Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Samples Samples Samples!

I really do have a hoarding issue. I hoard masks, skincare items, and apparently samples. I went through my stash of skincare items, and found out I had quite a bit of masks, skincare items and samples that are either expired or close to expiration. I don't mind using expired stuff, I know, that's so bad of me when I am running a blog. But I don't want my money to go to waste... T__T

Anyways, samples are the hardest to deal with in regards with expiration dates. There is usually none on there, so I have to remember when I get them. Given how I keep on just throwing them into the pile whenever I get new samples, I have absolutely no idea which are new and which are old. Thank goodness for non-reactive skin! I decided to use a few of the samples all at once to get through them. Today is mostly masks. 😝

Just want to note that I have non-reactive skin, I only usually get breakouts from poor eating habits or hormonal ones. So I am comfortable with using expired products as they tend to not cause a reaction. That being said, you know what is best for your skin, so use your judgement when it comes to using expired products. Now, shall we continue?

I started off with the Chosungah Original Raw Black Bubble. This is a part of a set that I got from Memebox years ago. Yah.. It's quite expired... Oh well. πŸ™ˆ
This is a runny, black, semi-transparent liquid. It smells like... um... first thing that popped into my head is my dad's aftershave when I was growing up.. So.. not a good scent association.

This cleanser foams up nicely. Just rubbing my hands together with some water produces really nice fine bubbles, which is quite nice. It leaves my skin feeling a bit more clean than COSRX's Good Morning Low pH Cleansing gel. The COSRX gel is nice but it leaves this slick feeling on my skin like I haven't washed it all off, no matter how much I rinsed. The Black Bubble cleanser feels just as nice as the COSRX cleanser, but without the slick feeling. I like this cleanser but the smell and the association of that smell kind of makes me want to chuck it in the bin. πŸ˜•

Next up, The Face Shop Mild Papaya Peeling Gel
I have no idea where I got this from to be honest. So I have no idea how old it is.. πŸ˜–
Anyways... This is a clear gel that has a sweet floral smell to it. It started to ball up as soon as it came in contact with my skin. I honestly think it's not taking off much dead skin if just contact will make it ball up. It's one of those peeling gels that just kind of balls up with itself when rubbed, and takes off a little bit of dead skin through friction. Don't think I will pick up a full sized product for this.

Tonymoly Tomatox Magic Massage Pack

I got this in a pack of 10 samples, forgot about what it is for and never used it. Thank you Google for instructions and purpose of this product! The actual container is super adorable, as it is in the shape of a tomato!

This is a white gloop, which reminds me of liquid white-out. Hahaha. πŸ˜… Anyways, you are supposed to massage it as you put it on your face, and then leave it on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off. It has a sweet smell that does go away after a while. It kind of reminds me of a mud mask but it is a thinner consistency and spreads well. One sample pack was more than sufficient for my face.

I think it made my skin look a bit brighter. πŸ˜• But I don't think I will continue to use it as I am lazy and don't like to wash my face more than once. So I chucked the rest of the samples out.

Pure Smile Muddy Girl

This is a clay mask from Japanese brand Pure Smile, and I got it years ago. Thing about Japanese cosmetics is that they don't like to put expiration dates on products so I have no idea if it is expired. Most likely it is expired. I am 90% sure it is expired as it now has new packaging. Oh well.  πŸ˜‘

When I opened the pack, I thought it dried up and hardened. But that's not the case at all. It is super smooth and spreads very nicely. I do find the smell a little funky, something I have smelt before but can't be sure what it is.

I used another Muddy Girl mask before and learned that I should just use it in one go or else it will dry out, even with plastic wrap. So I slapped all of the container onto my face, which resulted in a very thick application.

As the mask dries, my face starts to feel cool. I kind of like that. πŸ˜„

As per the instructions, you are supposed to keep it on for 10-15 minutes. I had it on for 10 minutes because I was impatient. It started to dry up in the areas that has a thinner layer while the thicker area is still wet. It also started to feel a bit tight on my skin so I washed it off. It made my skin feel sooo smooth afterwards.. 😍 These doesn't seem easy to find so I am not going to be repurchase.

Tonymoly Gold 24K Mask 

Once again I didn't know when or where I got this sample from. When I squished this out of the sample pack, first thought was ... is this gold πŸ’©? It also looks like those cheap plastic items trying to pass off as gold coloured items.

Despite its looks, it goes on very smooth and one sample pack is enough for a very thin layer on my face. Does that mean I have a big face? πŸ˜•πŸ˜• Nonetheless, the gold on my skin makes me feel so fancy! 😎
Do you see the gold? πŸ˜‰
The instruction is that you are supposed to leave it on until it is dried, and then wash it off. But due to such a thin layer being applied, it dried off very quickly. I can touch it and it doesn't feel sticky to the touch, nor does it feel tight on my skin.

Once I washed it off, my skin felt a bit tighter. I didn't notice much difference, but when I took flash photography, my skin sparkled a little bit. Yay! I am sparkly~! πŸŒŸπŸ˜„πŸŒŸ

Ettang Modeling Take-Out Cups
I know for sure these are old as I got them from Memebox years ago, when they still shipped to Canada. Another way to tell is that Ettang has since changed the packaging for these modeling cups. But whatever, this is in powder form, so it should be less prone to growing molds and stuff. 😐

Mixing up these modeling masks is kind of hard because you can either make it too runny or too thick. I somehow manage to add enough water each time I use it. Yay me! πŸ˜†I would say the consistency you want is that of a thick paste, kind of like a very thick stiff peak.

I like these modeling cups as you can just slap on the paste very thickly, dry within 10 minutes, peel it off and stuff it back into the cup for easy disposal! Anyways, the key to applying the mask is to apply in a thick but even layer! All of the thicker areas came off with ease, but the thinner areas were a bit harder to remove.πŸ˜– I had to use some cleansing water to aid the process.

The modeling mask made my skin feel so soft and plump!😍 I had similar results from the previous "flavours" I tried from Ettang and I really wish these are a bit more accessible. πŸ˜–

That's all the samples I got to try this time! I think I am going to do reviews of samples as I try them and see how that goes. Or should I do it on InstagramπŸ˜•❓❔


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