bit more orange. 
Bare lips
Pink Prism 
Coral Fantasy
I find that the two shades I chose doesn't add too much colour. However, I often find myself reaching for the Coral Fantasy. But, if you look closely on the Pink Prism swatch, you can see there are some colours being caught on the left side of my bottom lip.  That is the downside to these tints. The pigments tend to get caught on any dry patches. 

The staying power for these tints are meh. I managed to wipe some off when I am just blowing my nose. Even if I let it dry, the colour still come off whenever I blow my nose or drink water. So this will need re-application throughout the day. 

If you are looking for a lasting lip tint, this isn't for you. If you are looking for a good pigmented tint, this isn't for you. But if you are looking for a cheap tinted lip balm, this is for you. 

Peripera Water Best Friends Kit
 This was a surprising find I got from Winners! I was just browsing while waiting for a friend and found this! It is the Peripera Water Best Friends Set in Mandarin. It has both a Perri's Tint water and Perri's Tint Water Balm and it was only $20 CAD. I wasn't too sure if I wanted this since it's such a orange colour and tad expensive. But after looking online, I find this is quite a good deal and decided to buy it. 
 I love how they have the ingredients list for both items on the back of the box! 
 The set together! 
Someone managed to sneak into the picture.. XD
The Perri's Tint Water. I was unsure of the colour as the official swatches make it look kind of bad. So I decided I will swatch it before deciding if I should return it. When they call this Tint Water, they REALLY mean water. This was so liquid, I was able to pour out a drop from the bottle onto the back of my hand for a swatch. That also explains why the applicator is so moist! The tint water has a sweet candy orange smell to it. But it does go away soon. 
 I am slightly disappointed that the balm is flat instead of slanted like the Aritaum Water Sliding Tints. I prefer the slanted tips as i feel like they offer a better application. But that's  just a small problem. The balm itself doesn't have much of a smell besides a faint chemical smell to it. I want to say crayons, but that's kind of weird right? 
 The top is the tint water, and you can see it does bleed since it's so watery. The bottom is the balm, and it is a much warmer orange than the tint water. 
Bare lips
Tint Water
Tint Water Balm 
I really like this set! The colour payoff is GREAT! Like I said above, the official swatch of the tint water scared the crap out of me. It looks SO bad! But after doing a swatch on my lips, I decided I love this colour! The official swatch was most likely photoshopped onto lips with lip primer. 

The tint water goes on great and is quite orange. It also last a LONG time! I am amazed by its colour and its colour payoff. The Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack pales in comparison! 

Before I forget, the Tint Water Balm is also great! To be honest, there is a little bit of the tint water in the balm swatch above. I tried to remove as much as the tint water before I applied the balm.  But there is probably still a little bit of the tint water underneath the balm. But that is okay, I think the balm covers the tint water anyways. They also compliment each other well too! 

I would say this lip tint pack is a TOTAL steal at $20 CAD!!! I think I will look into buying their Lumi Pang in Just Flirting.  
Top Row: (L to R) Bare lips, Aritaum in Coral Fantasy
Second Row: Aritaum in Cotton Blossom, Aritaum in Pink Prism
Third Row: Aritaum in Bounce Pink, Berrisom in Lovely Peach
Bottom Row: Peripera Tint water and Tint Water Balm in Mandarin 
Lastly, I leave you with a composite of  all the lip tints I have tried! I would say my favourites are the Peripera and the Aritaums. The Berrisom is just for entertainment. 


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