Sunday, 12 November 2017

Etude House - I Need You, Damask Rose! Mask Sheet

Etude came out with some new flavours for their I Need You mask line prior to discontinuing it. I decided to grab it as I love roses! I held it until the last moment as I just don't want to be disappointed if I end up loving it and cannot find any more of it.

The mask has grapefruit extract, damask rose extract, adenosine, sodium hyluronate, and other flower and leaf extracts. Which is purported to provide "fresh" moisture to dry skin. (I don't know what fresh moisture mean but hey, moisture is moisture. Right?)

The mask has a light rose scent, which I quite love! It came moist but not dripping wet. Surprisingly, there was quite a bit of leftover essence in the package.

The mask itself is that of a normal cotton sheet. The fit is alright. I think Etude adjusted the eye hole to be a bit bigger, which has always been my problem with the I Need You series. Where the eye hole was so small that it was just enough for my tiny eyes. I can't imagine someone with bigger eyes trying to use their mask.

I had the mask on for half an hour insted of the recommended 10 to 20 minutes I thought it was too long but the mask was just starting to dry out at the half hour mark. The extra essence took a LONG time to sink in. After 10 minutes, it was still very tacky to the touch and my face was still feeling tight.

My skin did ultimately felt moisturized and putting on the rest of my routine was quite smooth. BUT I am not a fan of how tacky my skin felt and how shiny it looked. So needless to say, I am not too upset that this has been discontinued.


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