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Mask #15 -- Collection of masks I tried

Hi peeps! I know I moved most of my masking reviews onto IG, so there is less content in the blog. But I found that sometimes when I am looking up reviews on some masks, they don't show up under Google. (Of course, I could also super fail at searching things) So I thought I would compile some of the masks I have tried and posted on IG, so it would be more searchable for folks looking for reviews on a specific mask. I am just posting a summary on the masks in this post, but if you click on the images, it should lead you to IG which includes a more detailed review.

First one up.. A mask I STRONGLY recommend you not to go anywhere near.

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Sally's Box Loverecipe sheet mask in kiwi. STAY AWAY!!!! This has alcohol as the 4th ingredient and the mask itself reeked of it. I had it on for 5 minutes and had to take it off due to the smell. My skin felt so dry afterwards I had to use another mask and double up on my routine to combat that dryness. As a result, I had to throw away the other flavours I had in this series as alcohol was high on most of them. Again, strongly recommend to stay away from this series!

Next up, masks I really liked!

First is the Nature Republic Aqua Collagen Solution Mask Sheet
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Now I got it from TK, and it was marked under the sample section. So I am thinking this mask was not made for sale at all. Anyways. I LOVE this mask! It has a nice apple blossom scent with a milky essence. The mask itself was big enough for my round face and my skin was noticeably hydrated afterwards. Too bad this is a sample so I can't buy more of it. But I think this is supposed to be a sample of the hydrogel. So I am definitely picking up the hydrogel in the future!

Next up is another mask from Nature Republic. It's the Real Nature Mask Sheet in Avocado
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The mask is big to fit most of my chubby face and its milky essence sunk in after about 10 minutes and was not sticky at all. My face was noticeably hydrated and for the price tag of roughly $1, it is definitely worth it. However, I would not recommend the rose flavour of this series as it's REALLY sticky!

Next up is the Tonymoly Aquaporin Hydrogel Mask
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The mask was literally dripping a steady stream of essence as soon as I took it out of the package. I had to rub the extra essence  on my neck and body as not to waste it. The mask itself was a tad difficult to fit on my face and required some laying down before it adheres to my face. It was able to last for 30 minutes before the upper lip area started to dry out, which is impressive as that area usually dries out the fastest. My skin was slightly tacky but hydrated so I definitely liked this!

Last of the mask I loved is the Mediheal Flowater Gel Mask in French Rose.
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Unfortunately, I think Mediheal discontinued this line of masks, which is a shame because I LOVED it.
The mask itself is pure hydrogel, so no mesh to hold it together, and it has real rose petals in the mask. It smells heavenly, like rose and tea mixed together. However, the fit is definitely a tad small for my chubby face. The intended time is max of 20 minutes but I had it on for 50 minutes and it was still very moist. It left my skin very plump and didn't leave it sticky at all. I am definitely savouring my box of masks..

Lastly, I just want to talk about a few masks I liked but it had issues.

First up, Leaders 7 Wonders Kalahari Melon Moisturizing Mask
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Love Leaders coconut gel masks. I am so glad Winners stocks them now because I just buy boxes of it. This one I really love how moisturizing it is. But it took an hour to fully sink in and not feel sticky. So I think these may have to be masks for colder weather.

Next is Skinfood Marine Food Gel Mask in Sea Cucumber.
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It has a lot of issues. The mask itself had trouble staying on my face and it sunk in very unevenly. But it made my skin so moisturized and smooth, I really loved the effect. However! My biggest issue with this mask, along with the rest of the Skinfood masks is that there is no expiration date! It has a production date, but it does not have a clear indication of how long it's good for, or when it expires. It irks me and for that reason, I probably won't buy any more Skinfood masks.

Lastly, I just want to talk about masks from the brand Mirum. I received these masks to try and I really love the fit of the masks as they are super big. But each one of the masks makes my skin feel so damn sticky! This includes:
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Fresh Fruit Acaid Berry Mask

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The Aqua Bomb Mask

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The Wrinkle Care Mask

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And the Whitening Care Mask

Hope you peeps enjoyed my round up on some masks I have tried. Some I am sure have been reviewed quite extensively, but I hope I did review some lesser known masks.


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