Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Tokyo Banana

So I have seen much ravings about Tokyo Banana pastries around the web. I have bought some imitation ones from T&T and they tasted awful. Luckily back in July, my friend was given some via another friend who recently returned from Japan. My lovely friend decided to come visit me at work and give me some mid day treat to cheer me up from the dreary work day.

Upon opening, I see that it is essentially a sponge cake in the shape of a banana. It does not have much of a smell other than a hint of vanilla. I poked at it a few times and the sponge cake is quite soft. After splitting it down the middle, I realized this is essentially a mini cake roll in the shape of a banana. Now that I know what kind of cake it is, it will not be hard to replicate at home (I hope).
 Taste wise though, it was definitely nothing spectacular. The sponge cake is just as light as it looks and sweet. The filling was sweet and creamy, it has a nuttiness that kind of reminds me of chestnut. It does not taste like bananas at all. I cannot believe I was so excited to try such an underwhelming pastry. I have to say I am disappointed. Though it is still not as bad as the imitation pastry I got from T&T.


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