Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Missha x Line Friends Tension Blusher

I told myself I wouldn't get anymore Missha x Line Friends items, seeing how I already snagged two. I refrained from getting the Tension Blusher even though Brown looks SO cute with those blush lines!!!
When I saw it on sale at BBCosmetics I just had to get it. I got PK 02 as it looks like a good inbetween shade of pink and coral. (This took forever to arrive due to Customs and Canada Post but that's an issue out of everyone's hands. -__-)
This is the official shade. it's cute right?
Anyways, this is such a cute mini cushion! It has all the components of a cushion. Cushion puff, housing for the puff and the blush itself.
I really appreciate the puff is the same kind of puffs as in regular cushions! So this deserves a picture by itself. You'll see why later on.
I don't know if you can tell.. But the colour on this is different from the official photo.. -__- Urg.. This looks super orange.
The more I looked at it, the more it looks like the swatch photo on the right instead of the left. I should've known.. T___T

Now you may be wondering why there is no swatch of it yet. It's because I wanted to do a comparison between the two cushion blushers I have. The Holika Holika x Gudetama and the Missha x Line Friends cushion blushers. So read on for the comparison.
The main reason behind the comparison is the difference in the texture of the blushes. They are both what I would consider as "cushion blushers" but the textures of the "cushion" is very different. As you can see in the photo above, the Holika Holika one on the right looks like wet powder and it retains the shape of whatever touched it last. Whereas the Missha blush is a tension blusher, with a mesh on top of a wet blush mixture.
Oh, remember I mentioned about the cushion puff for Missha is nice and deserves a picture by itself? This is the reason why. The puff for Holika Holika is Styrofoam like and doesn't absorb much product. Whereas the Missha puff is like the normal cushion puff so it is porous and absorbs some product during application. I honestly prefer the Missha puff better as it feels nicer against my skin.

Okay, swatch time, so I can show you how orange this "pinkish coral" shade is. -__-
This is Holika Holika, and it looks dry on my finger doesn't it? This is what I mean by it looks like wet powder.
Whereas the Missha looks like liquid blush on my finger.
Okay. Actual swatch on the arm! FINALLY! 😅😆

The Holika Holika blush is in Apricot, which is OR#01 and the Missha is PK #02. So you would think they shouldn't be similar shades right? I know the Missha is quite light but you should be able to see the two shades are both orange. -___- THIS IS NOT PINK MISSHA! I bought it specifically because I wanted a pinker shade. Not another orange shade.. -___-

Needless to say I am a bit annoyed with Missha over this shade difference. Good thing the packaging is cute as hell!

PS. I am surprised how pigmented Holika Holika is considering it doesn't show up that well on my skin.


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