Thursday, 28 September 2017

L'Herboflore - Lychee Translucent Hydromask

I am back with a review on another Taiwanese mask~~ It's not Lovemore this time! It's L'Herboflore and the Lychee Translucent Hydromask. Which is also a mask I picked up from my BGO haul from a few years ago along with the Lovemore masks. I tried it before but was meh about it so I thought I give a few shots before I completely write it off.

The mask itself is called a hydromask, where the design of it is to retain a lot more essence within the material, which allows for better deliverance of the essence to the skin. The mask is supposed to revitalize and moisturize the skin.

I picked this mask as I like lychees, and there aren't much lychee "flavoured" masks out there. I was hoping for that signature lychee scent but I got a faint fruity smell with a saline solution undertone instead. Not too mad about it as it isn't obnoxious.

Like most Taiwanese masks, this mask was packed between a white backing and dripping with essence. There was a good 2 to 3ml of essence left within the package.

The fit of the mask was really good! It almost reached my ears which was impressive, and it had multiple slits to allow for adjustments. I like how thin the mask is, I can see why they call it a hydromask, and why this brand has remained popular.
I had the mask for about 30 minutes, which was way longer than the recommended 15 to 20 minutes. When I took it off, the skin around my t zone was feeling tight which was not a good sign.

The extra essence didn't take too long to sink in. It left my skin feeling smooth and somewhat soft. But at the same time, my face felt very tight and uncomfortable. I chalked it up to maybe I kept it on for too long. I was going to give it another try the following day. But!!!!..... I opened the second package, which deterred me from using the rest of my masks. I'll explain below.

In order to explain, let me provide you with a little background information. So around last year or so, I noticed that the L'Herboflore masks these noticeable circular spots on the packaging. They were not flat and I can feel pressure when I press on it. I thought it was mold immediately and opened one up to see. It was just an air pocket and the mask was pristine so I didn't worry too much about it.
Fast forward to couple days ago.. I opened up my mask, and checked the air pockets in that package and it seemed fine. Just looks like there was an air pocket in the packaging and there was some essence caught in it. So I proceeded to use my mask. BUT!
When I tried to use the mask again on the following day. I checked those air pockets again and was freaked out to see that those air pockets had brown liquids in them. It looked like mold and it just gave me the chills that I almost put that mask on my face.

I know that only the liquid within air pocket is brown means the likelihood it contaminated the mask is low. But just think what if I opened the package and tore through one air pocket that had the brown liquid in it? I did EXACTLY that when I tore open my last package..

Needless to say, those masks has gone to the garbage and I am not buying anymore L'Herboflore masks unless I know I am not getting those air pockets and I can use them rightaway.

EDIT : I have contacted L'Herboflore and they have requested that I send the packages to them to review. So I will update once I hear anything from them! But kind of funny how they assumed I purchased these in Taiwan. I wonder if they are aware of their popularity outside of Taiwan.

EDIT #2: The masks have reached L'Herboflore and they have replied to me with an explanation.

The rough translation is:
The mask you purchased has packaging from years ago. The production of that outer shell has been stopped and redesigned. 
The cause is that after a period of time, the outer shell becomes separated from the packaging from either high pressure or high temperature, which then formed the air bubbles. 
We apologize for the inconvenience that has caused you and thank you for your cooperation.

That is a pretty good response from them and they are sending me replacement for those masks. So I probably just got unlucky and all the masks out there should be okay since they have redesigned the packaging. Will confirm once I get the replacements!

EDIT #3: My apologies, I totally forgot to update! I received the new masks. The packaging and its printing looks a little different. But I am slightly hesitant to try these masks again as I have heard other people mentioning getting those air pockets in their masks that was made within the last two years. I am going to let those replacement masks sit around for a bit and see if anymore air pockets form.


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