Sunday, 18 December 2016

Etude House - My Little Nut Perfume Set

Oh Etude~ You and your little holiday collection totally got my attention even though I don't have a thing for The Nutcracker.. But that collection name of "My Little Nut" It looks like Etude has changed the name to My Little Nutcracker as per their Facebook page.. But the name has been printed on all of the products so it's a late now... Hehehe 😁😁 Oh well. I wasn't going to get anything from the collection but I really liked the description of the smells of the roller perfumes so I snatched it up when Etude Global's Black Friday sale. 😊

Based on the description of the notes, I was really excited for the "Sweet" as it has orange and jasmine. And I was very worried about the smell for "Pure" as its description as its key term is powdery. That just makes me think baby powder. But the notes sounded okay. So I thought, why not? Especially when it was on sale and free shipping. 😉
My first impression was that the set is TINY. Then it turns out each roller is only 7ml. Duh! I used my Posies & Co perfume as a size comparison. (I LOVE😍 this roller perfume by the way. You can't see it but it has purple flowers floating in the oil and it has the nicest light sweet scent. The scent lasts for a LONG time and I am really hoping the Canadian Anthropologie stores would stock the body oil from the same line. )
How cute are these packaging?
The Pure and Sweet perfumes are part of Etude's regular sets of perfumes, so these are just in special packaging. The My Little Nut is the special scent that is not part of the regular line up.

Okay, let's talk scents. 

Sweet - This is the bottle with the purple nut cracker. This is supposed to have notes of orange, rose, jasmine and amber. This was the one I was very excited for. However, this didn't live up to my expectations. It's a sweet and fresh scent, but I know I smelled somewhere before, it makes me want to say shampoo and body shower. It also hits the back of my nose quite strongly, and I am pretty sure that it's the freesia that I am mostly smelling. 

Pure - This is the one I was least looking forward to as it says white powdery for description. I been burned by Etude's cute Don't Worry hand lotion in Powdery Orange, where it smells just like baby  powder and I cannot use it at all. But this scent are listed to have scents of mandarin, jasmine, vanilla and cedar wood. This is the bottle with the rat king. Surprisingly, this is my favourite of the trio! I can smell the freshness from the mandarin, and the sweetness from vanilla, and just a little hint of musk. But I want to say I smelled something similar to this before as well. 

My Little Nut - This is the special scent for the holiday collection and it has the pink nut cracker.  It's supposed to have scents of peaches, bergamot, rose,  jasmine, and musk. I had no expectations of the scent and it ended up being my least favourite of the trio. 😖 It's the strongest scented one out of the three, and it kind of overwhelms my nose and the back of my throat. 😫I don't know what part of the combination of the scents is doing it, but it makes this scent that feels like artificial sweetener on my nose.. I don't know if that makes any sense, but it just has this fake, cloying and empty kind of scent that lingers on my tongue after tasting products containing sucrose. I can smell the rose and something else but I can't identify it. Either way, the scent is so strong I don't see myself wearing it. 

Overall, 2 out of 3 is a hit and I will wear, so I guess it's not that bad! The set is still available on Etude's website if you are interested in purchasing it. 


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