Friday, 18 September 2015

Recent purchases

I have been neglecting on posting about my purchases, and boy did I miss so much. Bought quite a few things over the last few months, namely MASKS!! I haven't counted my mask collection but I have a feeling it is probably close to 500. I have it sitting in two long containers and I still have another box full of masks.. Yikes.. 

Anyways, I am just consolidating all the recent hauls into one post to make life easier.. Oh the joy of being lazy. 

1) The Yeon Hydrogel Masks

So 6 months ago, The Yeon ran a promotion on r/asianbeauty where you can get a sampler pack of 4 hydrogels for free. There was also the option of purchasing up to 12 more hydrogel masks for $1.00 each. The only catch is you have to pay for shipping. I immediately snatched it up since who doesn't like cheap hydrogel masks, let alone free one?? 

I ordered the sample pack and 8 additional masks. The total came up to be $29.72USD, consisting of $8 for the masks, $21 for the shipping and $0.72 in sales tax. Urg that damn shipping!! It made the total twice of what my American counterpart would have paid. (I know because they thought I was in the States and sent me an invoice for US shipping at first.) So sad as that makes it work out to be $2.48USD per mask, convert that to CAD then it's about $3 per mask. :(  But I already committed to order so I just paid and forgot about it until it turned up in my mail box weeks later. 

I didn't know what to pick so I asked them to pick it out for me. They gave me all masks, no eye masks. No complaints here! The selection are: Korea Red Ginseng, Caviar, Abalone and Snail. I been hoarding these for a colder temperature so reviews will be coming along in the upcoming months~

2) My Beauty Diary Ultra Cleansing Water

I first saw the cleansing water on Unboxing Beauty's post and was intrigued. But I forgot about it until I was up in T&T (A Canadian Chinese supermarket chain) and saw it on the top of the beauty counter. I decided to look up prices before deciding to buy it from T&T. Since T&T tend to really hike up their prices and it would not be worth it if I can find it cheaper online. However, the only place I can find it was Beauteque for $18 USD + shipping. Whereas T&T was charging $18CAD. So I decided to give it a go. 

This cleansing water has very faint little scent but otherwise feels like water. It left my face feeling soft without tightening it or leaving behind a film. It isn't the same kind of clean after you washed it with cleanser and soap but it still made my skin feel like it's been cleansed. I know, that's not very specific, but it's just two different feelings to me. 

I use the cleansing water whenever I don't feel like going through the whole process of washing my face. I "think" I can get away with it since I usually go out with just sunscreen on my face. I did blame my sudden breakouts on the cleansing water and have stopped using it for a bit. But now I know it's the cleansing oil I been using, I have reverted back to using this cleansing water for when I am lazy. :P 

3) BGO haul 

Oh man, I kind of went crazy with BGO. I bought over NT $2,800 to get free EMS shipping, that's about $115 CAD. Yikes. But it was the only place I could find online that was selling the Lovemore silk masks that wasn't outrageously expensive or have to use a buying service. The joke was on me, since a few month after I did this haul, T&T started to carry them for $14.99 per box. So it ends up being only a few dollars more than what I paid for mine.. Oh.. If I was more patient and can see into the future. 

I'll be reviewing what I bought in future posts, but that's a lot of masks to go through. 

Full list includes: 
1) Beautymate Sakura + Brightening set, which came with a free box of Oil Free mask + cute head band + a little tube of DD cream (supposedly cost more than $10). They are no longer running the promotion. 
2) Lovermore Silk masks. All 8 flavours BGO carries. 
3) L'Herboflore in Watermelon and Litchi. (It seems like BGO ran out of their stocks of L'Herboflore masks as there are none listed currently. But a few American online stores carries them. Like Beautibi.)
4) Kiss Me Heroine Waterproof Mascara. This is HG status with me. I am still using the last tube I got from HK, which is SUPER old, yuck. But it still works wonders. Except I accidentally dropped on the ground and broke the bottom so this came at the perfect time! 

 I got three tubes of Repair Vital masks in Diamond just for placing an order. Guess that's better than just random foil samples. 

I will post a review of the Oil Free mask soon, but I need to redo it since I thought it caused me to break out when it could have been my failure of a cleansing oil. My friend tried the Brightening mask and it was vile smelling. It smelled like "puke" as per my friend, and I have to agree. Even though they were two seats away, the smell was still occasionally wafting into my nose. Will open another one to see if it's the same smell, but urg I am trying to delay that as much as I can. 

