Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Current project - flower blanket

This is the other yarn project I am currently doing. The pattern is supposed to look like little flowers joined together. I only started on it because I bought the bright red and green for another project that didn't pan out. I thought a blanket of flowers would be super adorable. The pattern is from here.


This is a really simple project, as it is mostly just single stitches and pulling through the center. Though surprisingly, it is super tiring for your wrist. It must be all that repetitive looping and pulling action in forming the petals. My wrist could not handle doing it after two flowers. I found myself wishing to go back to my checkerboard blanket after three flowers.  

 The resulting flowers are pretty despite complaints from my wrist. They are super bright too! I think once I am done this, it is going to be a super bright blanket. Will start working on it again as soon as I am done my checkerboard blanket... At this rate, I don't think I will be working on my unfinished projects any time soon.. Oops.....   


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