Saturday, 19 November 2016

Clio Kill Black Waterproof Eyeliner

So it took me forever, but I finally figured out the proper term to my eye lids! I don't have double eyelids, but I also don't have monolids. I got what they call hooded eyelids. Such that my eyelid kind of creates a fold over itself when my eyes are open so it looks like I got monolids, when I actually don't. (I actually used to have all monolids, but as I was going through high school, one of my eyes started to become hooded while the other was monolid still. Then it slowly developed to hooded lids on both eyes through university. Ah, the wonder of human body)
You can see there is skin under the "flap" on my eyes? The layer of skin above the "line/flap" essentially covers all the makeup I apply. 
Anyways, the issue with having a hooded lid is having eye makeup to show up without being super heavy handed. The flap covers most of my eyeliner and eye shadow, making it super hard to do any eye make up. Add to that the fact that the covered portion of the eyelid gets quite oily so the makeup tend to fall off easily. So I definitely need waterproof products!!

Oh did I mention it's so hard to find Asian makeup tutorials for hooded eyes.. T___T I can't find any. Everything is for monolids or double lids. So if you know any, please let me know!!

My favourite eye products to use are form the Kiss Me Heroine Make line, especially the mascara, which is my holy grail and I recommend it to everyone. I only use their mascara as it holds my curls all day and would not budge until I use the remover.

However, I do have a problem with their eyeliners. The non-waterproof eyeliner is wonderful for drawing the thin lines that I like to do, and for tightlining. However, it does NOT stand up against my oily lids. So it flakes off and smudges very easily, and I often ends up looking like a panda. On the other hand, their waterproof eyeliner is wonderful but it cannot draw lines that are as thin. Therefore, I often end up drawing super thick lines on my lid and I don't like that. So I decided to try the Clio New Born Kill Black Waterproof Eyeliner when Jolse had it on sale.

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The website shows it comes with a sample size of the make up remover. But that's the old packaging. The new packaging includes a sample size of their mascara. Since I love Kiss Me's mascara, I'll probably just give it away instead.

I did my research and found that the brush liner is the thinner one between pen and brush. So I had to get it and try it out and see how it performs against Kiss Me.

 Without taking off the caps, the Clio & KM regular eyeliner have very similar packaging. They look like pens while the waterproof eyeliner is a lot chunkier. I actually thought the KM regular was the waterproof one until I tried to rub off the swatch with water.
 Close ups of the eyeliner brushes. As you can see, the KM regular is just a tad thinner than Clio. While the KM waterproof is a lot thicker than the other liners.
 The sizes of the brushes is definitely reflected in the swatches. I tried to draw the thinnest lines possible with each eyeliner, and the results match the size of their tips. The KM regular has the thinnest line, with Clio being just a tad thicker. Whereas the KM waterproof draws the thickest, almost tripe the size of the KM regular.
I mentioned earlier how easy the KM regular comes off, and this just illustrate that. I decided to rub some of my own saliva, because I was lazy to go to the sink, and rubbed against my skin. And..... The KM regular just comes off very easily while the other two stayed. So... This is why I can't use the KM regular eyeliner, despite its ability to draw the thinnest lines! ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ )

Let's test it out in real life and see how Clio performs against my oily lids!

The Clio is great for tightlining! I had no problem drawing super thin lines with it as I was rushing to get out in the morning. You can barely even see I got eyeliner on in the picture above. YES!
Right eye 
Left Eye 

You can barely see the eyeliner on both eyes, thanks to my hooded lids. You can also see the left eye is just a bit messier than the right eye. I definitely need to work on that.

Oh, mascara is Kiss Me Heroine Make waterproof mascara. My holy grail, as I have mentioned earlier. These pictures were taken about an hour and after I put it on. This is only a simple pinch with the Shiseido eyelash curler and a coat of mascara. You'll also see how it performs throughout the day!
AHHHHHH!!! Hahhaha sorry. o(*^▽^*)o This looks so silly but it's the only way to show the eyeliner on my eyes. Anyways, this was at 8:30AM. So far so good!
Right in natural light
Left  in natural light 
 These are taken around 2PM. If you look closely on both pictures, you can see that there are definitely flaking going on. The tightline is also a bit "broken", as I have no other words to describe it. There are some little spaces in the "line" along the lash line, where it flaked off.

This kept up for the rest of the day. I didn't bother to take more pictures because it was no longer bright out and I didn't want to do flash in my eyes. But trust me, there was just a little bit more flaking off but no smudges. So while it is technically waterproof, it's no competition against my oily lids. The line stayed for the whole day but I definitely needed to touch up on it.

Just a quick comment on the Kiss Me mascara. If you compare it against the pictures from the morning, it's still the same. This continued until I used the mascara remover made specifically for it.
Right eye, bathroom lighting 
Left eye, bathroom lighting

I took off the Kiss Me mascara with its specific remover, and the Clio with just some Neogen Cleansing water (oh my goodness, this cleansing water is sooo wonderful I should really do up a post about it).

As you can see above, as soon as my mascara came off, the eyelashes are back to its downward pointing selves. The eyeliner was pretty easy to remove too, considering I was able to remove it with the cleansing water. However, it is quite difficult to clean it right on the lash line. There is still some remnants left and I haven't figured out how to clean it without stabbing my eyes. If you got any suggestions, please let me know!

Overall, I like the Clio brush liner. It produces the thin lines I desire while remaining on my oily lids. While it does flake off throughout the day, it only require minimal touch ups. I don't get smudges or panda eyes with the brush liner. It is relatively easy to remove for a waterproof product and it's comparable in prices with Kiss Me liners. So this is a good product to have until I find THE liner that will stand up against my oily lids.

Update:  I am sad to report that this eyeliner does not stand up to my oily lids. I did a wing tip and most of that wing has been come off in the 5 hours I had it on... T___T Oddly enough, the tightline against my waterline is mostly fine, but the extended wing has mostly come off. The search for an affordable waterproof eyeliner continues... 😢😢


  1. I have hooded eyes, too! And it also took me yeeeears before I realized I didn't have monolids. I like Stephanie Lange's dome method (search YouTube) for dramatic/smoky looks with matte shadow. --Angela

    1. Ooh! Thank you! That is so helpful and just in time! I need to do makeup this Friday. :P