Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Completed Work

I think I got this turned around. I think I should have posted completed work then incomplete work. *shrug* Oh well. Here are a collection of my completed work that I am pretty proud of.

This was my first attempt in fondant work. It was a cake for my friend's birthday. It wasn't too bad. It wasn't a masterpiece either..

Crepe paper roses for my girlfriends for Valentines Day one year. I liked making these. They are so wonderfully looking. They were made from Martha Stewart kits I got from eBay. I would love to do more of them but I can't seem to find heavy crepe paper in Canada. All of the ones I can find are from the States and shipping is semi expensive. Hoping I can get a friend to pick some up for me for cheap in the future.. >_<

This relates to unfinished red rose in my previous post. This is part of a trio. This is also from a kit from eBay as I wasn't allowed to purchase all three kits when I was back in China. I still need to head down to Ikea to buy frames for it.
This is my original rose pattern. It looks tiny because of the frame but I love it that way. Need to finish the red one and get frames so the trio can finally go up on the wall. I should mention all of the roses are in 18CT.

It's cute. It's not something I would choose for myself but it's cute... My lovely cousin got it for me because she knows I love cross stitching.. I finished it within a week.. Now I have no use for it...

A panda from the needle felting kit I got from HK. I think this was done after I found a video clearly telling me what the texture/feel of a finished felt should feel like. I consider this a success but it's still crappy compared the masters out there.. Took me hours and hours to finish too..

From the same kit as the panda but obviously before I found the video. It's so soft and limp and everything is not attached properly. So sad. Sorry bear.. ( I almost said monkey but I know it's a bear.. that's how bad this attempt was)

The bridal bouquet for my friend's wedding. It consisted of green and cream roses on top and surrounded by white hydrangeas on the bottom. My friend helped me out in putting it together but it still took a few hours.. Yet I want to create a similar bouquet of dried flowers for my new place.. :P
This is the corsage for the bridal party.. It wasn't done well as the roses kept on falling out.. Though.. Considering I spent Friday to Sunday morning doing the cake, flowers (bridal bouquet, flower arrangement, corsages and boutineers) and the bride's hair... I think I deserve a little slack.. I totally get why they charge so much for weddings now.... >__<

The cake.. This cake took me 8 hours to make... Cost me AT LEAST $100 excluding labour.. Urg I get why wedding cakes are expensive.. Wish I didn't agree to do it pro bono.. but whatevers.. It didn't turn out as pretty as I hoped.. =__= I call it the ugly cake.. But it is pretty good for 2nd attempt..
Inside of the cake... The bride wished it all to be matcha but I ran out of matcha powder on Friday night and had to bake extra chocolate and vanilla layers because the bride wished it to be taller.. it actually doesn't look bad.. I am happy.. 

I wish I can find the cute little bride and groom cross stitch that I did for my friend and my cousin last year. It was adorable.. Both done on 18ct fabric and the same pattern. But oh so cute! Maybe I'll post it when I find it... I tend to get super chatty about my crafts or my dogs.... :P


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