Wednesday, 2 May 2018

[SOC SENSE OF CARE] - 3 Step AC Dressing Mask

Multi-step mask provides a convenience for those who are travelling. I haven't traveled much in recent year so the SOC 3 Step AC Dressing Mask in my stash has not been used. I decided to just try it and see how it performs. So let's see.

This is a three step mask, so it includes:
  1. facial foaming and soft peeling
  2. AC dressing intensive care mask
  3. anti-aging night Cream
As this is a multi-step mask that is aimed to replace a routine, I am using these products all on its own and see how it performs.

I received these from Skin18 but they have since removed it from their website. So I would say this is probably discontinued or not easily attained. As a result of this, I have not much information on what this multi-step mask is intended to do. I think it is supposed to add moisture to tired looking skin through its mineral rich Alpine ice water. As well as clean and calm down the skin, and improve vitality and elasticity.

There is only ingredients list for the mask, so I am not sure what is in the foaming cleanser and the night cream. But the mask ingredients looks nice as it has niacinamide,  centella asiatica, hyaluronic acid, rice extract, hydrolyzed collagen, adenosin, and phenoxyethanol.

Step 1 - Foaming cleanser

It is a runny white cream, which smells like the soap that my grandma used when I was growing up. It was one of those really cheap soap that I don't know what its made out of and she used to use it to wash everything. The cleanser foamed up relatively okay but gawd that scent.

When washing it under running water, my hands felt like they were stripped of moisture. Once it is all rinsed off, my face felt tight. Then it felt quite soft after a few minutes. I am not sure why, maybe that's the peeling in the name.

I quite dislike this step as it smells terrible. (Sorry grandma)
Use for 15 to 20 min

Step 2 - AC Dressing Mask

It is a bio-cellulose sheet mask that is free of mineral oil, parabens, silicone and artificial colouring. But man.. It smells like lemon detergent. Like seriously like lemon bathroom cleanser.. Urg. What is with this mask and the scents.

It is a 25 mL package but taht means there wasn't much essence left in the package. The mask itself was quite soft. I thought it would be difficult to remove and unfold, but it was pretty easy. The first was quite decent as it goes to my ears and under the jaw. But man, the "holes" are huge. Big mouth hole and eye holes, where I basically have half of my cheeks exposed. That kind of defeats the purpose of masking.. Just a tad.

The mask is recommended to use between 15 to 20 minutes, and I had it on for 30 minutes. The mask was still moist but that scent was lingering. The extra essence sunk in quickly but my skin felt a tad on the tight side. =__=

I didn't mind the mask. But I dislike the lemon cleaner scent and how it made my skin felt tight. So far, 2/3 steps are not to my liking.

Step 3 - Anti-aging night cream.

This cream was thick and spread well. It is like a gel moisturizer than a cream and smells just like the mask, so that dreaded lemon detergent scent. -_- Oh it's not going well with my mind at all. It does spread quite easily and felt very light. It made my face feel sticky and shiny, but well moisturized. It just feel like it's sitting on top of my skin. My skin still smell like soap and have a bit of dewiness in the morning. I like the result but urg. I dislike the shiny look and scent.

Overall, I would like to never go near this mask again! Even though it did well moisturizing my skin and is convenient for travelling. I dislike the scent of the steps quite a bit and not a fan of the greasy face. Plus, this mask seems to be hard to find. So for that, I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy it. There are better multi-step masks available. 


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