Wednesday, 26 March 2014

monthly subscriptions

There are so many subscriptions out there these days.. I want them all.. Too bad I am too poor to afford any besides the Barkbox for my doggies. =__=

I just saw Whimseybox's February box and it is exactly what I wanted to do. Needle felting! Though it is a little bit on the expensive side for $20 + shipping for one little bird.

Though I must admit, needle felting is expensive in North America. Heck, almost all of the craft projects I want to do are expensive here. I have seen a very small felting project for children on sale for $14 at Michaels and it is not even that cute. Though if you look on Rakuten global, you see so much more offered from Japan at a much lower price. Even if you look on eBay, the same kits from Japan is selling at twice the value you get from Rakuten.. I am so surprised at how expensive crafts are outside of Asia..

For example, for this kit, of a panda and a frog on Rakuten Global. It is selling for $6 a kit + shipping (though they are doing free shipping for order over $100). The same kit on eBay is selling for $15 + $3.35 for shipping. The kit is marked up double it's price just for people outside of Japan and want to try out the craft.

It also sucks that there aren't much people who knows about these crafts in North America. Needle felting just started to catch craze in North America but I haven't been able to find much on it besides small sections in Michaels or kits for sale on Amazon. I would really like to try it out from an instructor and learn properly about how it should feel and how to adjust and fix mistakes. I am definitely signing up for lessons when I go back for a visit.

How did it all go from monthly subscription boxes to complaint about needle felting?? I go off topic wayy too easily.

Anyways, back on topic, there are many monthly subscription boxes that I want to try. I want to try WhimseyBox and Lullubee.

WhimseyBox, which I mentioned above, is only $15/month. I want to try it but I only like a couple of their past projects so I am still debating if I want to try it.

Lullubee on the other hand is $34 + shipping. The felting club is $142 for 4 months + shipping. I like their projects but it seemed a little more out of my price range. 

The only one I tried is from Designher kit. It is based out of Toronto and for $19 a month you get a package of three projects to work on. I supported their indiegogo effort and got the December kit as a result of it. These are the projects I got.

I got the spike necklace as a special for supporting their campaign. That was the one I wanted the most!

 The projects are quite easy to do. The tassels are basically opening two jump rings, stick the tassel charm onto it and connect it to the key chain. Though I do love it and put it on my bags.

The delicate bracelet, is truly delicate. I had it on when I went to bed, and by morning the bracelet already fell off. -__-; One of the jump rings connecting the chain to the beads had opened up at night. I guess the rings are too soft and pliable.

The spike necklace, the one that I was after... I loved the whole process of putting it together. though it did get a little bit repetitive. I still love it. I wore it but I haven't found a top that will look good with it, so it will sit in the drawers until I find one. I would've posted a picture of it but I don't want to ruin it with my ugly mug. :P

I didn't try the last necklace because I didn't like the way the beads looked. I understand it is intentionally made that way. I just can't get past the idea of having "rusted" necklaces so I didn't bother to make it. Sorry :(

I must admit, I am not tempted to subscribe to Designher Kits just because these projects are too simple for me and not what I want.

I want to have a craft subscription every month so I have a new project each month. Sadly there aren't much options out there right now. Hopefully in the future I can find some.. >_<


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