Saturday, 24 December 2016

Missha x Line Friends Eye Color Studio Mini in Brown Brownie

I used to use Line a lot so I am aware of Line Friends characters like Brown, Sally and Cony. Though to be honest, I just kind of recognize the characters and not their names. 😅😅 But the collaboration with Missha has definitely made me remember their names. I couldn't resist the Brown cushion when it was first released. Needless to say, that cushion is now in my collection. I also saw the repackaged version of the FTE in Brown.. Trust me.. It took a LOT of control to not snatch that up.

Fortunately, BB Cosmetic had a 40% off sale on the Missha x Line Friends and I just had to snatch up that Brown version of FTE. Along the way I decided to get the Eye Color Studio Mini in Brown Brownie because it was on sale and it was a nice palette for me to use for everyday use.

 When I got this, I was kind of surprised at how small it is. But then again, it is only 7g, so it can't be that big.. Duh! 😑😑 It is quite thin and I want to say it is about 1.5x the size of a credit card. But it is small enough that it fits in my clutch perfectly.
The cover is SO cute! It's got Brown on it! Look at the shadow that Brown pressed into it! Man... I have been avoiding touching him and getting rid of him... Eventually I will have to.. But we will deal with it when I get to that point..
With flash
From left to right, the shades are:
Timid Brown - A shimmery light brown, I think it's best for the inner corner of the eyes and the lower waterline.
Pure Brown - A shimmery dark brown with the biggest sized glitter in the palette. It seems like it would be good to line your eyes with, or the outer corner for a light smokey eye.
Heart  Attack Brown - A shimmery reddish brown, and this was the shade I was most worried about as I was afraid it would be too red. But it ended up being a nice coppery colour that goes well with the rest of the palette. For this I used on the center of my eyelid for a little pop.
Cony Friend Brown - A light brown shade, the only non-shimmery shadow in this palette. I used this as a base on my eyelids before all of the other colours.
Top: natural light,
Bottom: with flash 
The swatches above were done with no primer and with my fingers. However, it took several swipes with my finger in order to get some colour payoff. I found that it was much better when I used a brush, so I think I must have been pressing too light when using my fingers. The glitters and the shades are subtle enough that I can wear it to the office.

I used the palette for the office Christmas party and it was a really nice look for a night out. However, I didn't have time to take a close up picture as I was rushing to get out. I would have taken one after the party, but unfortunately I found the shades to be a lot less vibrant compared to the beginning of the night. So I have to say the staying power for these are kind of... meh. Maybe it would be better if I used primers. *shrug*
This is how it looked when I tested it, using it in the way I described above. It should be noted that I also used the Etude 101 pencil in #77 that I received as from Etude as a giveaway prize. This is a nice shimmery bronze colour and I use it on the center of the bottom waterline. You can see a swatch here.

Like I mentioned in my post here, I have hooded eyes so I have to use a heavy hand and extend it quite a bit past the crease in order to have it show up when I have my eyes open. As you can see above, the colours are there when I look down, but when I look up, they are all covered up.. 😭😭
Now, this is two different attempts with a much heavier hand.

The right eye has a thicker tightline and the shadows has been extended a little bit. You can see some of the shadows when my eyes are open, but it's mostly the Pure Brown shade on the outer cover of the eye, and the Play 101 liner.

The left eye was drawn with a MUCH heavier hand. The liner is drawn VERY thick, with heavy emphasis on the center of the eye to give it a rounder look. All of the shades are also very extended. This way, you can actually see the shades when I open my eyes. However, I found the look to be kind of "dirty" and I feel like made my eyes look droopy....

Luckily, I was recommended to try the dome method, which I think is also referred to as the vertical gradient method . This is where you draw the shades over the eyelid in a dome shape, where most of the colour will be concentrated in the center.  A good simple video can be viewed here.

I attempted it this for the Christmas party and really liked it. However, I don't have pictures of it as explained above. But just trust me when I say it looked so much cleaner than the above images.

Overall I really like the eye shadow palette as it provides nice shimmery colours that goes well together and just enough glitter to bring a little shine to your eyes. I already find myself reaching for these whenever I want to do something more than eyeliner and mascara so this was a good buy!


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