Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Delicious Thai Restaurant

Back in July, my friends and I went to watch Wicked (it was definitely worth the money!!).

We decided to go have dinner at Kensington since it was only a train station away from the Southern Jubilee. We decided on Delicious Thai Restaurant and they graciously let us have a table even though we did not have a reservation.

The atmosphere is nice but it is a small restaurant. Can probably seat no more than 30 people at a time. We ordered a chicken curry, beef noodle dish, coconut rice and sticky rice dessert. Unfortunately, I forgot to take down the name of the food we ordered. So I can't remember exactly what these dishes are called.

Overall, I can't say I particularly liked it. The flavour for the noodle and curry was ok but forgettable. What is unforgettable about these two dishes was the meat. The beef was so overcooked it was chewing on a saucy beef jerky. The chicken was so dry, I thought it was from one of those frozen pizzas. They probably shouldn't have sliced the chicken and let it cook in the curry for so long.

 The coconut rice was very aromatic but was a tad on the sweet side. When I first tried, I liked that it had a hint of sweetness. But as I continued on with my dinner, I could not handle the sweetness. I had to keep on drowning it in curry to cover up the sweetness. I know coconuts have natural sweetness but it was little bit too sweet.

As for dessert, we decided on the sticky rice with mango slices as my friend was craving it. Upon the first bite, I was slightly confused. This is supposed to be dessert, covered in coconut milk or some sort of milk. Yet my first thought of it was, this is salty?! The first few bites was a overwhelmingly strong salty taste followed by crunchiness of the topping and then sweetnes. It helped if you eat the sticky rice with a piece of mango.

Like I said earlier, I did not particularly liked the meal. Thankfully the show totally made up for it. I am still thinking of the show now and I can see why "Defying Gravity" was such a huge hit.


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