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I have received 5 Memeboxes since I started in August. So far I like most of the selections in the boxes. Though I think I may have a problem. I keep on ordering more and more boxes. Probably more than I could use in a few years. Oh well. The extra products are good gifts for family and friends, especially my baby brother and his constant trouble with acne.

I looked through the boxes I have ordered and thought I would post the five of the boxes that I am really looking forward to based on their themes.

 This box was just released and is still available for purchase for $29 + $6.99 shipping. It can also be bundled with Memebox #82 The Face Shop with free upgrade to express shipping. The box is due to ship within 3-5 business days after release, which I interpreted to be the date the box is released to the public. I don't have to wait a month for it to ship? Yay! I would have bought the bundle (I want the express shipping!) if there wasn't two physical stores in the malls near me.

The reason why I am so interested in this box is because I have heard great things about this brand. The brand is known for infusing fruits, vegetables and food into their products to provide nourishment to the skin. I have used their egg white pore strips for the nose, forehead and jaw. I did find the strips worked the best out of all he pore stripsI have tried. I used it on my brother recently, despite the fact that it expired a couple of months ago. It still worked fine, it pulled out quite a bit of blackheads from his nose. I am really hoping Memebox include some great products such as toners or nose strips. I am out on both!

2) Memebox Special #63 Skincare Elixir

Skincare Elixir was sold for $32 + $6.99 for shipping and has been sold out as a single box. It is still available as a bundle with Superbox #73 F/W Natural Makeup for those interested. I avoid makeup as much as I can, so the bundle was out of the question for me.

I am excited for this box because elixir just makes me think it will be full of concentrated serums and ampoules that will do wonders for my skin. The description of the box calls it "the "skin-miracle-in-a-box" that contains skincare that are highly concentrated with beauty-boosting ingredients". That just makes me want the box even more!

Princess Edition #4 The Little Mermaid + Princess Edition #6 Cinderella 

I really like the theme for both boxes and had to buy it in a bundle when it was first released. Lucky I did as the bundle sold out quickly. The bundle was $58 + $6.99 express shipping charge. Memebox also released Princess Edition #5 Tinkerbell at the same time, and is the only box still available at the moment. 

I have to be honest, the primary reason why I got these two boxes is because the two stories are my favourite fairy tales . No I did not fall in love with them due to the Disney movies. In fact, I have never seen the Little Mermaid, and only saw Cinderella a couple of years ago. I grew up on the original stories. The one where Little Mermaid did not end with happily ever after, and the one where the evil stepmother and stepsisters are forced to dance to death. 

Second reason why I am excited for these two boxes is that Little Mermaid sounds like it would be another version of Memebox Special #31 Earth & Sea Cosmetics. That box had great contents. I missed two restocks of the box and is still hoping they would restock once again. The description of Little Mermaid stated "... skincare staples made with the best ingredients from both land and sea.. ". That makes me think it will definitely be a second version of Earth & Sea! I am really excited to see how it is curated! 

No, I haven't forgot there is also a Cinderella box. I am actually not too interested in what is in the box. I just had to get it because it is a Cinderella box and for the express shipping. Yup, worse reasons to buy a box...Ever. But Cinderella is my bias here, even my favourite movie Ever After is based on Cinderella. Hopefully it will turn out to be a great box as the description stated "... hair, skin, and makeup essentials that will instantly transform your look...".

The single box of While You Were sleeping is $29 + $6.99 shipping and is still available for purchase. I purchased the box in a bundle with Superbox #77 Foot Therapy for the express shipping and because it is part of the Golden Ticket Giveaway. Now the giveaway is a little confusing as the advertisements is saying everyone with the qualifying boxes will receive a gift. Whereas when I emailed support they stated it is a raffle and you would either win one of the golden tickets or the grand prize. The two does not quite match, so please do not buy boxes thinking you WILL get a gift if you do not win the top prizes. 

I was tempted by While You Were Sleeping ever since it was released. I mentioned in previous posts that I love sleeping packs. The box sounds like it would be filled with sleeping packs or similar items. I been considering it until the Skinfood box was released and HAD to get it so I can use a coupon I had. 
The box already have a spoiler! It is AHC Whitening Special Gen Skin Care Kit. This includes a Whitening Special Gen Solution, Whitening Special Gen Serum and Whitening Special Gen Cream. This is a 3-step brightening kit that will be handy for when I am traveling or to use at home. 
Foot therapy is a box that I was slightly interested in. I only got it with the hope that some more peeling masks and moisturizing masks are thrown in. I really want more peeling masks! 

The 1st Anniversary was released last week and is $29 + $6.99 shipping. The box has been restocked twice as it sold out quickly. Now that everyone grabbed theirs, there are quite a few left. 

I been pondering whether to get it or not since it includes cosmetics. But I thought since the box is to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of their US/international website, they must pull out all stops to make it special! Memebox has mentioned the contents are all new and never been included in previous boxes. So there is no risk of repeats! The fact that it is for a special occasion makes me anticipate great things and cannot wait until I receive it! 
I thought I would mention a box that I did not get but quite a bit of people are very excited about.  Memebox recently released 3 spoilers to Memebox #53 Wine & Cheese Cosmetics that caused much excitement. EDIT: The box is now sold out. 
Dear by Enprani Dreams Come True Bounce Cheese Cream
LADYKIN Mangchee Lifting Cream 

INNISFREE Wine Peeling Jelly Softener
The bounce cheese cream spoiler was released when the box first became available. I have no idea why I bought the jar instead of the box. Now that I have one in my possession and would not use it, there is no point in buying this box, Hence why this box will never be in my shopping cart. But for others, the bounce cheese cream was THE selling point... Until the third spoiler was released today. Those who saw that it is from INNISFREE was very excited. This is the first time the brand made debut in Memebox apparently. So if you want to try these items, the Wine & Cheese box is definitely a good box to go!

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