Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Colour Correcting Concealers: NYX vs A'PIEU

Story time, I purchased the A'Pieu Four-fect Cover Concealer (YoonCharMi collection) back in November 2016. But thanks to CBSA and Canada Post, I didn't receive it till well into 2017. I needed a colour correcting palette in the mean time so I picked up a NYX colour correcting concealer palette. I have played with both palette and think this would make a great comparison post!
The A'Pieu palette was roughly US$8.10 + shipping, which I think is around C$12+shipping, for about 6g of product and only four colours. Whereas the NYX palette is about C$17 including GST, for 9g of products and six colours. I should note that the A'Pieu palette is a special edition and is no longer on sale. However, I think the normal version, which is called Multi Correcting Concealer, is still available.
Moving onto the actual products. The two products are of different textures/consistency. The NYX is more waxy, so it requires body heat to warm it up before application. It doesn't really work with a brush and can't be spread very easily. When I have it on, I feel like I can see exactly where I applied it despite blending it as much as I can.
Whereas the A'Pieu palette is very creamy and blends easily. However, just looking at the two palettes, A'Pieu is lighter in colour in comparison to NYX.

I only use two of the colours for both palette, the salmon orange for the dark circles, and the green for redness. So I will only discuss these two colours.
I think the above picture really illustrate how much creamier A'Pieu is compared to NYX, but NYX is more pigmented. Both blends in well on my hand. But let's be real, it needs to blend in well on my dark circles, not the back of my hand. 😅
Urg my dark circles are so bad!  But can you see how the NYX is way better at covering up the dark circle than the A'Pieu? I was surprised when I saw the photos because I quite liked the texture of A'Pieu. I really thought it was doing a much better job than the NYX but I guess I was wrong.
 Here's a closeup of the NYX, can you see the colour difference between my skin and the concealer? It bothers me a little bit because it feels like it's not blending in correctly.
 The A'Pieu is blending in a little bit better on the close up but you can still see the colour difference.
This is two layers of the A'Pieu, and the colour difference is much more noticeable. It looks like it's just sitting on top of my skin instead of blending in. It kind of reminds me of the NYX concealer, but even the second layer, A'Pieu is still not providing as much coverage as one layer of NYX. -__-
Comparing the two together, and the A'Pieu looks so yellow compared to NYX.
Excuse the flaky nose!! I didn't realize there was so much flakes on there -___- Anyways, did you notice the NYX is pretty green even though I blended it out. This is an issue I have with the green concealer. No matter I blend it out, the green keeps on showing up.

Overall, I think both palettes has their pros and cons. The NYX palette is better pigmented and provides better coverage. But its texture makes it difficult to blend out. Whereas the A'Pieu has a creamier texture and easier to blend out. However, its coverage is really meh compared to NYX.
There's no clear winner in this battle, it just depends on your preferences.

I would definitely use the NYX salmon orange for my dark circles and the A'Pieu for redness as I don't need much coverage on those.


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