Sunday, 4 June 2017

Missha Near Skin Egg Yellow Pack

Can you tell what the theme of the picture is?? It's..... eggs!!! 😆😆 Well, specifically the Missha Near Skin Egg Yellow Pack I won from Missha Canada's Easter event! This is a mousse type wash-off pack that is supposed to firm up the skin by moisturizing and nourishing the skin.
I posted my first impression on the mask already but I feel like it deserve a full post. Don't want to have everything on Instagram. 😏Plus I ramble a lot and there is word limit on IG. 😅
The instructions is pretty funny to me, especially "shake properly". Because how does one know what is the proper way to shake a can? (Sarcasm if it wasn't clear enough.) That being said, you do need to give the can a good shake before the nice thick foam can be pumped out. 

On a tangent, the pump is kind of gross after the excess product dries out. So I would recommend cleaning the pump after usage. Once it is dried out, it really does look like dried egg white... -__-
Back on topic. Like the instruction said, you do need to give the can a good shake. This is because the wash off pack comes out of the can like shaving cream. It was an interesting experience for me as I have never used shaving cream before and it always looked like fun. 😊
The wash off pack comes out in a thick foam that you can spread across the face, just like shaving cream. It has a strong scent that reminds me of the Lily scent from Crabtree & Evelyn. The scent is very strong when I was testing at the back of my hand, and it lingers. But once it is on my face, my nose becomes nose blind to it very quickly. I couldn't smell it, especially after I washed it off.
Now, as for results. I tried it a few times. On the back of my hand and on my face. I am undecided on my opinion.
When tested on the back of my hand, the tested spot feels softer than the untested spot. This tells me it is moisturizing. But when tested on my face, especially alone, it feels tight...
Let me explain, usually when I use it, I use it on a dry face, and then followed by a cleanser. The instruction didn't specify it has to be a dry clean face so why not. Whenever I do this, my skin feels a little tight but it doesn't feel very dry nor is it uncomfortable. But when I tried it alone without using a cleanser afterwards, my skin feels SO tight! >__< My skin feels soft upon touch, but it feel very tight, and a little tingly. It was actually a bit uncomfortable, and this feeling continued after I put on a moisturizing toner.. T___T It makes me want to go wash my face and apply a deeply moisturizing mask to get rid of this tightness.

I like the idea of using a wash off pack that is a thick foam. But the fact that it makes my skin feel uncomfortably tight is not a good indication -_-. I think I will keep on using the wash off pack but not on its own. I'll probably keep applying it first then follow by a cleanser. This will keep the tightness to a minimum. Unfortunately this will be my last can because I will not be buying a product that makes my skin feel so uncomfortable.

Lastly, I just want to thank Missha Canada for sending this prize to me! Even though it didn't work out, I really appreciate that you are holding events on Instagram and Facebook for Canadians to try out the products!


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