Wednesday, 9 May 2018

[JOLSE] SKIN&LAB Barrierderm Intensive Cream 50ml

I had reviewed a few products from Jolse and always ended up loving them! Today's review is the Skin & Lab Barrierderm Intensive Cream. I am so excited to try this as it seems to be designed for my dehydrated skin living in a dry environment. But this will only be a first impression instead of a full review. I will explain why further on.

Now, I haven't heard of Skin & Lab before, so this is a totally new brand to me. I love it when I get introduced to new brands that are pretty great. I ended up loving Tiam with my last Jolse review. (that is a must have for the dry winters we have. I am savouring the little bit I have left and will repurchase)

But I digress.
Em. The ceramide and hyaluronic acid is actually quite low on the ingredients list. -_- 
The Barrierderm Intensive Cream does exactly what it sounds like. It is design to provide deep moisture to the skin. The description states that the cream contains fila-seed, ceramide and hyaluronic acid to produce a triple layers of barrier, which will lock in the moisture and protect it from external factors. It is dermatologist approved, and performed low on irritation tests, making it safe to use for the sensitive skin. You can use it on your face or anywhere that has a dry patch on your body.

This sounds like a great cream for me! So why didn't I use it for a month and pound out a review? Why is this a first impression? Well, it's timing and the weather.

I received this in April, and if I received it a week earlier it would've been perfect. We had huge snow falls and cold weather the week prior, so this cream would have been great to see how it helps my skin with the cold weather. But it arrived a week later, and most of the snow has gone and the weather gone up. After using it for about a week and half, the weather went even warmer. It basically went from winter to summer. The temperature just got too warm for my liking as my skin doesn't need the extra boost of hydration. This cream is just best saved for the cold snowy weather with strong windchill, where my skin need it the most. So I had to stop testing. Therefore, this is only a first impression.

As I mentioned above, I tested this for about a week and half. Based on that testing period, I found that I quite liked the cream!
The cream seems to be a tick gel cream with capsules to me. It has a light translucency to it that makes me want to say gel than a full cream. The capsules are capsulized fila-green (fila-seed I think), which are similar to the components of a moisture barrier so it can keep the skin moist and supple. The capsules melts at body temperature, which allows it to be easily absorbed by the body.
It does have a bit of a herbal and powdery scent to it. I am not a big fan but it does dissipate once it is spread out on the skin. So it's not a big deal breaker for me.
 The cream spreads quite well, and definitely fits the characteristics of a gel cream instead of a cream. It feels very light for a cream that is designed to provide heavy hydration to the skin. But that doesn't mean the cream won't perform well.
In fact, it does perform very well in moisturizing my skin! The cream sinks in very quickly and was non-sticky! A BIG plus in my books. It made my skin feel so supple and soft each time I use it. I just keep grabbing it as the last step in my routine.

This is a great moisturizing cream and I stand by my choice to keep it for winter. I will update the review once I use it for a month. But I just want to thank Jolse for sending this for me to try!


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