Saturday, 17 October 2015

Double Zero Pizza

My friends and I decided to visit the Double Zero Pizza located in downtown Cow town. I wasn't too impressed with the food and the poor service we received made me not want to go back again.

We ordered the fried purple potatoes, calamari and mushroom pizza.

I believe the purple potatoes are pan fried. Not the kind of fried I was thinking of but I guess that's what we get for assuming fried means deep fried. The potato itself was okay, there wasn't much flavour to it. Most of the flavour came from the orange sauce. Let me tell you, it looks like there was lots of sauce, but there really wasn't. The potatoes actually lead to my first problem with our waitress, which I'll go into detail below.

The calamari was good when piping hot but once it's cooled down, it's hard to ignore how salty the coating was. That being said. The calamari itself was soft and tender. Not chewy at all. The tomato sauce that came with it was really light but you can really taste the fresh tomatoes in it. My favourite dish out of all three dishes. 

The pizza was good and bad. It was good as it was quite yummy. It made me forget I was eating a vegetarian pizza.  The thick cut mushrooms on top really made me think I was eating a tender meaty pizza. The bad is that the crust was so dry! There was so much of it too! It made me have a humongous craving for a big bowl of marinara sauce to dip into. Some people, like my friend, likes it this way but it was just too dry for me. So you been warned. If you love crunchy crust that takes a bit of a chew, this is the pizza for you. 

Now my problems with the waitress and why I refuse to go back again.
1) I poured quite a bit of the chili oil on top of the potato and was joking with Mogie about how it looks like a rock and a butt from certain angles. That  is when the waitress, who was cleaning the next table, turned around and told me "the chili oil is for the pizza". She realized her mistake a minute later and said "well it can go on top of anything I guess" or something to that affect. 
Yes.. I really drowned the poor potato in chili oil. 
Yes the chili oil is intended for the pizza but there was no written rule saying it's strictly for the pizza. As a customer I feel like I should be able to decide what I want to put it on. I just happen to really like spicy food. Sigh. 

2) Double Zero serve their water in large swing top glass water bottles, which is then poured into individual cups at the table. Due to the crust being so dry, we went through the water half way through the pizza. The empty bottle was then placed on the corner of the table, where the waitress can see when she walks by. Unfortunately she failed to see it until everything has been cleared from our table. That's fine, she probably just didn't notice. My problem was what she did with refilling our glasses. 

Two of our glasses were empty, and the third glass was half empty. Instead of giving us a fresh bottle, she gave us water from a bottle leftover from another table. The water was not even enough for all of us. Instead, the two empty glasses were filled halfway and that was it for us. I get it, it's not good to waste resources, even water. But it's just not a good feeling when I can tell it's leftover from another table and I can't even get a full glass to ease my thirst. 

3) My biggest issue with our waitress is with how she dealt with the cash. Our total came to $34.65 and we gave her $50 and asked for the change. We were given $15 and our waitress walked away. I was annoyed and told my friend she didn't give us the full change.  I thought it was $1.35 change but it's really $0.35. Yah I know, great at subtraction there. My friend spoke with the waitress and she showed us it's only $0.35 and said "I didn't have change so I just gave back the $15. Do you need the $0.35 back?" 

By her tone, I can tell she was thinking we were picky, difficult beyotches for such a nominal amount. But it's the principal of it. She should have come over and said "hey guys, I don't have change for the $0.35, would you mind if I just gave you the $15 back?" Had she let us know instead of just dropping off the $15 and walked off, I wouldn't have been as upset. 

I have worked in the front of a restaurant for years. I always made sure I give the customer the exact change. It's not up to me to decide if I deserve that $0.35. If they decide they don't want to give me anything, it's their decision. The only time I would have kept the $0.35 is if the customer told me to just give back $15. We didn't. We said the change. Change means everything left over, not just what you have on hand. If you have no change, go break some of your $5 at the bar. Don't assume the change is yours just because you don't want to break your bills. 

The waitress did ask us if we are okay with everything as we are leaving. But the damage has been done. Just her way of handling everything ruined the whole experience for me. The food was not good enough to me to put up with bad customer service. 


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