Thursday, 11 January 2018

Sense of Care - Syn-ake Mask

I got a whole bunch of free masks from Skin 18 a while back for free but only paid for shipping. I haven't heard of most of the brands and have been putting off on using them. But time has come that I need to use them up, so expect a lot of mask reviews from the different brands in the upcoming year. The first one I have tried is the Sense of Care Syn-ake Mask, which is marked as Soc 3D Beauty Serum Face Mask (syn-ake) on Skin 18.

Anyways, I can't seem to find much information on this mask on Google besides Skin 18. But it appears to be a Japanese mask and is supposed to be firming and smoothing. The term syn-ake means synthetic protein that replicates snake venom, which have anti-wrinkle properties. I don't know how true that is but hey, free mask!
According to Skin 18's page, it is to help reduce look of wrinkles and provide nutrition and moisture. It does have hydrolyzed collagen, sodium hyaluronate, aloe extract,alcohol, human oligopeptide-1 (WHAT?!), and methylparaben among its long ingredients list.
I have to admit, I didn't pay attention to the image of the mask on the package. So it came as a surprise when I opened the package and this seamed mask came out. It turns out this is a 3D mask that is supposed to help fit the shape of your face better. Uhh alright.. Let's see if that's actually true..
The mask comes in a 25ml package, and it has a gel like essence that has a faint but fake smelling scent. I am not a big fan, and there really wasn't that much essence at all to be honest. I was skeptical that the mask will last the recommended 10 to 15 minutes at this point.
The mask look like it wouldn't fit my chubby face very well as it looked pretty small. But it actually did hug my face well. EXCEPT! The middle section of my face! 😂😂 That is where the seam is and it has quite a bit of space for a nose, which I don't have. So there is a lot of space going from my eyebrow to the tip of my nose. So my T-zone was not very loved by the mask at all.

I had it on for 20 minutes and it was still moist to the touch. Colour me surprised! I really thought it would be dry by 10 minutes.

While I had the mask on, my skin felt cool. I thought maybe it was because the extra mask flapping around my T-zone, and my breathing is cooling the mask. But when I took it off, my skin was still feeling cool, so I guess it must be the mask.

The extra essence took a while to sink in, and it made my skin felt a bit tacky. But once it is fully sunk in, my skin felt soft and cool. It did feel like I applied some dry oil on my skin so there is that layer of something on top. My skin did feel moisturized for sure!

Overall, I think this is an interesting experience. I like how it made my skin feel moisturized, but I am not sold on the firming and smoothing part. So I think this is a good mask to try if you are making an order from Skin 18, since it is less than $2 USD. But not worth it making an order specifically for it.


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