Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Holika Holika Real Rose Hydrogel Mask

I have been hoarding this mask for a while now. I think if you read my blog or Instagram for a while, you would know why. 😂 In case if you don't, it is because I love rose skincare items. ESPECIALLY if there are real flowers in the mix. This Holika Holika Real Rose Hydrogel mask advertises that it has rose extracts as well as rose petals in the mask. How could I resist?!

This has rose 12,000 ppm and is to revitalize and plump the skin. But let's face it. I am using it because of the presence of rose and not so much of its advertised effect. 😂

I was surprised when I took the mask out and it was red! I wasn't expecting red! It was a bit alarming but hey. It was perfect timing as I was using it on Halloween.

The mask is a two piece hydrogel with the eye pieces and mouth piece all punched out but remain attached to the rest of the mask. I just took them off and used the eye pieces as under eye masks and the mouth piece as a lip mask. The mask itself has a pattern from its backing, which makes it adhere to the skin a bit better.

The mask smells like rose water with a hint of English rose, if that makes sense to anyone. It is light like rose water but not as sweet. It smells like English rose but isn't as strong. I am quite in love with it. 😍 I can definitely sniff it all day without getting sick of it.

The fit of the mask was actually quite good as most hydrogels tend to be small on my chubby face. It does have a little bit of tenting but honestly, I can overlook that issue as it covers so much more area than most hydrogels.

I had this on for about 40 minutes, even though the instructions said 15 to 30 minutes. I had this on my lips for 35 minutes, at which time the mask felt significantly thinner. Upon removal, my lips looked and felt more hydrated and softer. I was impressed!

When I removed the face mask, it also felt quite a bit thinner! The mask left a matte finish and it did not feel tacky at all. Instead, it made my skin felt cool for a good few minutes! In fact, the mask remained cool to the touch after I removed it from my face. It made my skin feel soo moisturized! I quite like it! I even left the mask on my arm for 5 minutes and the difference between the two arms were very noticeable!

I really like this mask! It sits on my skin well, I can walk around and do things without fearing it's going to fall off of my face. It made a noticeable difference in moisture with even 5 minutes usage. And the fact that it has rose petals just makes it extra worth it! It is still available for sale and I think I may pick up more if I do another haul from TK.


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