Thursday, 25 September 2014

Memebox #35 - Moisture Surge

I recently discovered a new subscription box from Korea called Memebox. It contains full size and deluxe samples  of Korean products. I saw Evolution of a Foodie's review of the Cute Wish List #1 and I was instantly hooked. I bought four boxes which includes #35 Moisture Surge, #40 Head to Toe, OMG 3 + My Cute Wish List #3.

 The boxes all ship out on different dates, and moisture surge was the first one to ship out on September 16th. I thought I wouldn't be receiving it until tomorrow as Canada Post said it's sitting in delivery facility all day. But what do I see in my brother's hands after he came back from the mailbox?? The pink box!! YAY! Just the box I want to see!

The Moisture Surge box was $23 + 6.99 for shipping and is now sold out. The price is in USD so be aware of the exchange rate when buying a Memebox. The Canadian dollar is not doing so well so you are basically paying $90CDN for an order of $80USD. Just keep that in mind when you are shopping.

Why Moisture Surge? Well, the winter weather in Calgary causes havoc on my skin, making it dry and flaky. I tend to put on a layer of deep moisturizer and a layer of sleeping mask to keep my face from drying out. I have been using Biotherm and their Aquasource line for a long time. But I have noticed since last year that even if I just used a thin layer of the moisturizer, it will start to form little shreds of gel around my face so it looks like I have bad dandruff. I tried to use rose hip oil but it just was not enough on its own for the winter, and the same "dandruff" problem occurs when mixed with moisturizer. Though it was perfect on itself for the summer. I tried this Olay moisturizer from China that my friend highly recommended. It was enough but it is tinted so if I did not rub it in correctly, it leaves streaks on my face. So.. That only means Moisture Surge is the perfect box to find some new moisturizer to save my face from the harsh winter.

There are six full size products in this box and Memebox provides a info card with every box.

 The first product is the insobeau's Hiaromax Vitamin Stick. It is supposed to be a quick fix for your dry spots. Just swipe it on to instantly moisturize your skin and supposedly treat enlarged pores. I don't particularly like the smell of it, it reminds me of some Chinese medicine I had as a child. Yuck... I am beginning to think there is tea tree oil in it. It smells like this mask I got that contains tea tree oil, which caught me by surprise. I  read it works quite well but at the moment I just cannot get over the childhood memory of medicine to put it on my face. Maybe at a later date I will stop being a baby and try it. Edit: My friend said she will take this off my hand since she doesn't mind tea tree oil smell, yay!

 Wish Formula's Premium Ampoule Mask, it is purported to improve your skin's recovery power, nourish the skin and works to combat wrinkles. I  don't have any wrinkles on my chubby cheeks yet so I think I will pass it onto my mom. She loves masks and is constantly asking me to buy her more masks. 

Original Raw's Deluxe Kit ver 3.0. This was released as a spoiler by Memebox and is THE product that drew most people to the box. It a three step process. From right to left: Black bubble, a bubbling deep cleanser; Chan-mool Patting Essence, a tangly and jelly-like patting essence that moisturizes, brightens and tightens the skin; and Water Block Black Jam, it creates a moisture wall that will last up to 48 hours. I want to try it out but I found 4 unused cleansers in my bathroom closet. Since each tube has a foil seal on it, I figured I would save it until I am done using my cleansers.

 Rosemoon's Rich 53% Collagen Smart Balm promises to deeply hydrate the skin and strengthen the skin's innate strength and function. I tried a little bit and it has a light floral smell,similar to Olay. it seems to be absorbed quickly by my skin and does not feel oily. I can't wait to try it out in -35 degree weather and see how soft my skin will be.

 imface's Vio-Xellose Neck Patch is a mask for your neck. It will work to treat signs of aging along your neckline. I wonder if it will erase the deep line on my neck. I am handing this to my mom as well as she will probably enjoy it more than me. 

 Dermahouse's Aloe Vera Moisture Mist promises to deliver an instant replenishing and soothing effect with just a single spritz. This is the first product I tried from the box since it had no foil seals. I think there is more in there than aloe vera as it has a very floral perfume-y smell to it. As I don't like having strong smells on my face, I am on the fence about it. But my face did feel softer afterwards. I also sprayed my brother with it to see if it will calm down all of his zits.

Out of the six products, I will keep two, on the fence about two and giving away two. Not that great of a statistic for my first Memebox. But I am optimistic that the future Memeboxes will have more things I will like and keep. 


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