4) Tonymoly Mango Mild Sun Block

This package was soo cute that once I could find it at a decent price on eBay I snatched it right up. I also snatched up the Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence at the same time. The Biore sunscreen came first and went on so smoothly that I just kept on using that. This has been sitting in my drawer, waiting for its day to shine.

I did a quick swatch with this, and it has a very sweet scent to it. Trying to emulate the scent of a mango I assume. It does not leave a white cast so that's a good sign. Will give it a try and see if i can stand the sweetness once I am done my Biore.

5) Rose Rose Shop Haul

My friend needed a new essence as she ran out, then I got an email from RRS stating there's a sale and Missha's reformulated First Treatment Essence was on sale for half off. So I thought why not, and put two in my cart, one for my friend and one for me.

Full list includes; 

I received a Benton Snail Bee mask and an array of samples as freebies! RRS does not normally give out a full mask but I think they were running a promotion at the time so every order gets a free mask. 

Can I just say I love the SNP eye patches??? They have no scent and as soon as I put it on, I can feel my eyes relax. It looks like RRS is no longer carrying the patches, which I really hope it is just because they are currently out of stock and will restock later. Because I will need to buy more of these once I am done with my tub. 

6) TesterKorea Haul
So this haul is primarily just hydrogel masks. I tried on my first hydrogel mask and loved it so I had to get more!!! I also saw The Saem's mangosteen hand cream and wanted it for my fruit bowl! The final clincher was the restock of Belif's Aqua Bomb samples! They are sold in US Sephora but Canada gets no love. So this was my cheap way of getting it. It was 5 x 10ml samples for roughly $16USD + shipping. The total volume of the samples are the same as a full sized product!! TK has the full size listed at $39USD + shipping, and Sephora has it listed at $38USD. So that is more than half of the price! Yay for samples!

Anyways, the full haul includes:
1) Nature Republic  Lemon Foot & Nature Peeling Foot Mask x 2  (So excited to try these and see how they compare to the Tonymoly Shiny Food masks!)
2) Skinfood Marine Food Gel Mask in Seaweed, Oyster, Pearl, Jellyfish, and Sea Cucumber. (Is it bad that I actually like eating all those "flavours" in real food, except the pearl of course.)
3) The Saem Fruits Punch Hand Cream in Mangosteen and Strawberry. (These will join my Quince hand cream from the same line.)
4) Tonymoly Wonder Water Mask Sheet. (One actually had a small puncture and leaked essence all over the adjacent masks. But TK was really nice and refunded me 200% of the cost of the mask. That's a whopping $1.78USD.. XD )
5) Innisfree Hydrogel Mask in Berry 
6) Tonymoly Aquaporin Hydrogel Mask 
7) Whamisa Organic Fruit Hydrogel Mask (Oh the infamous hydrogel. Too bad they didn't have the flower one in stock when I ordered. Looking forward to trying it.)
8) Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb samples 10ml x 5
9) A'Pieu Sweet Melon & Milk Sheet Mask set (it included 3 masks for $1, how could I resist?)
10) Faith In Face Black & White Film Star Flash Brightening Hydrogel Mask (What a mouthful).
11) Nature Republic Aqua Solution Collagen Sheet
12) The Saem Natural-Tox Mask sheet in Banana

I am kind of disappointed in my samples. I mean yes it's just a nice gesture to include sample packs. But considering this haul was over $60, I expected a little more than just a single pack of samples.. -__- I have been too spoiled by other e-retailers and their generous samples.

7) TesterKorea Haul #2
Excuse my dog's paw, he laid down next to it thinking it's treats for him. 
 One morning, I was looking through TK like I do every morning. I decided to click on the "Big Event up to 80% off" button on the side. That's when I saw it... The Whamisa gift set for only $48 USD!! Was my eyes deceiving me? The infamous Whamisa line, with the hydrogel that everyone raves about, on sale for half off on TK?! I had to snatch it up! But not without some Goolging first.
Look at how pretty they are.. XD 
So this set contains Organic Flowers Toner (Refresh), Organic Flowers Water Cream, Organic Flowers Lotion Original. According to the prices on TK, all three together would cost $92. There was barely any reviews of these items. But through searching by its Chinese name, I found out that this set is for those with oily skin and I have normal to combination skin.. But..... I wouldn't let that stop me from buying the set. XD Bad me! I think I will try this in the winter and see how moisturizing it is. If it is not enough for my skin then I'll leave it for the summer, where I need minimal moisture.

