Sunday, 4 March 2018

[SWEET LEILANI] -Pressed Powder

I was introduced to quite a few Canadian cosmetics brands by Skinvestment's Beauty Date x MTL. One of them was Sweet Lelani Vegan CosmeticsThis is a vegan cosmetic brand from Langley BC. 

I received their pressed powder for review and this will also be a first impression as I don't use makeup too often. But as always, all opinions expressed are my own. 

Their pressed powder is triple milled and has anti-inflammatory and calming properties. It is parabens free, gluten free, cruelty free and fragrance free. That's pretty impressive! The pressed powder contains minerals that will help balance your complexion and minimize imperfections. It can be used alone or set to foundation. 
By the way, they changed the packaging for these pressed powders. I think it contains a mirror now! Which is great bc I was fumbling around looking for a mirror when trying it out😅

The powder I got was Sky and it had a printing error as a bronzer, but I been told by the company that it is actually a pressed powder. It can be used as a highlighter if it's a few shades lighter than your skin colour, or it can be used as a finishing powder. 
So because of that printing error, I was initially quite confused as it's impossible to be a bronzer for my skin tone. So I was then under the impression that these are highlighter, used just a tiny bit and saw no results. Then Sweet Leilani informed to use a brush and brush it on in a circular motion. I tried that method on my hand and saw nothing. Then I read the page for the powder and realized where I went wrong.

This is a very fine finishing powder, not really a highlighter or a bronzer(not for my skin colour anyway). It goes on very smoothly and look almost translucent on my skin. This was later confirmed by the brand as well. 
Left of watermark is bare skin, right is powder

Left of watermark is bare skin, right is powder
I can barely tell where I had applied it. I was really impressed because I normally can tell when I have applied some powder. I had to look very hard to see the difference between the two areas. There is just a tiny difference where the powder leaves my skin looking a tad dry. It sounds bad that it's drying, but that's the back of my hand. Given how shiny I tend to look after using a BB cushion, I think this powder definitely will help reduce some of that shine! 

Sweet Leilani has been quite sweet indeed, giving me tips on how to use their product! So, for this pressed powder, Sky, the tips they gave me are: 
As a highlighter, works best if you are one shade darker so you can highlight the "V" under your eye and above cheek bones without the shimmer/sparkle! 
- As a highlighter, you can apply with a sponge, just tap lightly. 
- The powder works best with a brush, lightly get a little powder on it and buff on your skin with circular motions.

Overall, I quite like this pressed powder, once I figured out what it is supposed to do. It will be quite useful for me as a finishing powder. ^_^ 


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