Sunday, 8 October 2017

Leaders Insolution - Carribbean Coconut Calming Mask

I love Leaders masks and I was really sad when i never picked up steam and closed up. BUT when I saw boxes of Leaders masks in Winners, you bet I picked up all that I can! The one I am reviewing today is the Caribbean Coconut Calming Mask, which is a part of their 7 Wonders series that I haven't tried before. 

As you can tell from the name of the mask, it is a calming mask. So it is to calm red and irritated skin and leaves the skin soothed and refreshed. And it is advertised to be suitable for most skin types, including sensitive skin.

Notable ingredients to me includes: Witch Hazel water, coconut fruit extract, coconut oil, niacinamide and ceramide 3. However, the last two ingredients are pretty low on the ingredients list. 

The Leaders masks always have a sweet scent to it that I always just call "the Leaders scent". However, the scent of this mask is a lot sweeter than usual. It is leaning toward those fake sweet scent you find with the cute novelty erasers. 

The mask is that of a coconut gel mask which is very thin and hugs the skin very well. However, I found the mask to be on the thinner side in comparison to all of the Leaders coconut gel masks I have tried so far.
The instructions says to leave it on for 20 to 25 minutes. I had it on for 20 minutes and the upper lip area was tight by then, which was my indicator that it is starting to dry out. In typical me move, I just pulled the upper lip piece off my skin and left the rest of the mask on for a bit longer. But after 25 minutes, it was starting to feel really dry so I pulled the whole mask off. Which was apparently too long because I had a small dried piece of ask left on my nose. Oops.. XD 

Because I probably left it on for longer than I should have, there wasn't much essence left on the skin. Whatever was there sunk in nicely and didn't feel sticky at all. It made my skin feel moisturized but tight at the same time. Leading to me giving the mask another try. 

On my second try, I had it on for 15 minutes before it started to dry up again. I had to take it off after 18 minutes because the upper lip area was clinging to my skin. My skin still felt tight after using the  mask. 

At this point, I have to mark this mask to be a rare miss for Leaders for me. Which is unfortunate since I love the brand and its coconut gel masks. But given the fact that it dries up faster than the recommended time and leaving my skin feeling tight. It is not a mask for me and the dry environment I am living in.

**EDIT**: I had a breakout on my nose last night. I popped it, which I know I am not supposed to do. To not irritate it some more, I decided to use this mask and it did great! The spot is no longer in pain and it is only slightly red and barely noticeable. So it does calm down the skin, just does not provide the moisture level I am looking for. 


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