The full list includes:
1) Holika Holika Black Snail Repair Travel Kit ( This was $5 and includes 31 ml of toner, 31 ml of emulsion, 18ml of repair cream, and a hydrogel mask)
2) Whamisa Organic FLowers Gift Set
3) Sidmool Waterfull Pure Essence Mask Sheet
4) The Face Shop Hydro Vita B Mask Sheet
5) Esfolio Snail Essence Mask Sheet 

 8) MaskGenie's Birthday Surprise Pouch

Back in the end of July, Genie's baby girl turned one. So in celebration of that, she released a birthday surprise pouch, which includes 8 -10 masks, costing only $18USD including shipping. I had only purchased the restock of the Lovemore silk mask pouch from Genie previously. (I am not posting about that because I accidentally had it sent to my parents place and gave half of it to my mom before going home. So I have an incomplete pouch to review XD) But I have read a lot of reviews on her pouches and know she will throw in lots of different masks for you to try. So I thought $18 is not a bad price for 8 to 10 masks. That just makes it to be about $1 per mask. 

I believe the pouches are all random. I seen some people get a pair of earrings with their pouch and some variation between all the pouches. I liked the selection I got. I actually an animal mask! I was so surprised when I saw it. I was like WHOA what.. NICE! I also got a Etude House Moistful mask, a line from EH that I have been wanting to try out. Along with a SexxyLook and Dewytree mask, the pouch is already worth its price to me. XD I know, I have low standards. I'll post reviews as I try the masks! 

9) Things I am still waiting for

I have bought A LOT of masks over the last 6 months or so. Sadly, I still haven't received them all. Skin18 has been running freebie masks promotion every month. Where you select free masks and just pay for the shipping. Or you can buy products from their website and you get certain number of free masks without shipping charge based on how much you spent. I chose to just pay for shipping for my masks. I placed an order in July and another one in the middle of August since they switch up the free masks selection every month.

Unfortunately for me, both of my orders went missing. I had them sent to work and I haven't seen them at all. By middle of August I asked Skin18 if it's normal for my July order to not arrive after a month. They promptly advised me to fill out a lost package form and they will look into it for me. After they complete their investigation, they will resend my package with a tracking number. So nice!! Just sucks that Canada Post no longer track incoming registered items so a tracking number means nothing. They sent it out two weeks ago, I still haven't seen it yet. Hopefully I'll see it next week. 

As for my August order, which included a purchase of the Etude House hydrogel mask, is still missing. It is now a full month since it was sent out and I still haven't received it. I am half scared to tell them I still haven't this order either. I don't want them to think I am trying to rip them off, pretending I haven't received the order when I already did. But it really isn't here. -__- I don't understand how it could have gone missing. I have so much package sent to my office and my place, none of which has ever gone missing. Let alone two package from the same sender! Right now I am hoping to see if the package they resent will arrive and I can see if there was something with the address that caused it to have gone missing.  They got some new freebies on again but I am holding off on ordering them until I received my packages.. T___T

Update: Hmm I was not expecting to update my post ALREADY.. But guess what I got in the mail?! The first package of masks I ordered back in July. Omg Canada Post.. This is such a fail! It was mailed out on July 31, and I JUST received it on September 18th. What.... That's over a month and a half... That's a REALLY long time for airmail.. Sigh.. 

I already emailed Skin18 to let them know.. Phew.. Now I guess I just have to be patient and wait for the August package to arrive.. Hopefully by the end of the month.... 

Update 2: Well, Skin18 was quick to get back to me and we agreed that I will mark it as "return to sender" so they only lose out on the shipping fees. Would have liked to pay for the shipping on these masks and kept them but that's also not very fair. And let's face it... I got WAYYY more than enough masks to use anyways.. 

Update 3: I thought I would post a picture of the Skin18 masks. 

So this is the package that took a month and a half to deliver. It's got some goodies in. It's got some Foodaholics, Mediheal, Nature Republic mask and some I didn't recognize. So it's a good haul for paying $15USD. Just unfortunate that it took so long to deliver. 

Funny thing is that the second package they sent out two weeks ago with tracking already reached me. While the second free mask package I ordered from August 17th is still no where to be found.. What the heck Canada Post... You are just going to be all willy nilly with packages without a tracking number until a claim is filed but delivers a package with tracking right on time? Urg.. Annoyed.. Trying to patiently wait for my second package. 

Hope you enjoyed my NUMEROUS hauls and my rant about my missing packages. I'll resume reviews soon. :)


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