Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Current project - Checkerboard blanket

This is my current project.. It is a blanket with a checkerboard pattern. The original pattern is thanks to Purlbee. It was originally a pattern for a scarf but I thought it would make an interesting blanket instead.

I messed up quite a bit on these just because sometimes I forget which row I am at. That or I accidentally add or drop a stitch. So now, I have to make sure I do at least a row or two a day to make sure it is done properly.   

So far I have used a ball and half of Bernat Satin in Banana and two balls of Bernat Satin in silk. I would have preferred to make all of it in Banana but unfortunately, and mostly my fault, they no longer sell that colour in stores. Probably because I gave up on the project for a year before giving it another go. So instead of ordering the same colour from eBay, I decided to just make it a striped blanket instead. Once I am done with the current ball of Silk, I will use my saved 1.5 ball of Banana for another stripe of yellow. I must admit, the colour looks funny, but what can you do.. I am in too deep... Onward I go~~~


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