Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Current Unfinished Work

I always do multiple projects at once and some are still unfinished because I am not in the mood to do it... Well here are some of my unfinished works so I am hoping by posting it, these will remind me to finish them and leave it in crafting purgatory... >___<

This is an iris cross stitch pattern that I was trying to finish for my friend.. It's now 3 years old.. yikes.. -__-

A little panda for my brother, but I am trying to make him to finish it himself...

This is my first big cross stitch kit from China. I like it a lot because the writing represents what home means to me. It looks finished but it's not. I still need to add leaves (half stitches) to the branches to finish it.

A little person, I tried to work on her on the flight back from China to Canada and messed up. I ended up finished the front but is now reluctant to do the back since I am not sure how I would fix the booboo on the front.

A card holder my friend brought back for me. The doggy is adorable, and I am not sure why I am not finishing it. =__=

This is a GIGANTIC cross stitch kit. It used to be 10CT but I changed it to 18CT and it is still over a metre long. It is a mountain scenery and is just tons and tons of colours. I have not started on it and probably should dig back in..

This is a red rose kit from eBay, it used to be 10CT but I changed it to 18CT to match my other two. The pattern that came with it was not as good as the original one I have. Will need to finish it to match the other two that I already finished.

This is my only kit from Canada, bought it from Walmart simply because it looked cute. Though it was more expensive than what I would normally spend on a kit this small from China. It was $15 for a kit but it is much harder to work on than I expected. Though I seriously hate the clear/glittery thread that keeps on breaking up on me.

This is another GINORMOUS cross stitching kit from China. I had to ask my friend to bring it back for me because I don't have a Taobao account. This is over 2 metres long and it is a painting of flowers. I love it to death but I was definitely disappointed that it came as pre-printed as I find doing it on a blank cloth is so much more challenging.. 

Well.. Here are all of my cross stitching conquests that I have put on hold.. This is only from my facebook too.. I am quite surprised it is such a large collection... YIKES!!!


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