Sunday, 19 March 2017

Lioele - Waterdrop Sleeping Pack

Remember how I talked about using a sleeping pack on top of my Whamisa products to supplement them? Well, this is the sleeping pack! And spoiler alert! I love this product! 
I purchased this products years ago from eBay after reading a review on it. Obviously, I forgot about it and didn't bother using it until now. I was a bit worried that this product has been discontinued but it looks like it just went through a repackaging instead. As you can see from the TesterKorea listing, It is in a white tube with a more simplistic design than the blue tube I own. But I believe the formulation hasn't changed, only the package. (Also, what is going on with the pricing? The product is selling for only $16USD on Sokoglam and they are notorious for their markups.. So what the heck TK?!)
I threw out the package before I took a photo of it as I thought the product would not be worthy of a review since I am pretty sure it's expired now. But oh man.. I wish I had taken it...
The sleeping pack comes out in this light blue hued gel like consistency. The blue colouring intensifies the more products you squeeze out. But honestly, you don't need that much for it to work. I use about a quarter size, which is quite excessive, and it is MORE than enough to cover my face and neck in a thick layer. *Just note that I am using much more than necessary in my attempt to finish it up as fast as I can*
The sleeping pack spreads out easily, similar to a gel cream. But then .. magic happens~~ *wooooooo~~~*
Can you see it? The sleeping pack forms water droplets as it is being spread out. I am not sure how it all works because I don't understand the chemical reactions behind it. But damn it, it's so cool! It reminds me of the Elizavecca Water Coating Aqua Brightening Mask  that I also quite like. But this one is a bit more sanitary as it is in a tube instead of a jar.

Oh, before I forget, for the peeps who are concerned with fragrances. This has a sweet smell to it, it is not as sweet as say a candy, but it definitely has a strong presence. I find it tolerable as it does go away after a while.

I quite like this product, not just because of the whole water droplets forming. That is cool, but when it's on my face I can't see it.

What impresses me is how it really helps in adding/retaining moisture to my skin. I can't really identify if it is adding or retaining but it's one of those. (Yes I know, it's very irresponsible for me to say that when I am a blogger, but I really can't figure it out.. )

The cause for me to reach for this sleeping pack is that my Whamisa set of toner, lotion and cream was not providing sufficient moisture to my skin. I was having lots of visible flaky skin, even in warmer winter temperatures close to 0C. As soon as I added this into my routine, my skin has improved significantly! No more visible flakes and my skin feel much softer. I can actually pinch my cheeks!

I am very impressed as I am pretty sure this has expired, and yet it is still performing well without causing any reactions to my skin. I think this is definitely a repurchase item for me.. But maybe in a few more years.. As I have quite a collection of products to go through still.. ^__^;;


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