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Mold & Cleansing Oil.

Hola~~ I been busy for the past few weeks due to travelling and normal day to day stuff so I haven't been able to finish few of the mask posts I have lined up. I finally purged about half of my pictures from my SD card so now I gotta clean up my Dropbox folder so I can have the pictures uploaded instead of connecting my cellphone to the computer. That's partly why I haven't been blogging much. I don't connect my phone to my computer often to grab the pictures so hopefully once my Dropbox is cleared up, I can update my blog more often. Yay!! 

Anywhos, I started to pack for a weekend trip to Edmonton for my friend's wedding when I made a couple of discoveries. 

I was swatching products to decide which ones I should use for the wedding, since I don't use them often. That's when I stumbled upon quite a few make up items that I received from Memebox (back when they ship internationally) and thought I should give them to my friend who is starting out as a make up artist. So in there was a box of gel liner from Julep and I thought I would give it to her. Then as I was swatching, I remembered how it was from a mystery box and it was the last one I bought due to the fact that so much of the items were old stock. So I decided to open it up to just double check... OMG It's COVERED in mold.. 

(Be warned, there's close up of the mold)

A photo posted by @pothepanda16 on

A photo posted by @pothepanda16 on

See all those white flecks???? That's ALL mold! I even looked up when I ordered it. It came from the Jewel Heist Mystery Box released back in September 2014. I ordered it on September 8th, and it probably took a good two weeks to get to me since it takes a while to get to Canada. So let's say I got this by the end of September 2014. I can't remember if I opened it but I am pretty darn sure I didn't swatch it. Simply because Julep did not include a brush with it and I didn't want to dig out the brush I got from another gel liner. At this point I am very glad my laziness saved my brush. I have a fear of mold after I seen one episode of CSI where the man died from inhaling mold that has been grown inside the walls. I know it's different mold but urg, every single time I see mold I just get grossed out and throw it all out.  So let's just say I opened it once to be on the safe side. After which, I put it back in its original box, left it inside a Memebox and moved it to my new place. So within in one year, with it being exposed to air once, the jar of eyeliner has grown so much white mold on the very inside of the container?! I don't think that's my fault at all. There's no way that I can open it once and spread mold spores all the way down to the bottom of the container. It's most likely happened during the manufacturing stage, before the product was poured in there. 

Urg, it gives me the heebie jeebies just looking at it and thinking about it. All those mold spores already present in the product when it was sent out. What if you were to put it on your eye.. Oh my goodness.. Think of what could have happened to your eyes... >__< Scary thought! 

It also reminds me that the reason why I stopped buying Julep mystery boxes was because with that box, they sent out so many old products, I ended up throwing half of it out. The liner looked fine so I kept it and now I wish I chucked it out with the rest of the box. Yuck. 


I have been trying to be a good girl and use an oil cleanser to remove my sunscreen. I have been using the Banila Co samples which works great but I wanted one I can just keepin the shower. Then I remembered I got this Holika Holika Soda Pore Cleansing Light Cleansing Oil. So I dug it up and have been using it diligently to remove my sunscreen for the past few weeks. It is a very light oil and it doesn't foam up at all. I was a little concerned until my friend said hers doesn't either. 

But I have been having issues with my skin lately where I would have clogged up pores and bumps on my forehead and cheeks. I just chalked it up to me eating quite a bit of junk food and not drinking enough water in the past few weeks. But now I think I may be wrong.

As mentioned earlier, I was swatching make up last night in anticipation for the wedding on the weekend. So I had quite a bit of make up on my hand and arm and I already showered. So I decided to just wash it over the sink with the cleansing oil.. That's when I made my discovery that this cleansing oil removes absolutely nothing!!!

So here some lip swatches I did. From top to bottom, they are:

1) Tony Moly Lip Crayon
2) N.S.M Exciting ReBorn Sorbet Melting Tint (Super chalky)
3) Clio Virgin Kiss Tinted Lip #22 Electric (My go to colour, the orange goes well with my skin tone)
4) Vivito Painting Jelly Tint in Squeeze Cherry (nice red)

This is just after application and I left it on for about 15 minutes or so when I was swatching my BB/CC creams. I then found the mold in the eyeliner so I rushed to wash my hands with some liquid soap. That took off most of the swatches and then I tried to use the cleansing oil to remove the N.S.M tint, it did absolutely nothing. The oil just helped push the glob of tint around and spread it out even more than remove it. I actually managed to remove most of it with a hard wipe from my hand towel. What you see on the right is the remainder of the tint. It's got pretty lasting power, just too bad it's so chalky, it will draw out every dry flakes and crack on your lips.

Next up are the CC creams where I swatched the Etude House CC cream (top) and Tony Moly Aura CC Cream (Bottom). I was swatching them to see how they are in flash photography. I was dumb so I did a full pump of both on my arm. Oops. Wayyyy too much product. The white mark about 1/3 up my arm is separator between the two products.

Left picture is where the Etude CC cream is, you can clearly see where the CC cream is sinking into the lines of my palm. The right picture is the Tony Moly, while it's not as noticeable. You can kind of see how the bottom half of my arm is shiny while the top is pretty normal looking. The shine is from the CC cream. It was not removed at ALL!

Anyways, after I was done swatching, I put another pump of the cleansing oil on my arm and tried to rub as much as I can but them CC creams were just not budging at all. That's when I realized my cleansing oil does not remove make up at all. It makes me wonder how much sunscreen does it remove and that lead to me realizing why I been having so much skin problems!! My sunscreen was not removed properly at all!! No wonder my skin was doing so much better when I was in Van City and brought my Banila & Co sample to remove my sunscreen every day.

Urg... SO annoyed now because I was at T&T yesterday and saw a Dr.Morita cleansing oil and wanted to pick it up but didn't since I thought I should finish what I got first. Now I gotta trek down to buy it next week so I can remove my sunscreen. Sigh.. Let's hope the new oil will remove my sunscreen and make my clogged pores happy.

Update: I decided to give the oil cleanser another try as I had splash water onto my wrist before I put on the oil. So let's see how it does when it's applied to dry skin.
Tonymoly lip crayon (It smells soo fruity! Wish it wasn't so bright) and yucky chalky lip stain. 

One extra large pump of the oil cleanser

Continuous rubbing for a minute

Rinsed off. TM is pretty much washed off but the chalky lip stain stayed. 
So it looks like it does better when it's applied to dry skin but it still does not do its job. I used a tiny bit of the Banila Co Clean It Zero on the remaining lip stain and it just remove it right up. So I would stick with the Clean It Zero and chuck this in the garbage.


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