Tuesday, 21 October 2014

RoseRoseShop Order

Yay! I finally finished my nonstop blabbering about my trip! I am trying to play catch up right now on blog posts and I am finally close! I placed a big order from RoseRoseShop after cancelling my Tony Moly + Holika Holika box from Memebox. The unboxing of both boxes showed it contained products that I am not interested in so I decided to hop on RRS and see what I can find for roughly the same amount of money.

The order was for 8 full sized items, a trial kit and two packs of samples, and it comes to a total of $82 USD including shipping. With currency exchange, it came to close to $92 CAD. The order was placed on September 23 and it was shipped out via registered mail on September 25th. I received it on October 2nd. So it took only a week to get to me from Korea, pretty fast for registered mail.
Etude House Wonder Pore trial kit
I originally got the kit for travelling but after seeing how horrible my brother's skin is, I gave it to him to try. Going from left to right, the items are Wonder Pore Facial Soap, Wonder Pore Freshner, and Wonder Pore Corrector. I gave it to my brother and insisted he use it every day. I also make him use a pore reduction mask every few days. So far the combination of the kit and masks worked well on reducing his pimples. The angry red spots on his face has dried up, he no longer has any zits looking like it is ready to burst with tons of pus. He still have some clogged up pores and blackheads left on his face. so he probably need a deeper cleaning cleanser, but so far the kit seems to be helping.
Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar in Juicy Peach
I wanted one since I saw it in Hong Kong last year, but it was $10 CAD so I could not bring myself to buy it. After seeing it on sale for $4 USD on RRS, I had to buy it. After seeing the swatches posted online, I was hesitant to buy juicy peach. It seemed to be a tad on the light side and I have dark lip colour. However, I ended up choosing the juicy peach despite my concern. I did a swatch on my hand and it did not show up well. But when it is on my lips, it definitely highlighted where all the dry skin is.

Elizavecca Milky Piggy's Water Coating Aqua Brightening Mask
 I don't know why I chose a brightening mask as I already am really pale for an Asian. But this has turned out to be my favourite product out of the entire order! It has a light scent to it and does not bother me after I put it on. When I first put it on, I noticed the mask actually forming into droplets on my face! The mask does feel slightly tacky to the touch but it doesn't appear to have rubbed off in my sleep! I have noticed my skin tone has evened out a little bit. I credited the samples for it, but it may have been the work of this mask!

Elizavecca Milky Piggy's Elastic Pore Cleansing Foam
This was featured in Memebox's Earth & Sea box, a box I have been desperately trying to get through restocks but have failed. I decided to pick up this cleanser since it had good reviews and the actual cleanser is black from the charcoal powder. I haven't used it yet since I am still working through my stash of cleansers from Japan. Will probably end up giving it to my brother after he is done with the Wonder Pore soap and the Japanese cleanser I gave him.

Holika Holika Soda Pore Cleansing
 This was the first spoiler item for Memebox's Holika Holika box and this was what prompted few people to purchase the box. I purchased it in a bundle with Tony Moly as I was hoping for some cute hand creams and bunny gloss from TM and the cute cat blusher from HH. Alas, the spoiler revealed none of the items I wanted was in the boxes. So I purchased this separately since it had good reviews and I liked how it's packaged. (I have a problem with online shopping....) This is actually cleansing oil and I could see how thick it is when I shook it for bubbles. Again, won't use it yet since I still have tons of cleansers to work through.

Tony Moly Super Peeling pack x 2
RoseRoseShop had a sale on these peeling pack and I had to get it. I tried a peeling mask for my feet in August and I had a little too much fun peeling off the dead skin. *Please be advised you are actually not supposed to pick off the dead skin, you could accidentally pull out too many layers of skin and hurt yourself. The masks actually advises you to let the dead skin fall off by itself* The masks had a very strong chemical smell and it stayed in my nose and mouth for a full day. The masks did not leave my feet feeling as dry as the previous one, but just as effective. It finally gotten rid of this stubborn callus on the ball of my foot. I like how they provide a pack of foot cream for after the peeling has stopped.

Missha Pure Source sheet mask in Caviar
Bought this purely to give to my mom. My friend recommended Missha and I bought the caviar masks for its firming effect. Though I have heard this actually contains alcohol so if you have sensitive skin, please do not use it just to be on the safe side.

Etude House's Juicy Cocktail in Screwdriver & Etude House's Bunny Nail in Analogue Bunny
 Saw the juicy cocktail collection and just had to get the screwdriver set. I love gradient nails but the kits I bought all kind of did not work well. The base are usually too pale and I end up removing it within a day, This is actually a set that I was happy to keep on for a week. The colour blends well together and it lasted three days without chipping. I can chip a nail as soon as I type,so this is an incredible feat with only one layer of top coat.

My friend showed me a picture of the bunny nail sets during the summer and I really liked it. So when I saw it being available on RRS, I had to grab it. The black polish was opaque enough to only apply one coat and it did not stain my nail. However, the brush was unbelievably tiny. It seems to be more for drawing rather than painting the entire nail. The white bunny applique bottle was interesting. I thought it was floating in clear nail polish, but it is not. It is just a bottle of bunny cutouts. The bunnies are hard so I would recommend bending it a little bit before applying to your nail. I did not bend it, so one of the ear stuck out. It caught on everything! My dog's hair, my hair, and my clothes. It finally fell off when I was sleeping.
Excuse my knobbly and ill position hand. 
Rose Secret Shop - Tony Moly
I decided to try Rose Secret Shop for Tony Moly and Etude House. They are $5 each, containing 9 samples and a pair of earrings. It is a bit expensive for just samples, but seeing how I want to try out what each brand has to offer, this was the best decision. I am pleased with the Tony Moly collection as it contains mostly moisturizers or serums. There was only one BB cream.  I have been using these samples and I like the Aqua line. All of the Aqua samples has a light citrusy smell, similar to Biotherm's Aquarsource line.There was more than enough sample to use on my face and neck. I may consider purchasing from the line in the summer when I need a lighter moisturizer.

Rose Secret Shop - Etude House
 I had to admit I was disappointed with this box, but then it really isn't RRS' fault. I don't know what I was expecting with Etude since it does seem to be focused primarily on makeup. But to have half of it being BB or CC cream, without knowing how it will match up to my skin tone. I am a little bit disappointed.

 RoseRoseShop gave me 5 additional samples to try out with my order. So far I tried the Time Revolution sample. There really is not enough to say it had an effect or not,but I can say it has a light smell and my skin absorbed it after a few minutes.

Overall I am pleased with my selection and think it is a better choice than the Tony Moly + Holika Holika box offered by Memebox.


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