Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Annie's Way - Bubble Tea Mask in Strawberry

Skinvestment held event in November called Beauty Date MTL. I was lucky enough to receive a few of the products to try at home and the Annie's Way Bubble Tea Mask in Strawberry was one of them. Don't worry, even though I received this for free, I'll always post my honest opinion about the product. Let's begin shall we?

Annie's Way is famous for their jelly masks but is now venturing into the sheet mask territory as well. I was excited to receive the bubble tea mask as it is their newest product and the Asian in me love the bubble tea idea~ Who doesn't like bubble tea/boba?

The strawberry flavour is supposed to be moisturizing, revitalizing and brightening. It has sodium hyluronate as the 4th ingredient, which is something I like to see. There is also strawerry, kiwi and cucumber extracts. The strawberry and kiwi are often used for brightening and the cucumber for soothing. So the ingredients list looks good.

Upon opening, I was greeted with a nice sweet scent. it reminds me of the Asian strawberry milk candies. So think Hi-Chews, including that tanginess. I was told the scent is supposed to replicate the scent of a strawberry bubble tea. Um... Maybe the powdered ones then?

The mask was soaked in serum like essence, but not drowning in it or dripping a ton of it. Which was surprising to me as the typical Taiwanese masks tend to come with a whole tons of essence. I am quite happy with the lack of extra essence, there is still quite a bit of essence leftover by the way. But I am happy because I am always struggling to prevent the extra essence from falling onto the ground as I am taking out the mask.
The mask itself was quite thin, I want to say the same thickness as the silk masks. It's so thin that it looks like I don't have anything on my mask! And surprisingly, despite the thinness of the mask, it actually lasted for 20 minutes on my face! Majority of the mask was still moist at that point but the upper lip area was starting to dry out and I always use that as the mark to take off the mask.

After I took off the mask, the extra essence sunk in quickly to a matte finish. It didn't feel stick to the touch at all and my skin felt cool to the touch for quite a while.

In fact, my skin felt so soft and smooth to the touch! I couldn't stop touching it. However, I do think this doesn't provide sufficient moisture to my dehydrated skin. Sure, my skin felt soft and smooth, but it's lacking that dewy touch that I look for. It does make my pores look smaller which is great but yeah... It's not a great winter mask for me, where my skin is looking for a lot more hydration than the mask can provide.

The mask is also supposed to brighten your skin. Now..If you read my blog before, you know I am the queen of "I can't the difference" when it comes to brightening masks. But this one seems to produce enough results that I can kind of tell the difference, especially on my cheeks. My skin just has this glow with just toner, vinegar water and this mask. That's pretty darn good!

Overall, I like this mask. It's a quick mask and gives the skin a healthy glow. I love the fact that it smells like strawberry candy. However, it would be a summer mask for me where my skin doesn't require as much hydration than it does in winter times. So I think if this mask is ever on sale, I would get some for the few summer months we have. 😊


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