Wednesday, 2 May 2018

[THE FACE SHOP] Real Nature Lotus Face Mask

I love flowers, I gravitate toward anything that has flowers on their packaging, especially flowers that I like. And this is exactly how The Face Shop got me! I haven't had the best experience with their masks in the past, and I been avoiding them. But when I needed some cheap padding product to maximize the shipping weight, I thought the  Real Nature Lotus Face Mask would be perfect! 

The lotus mask is to moisturize and to give tired, rough skin a boost of radiance. This is due to the mask being drenched in a smooth serum with oil. Alright... 

The ingredients list looks ok, but I am not liking the fact that alcohol denatured is the 5th ingredient. The whole reason why I didn't like Face Shop masks is because their liberal use of alcohol. And that the tomato mask I tried from them caused some irritations. So let's hope this lotus mask won't irritate my skin. 

Based on the back of the package, the mask is made out of a pulp sheet. It advertises that the pulp sheet contains a lot of air pockets, which allows for the essence to be retained within the sheet and delivered to the skin. Which means that the mask should be plump full of essence!

When I opened the package, I already know this is not gonna be a repurchase. I found the scent ot be gag worthy. I really was hoping for a floral scent as it is lotus "flavoured". but no, it's a herbal and medicinal scent that smells quite artificial. I took a big sniff and started to gag, so that's not a good sign. Fortunately, the scent does dissipate a little bit once it is on my face, but it often wafts back to the nose. It's not a terrible scent, but i just really dislike it.

The mask is soaked in a yellow watery essence, andthere was some extra in the package. But considering how I disliked the scent, there is no way I would put it on my face willingly.

The mask felt quite thick, and it is probably due to the fact that this is a pulp sheet. It feels different than the usual sheet masks and feels a tad dry so I wonder how long it will last. As for fit, I like it asit is quite big! This reaches the side of my face, which most of the masks won't. The only thing is that this has a big forehead, so my hairline got a LOT of loving from this mask. 😆

I was surprised the mask lasted 15 minutes, as it felt dry to the touch when I first applied it. But it did, and like usual, I took it off as the upper lip portion is starting to dry out. The extra essence sank in quickly to a non-sticky finish.

But I feel like it didn't do much to my skin? It does feel moisturized, but it not as much as I expected from a moisturizing mask. I do think it made my skin look a tad healthier. As in my skin doesn't look like it went through hell and back after being sick for two days. So it does live up to one of its claim. It could very well be that my skin is just too dehydrated to get the moisturizing properties to be noticeable. So I will say it potentially meet both of its claims.

Overall, I think this is a meh mask. It provides some moisture, makes my skin look healthy. But it's honestly a meh mask, and I don't like how high the alcohol is in the ingredients list. Will not repurchase obviously.

My skin type is combination and dehydrated.


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