Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Etude House - I Need You, Korean Strawberry Mask Sheet

This is one of the new "flavours" that Etude House released in their I Need You mask line just prior to discontinuing the whole line. They have since replaced the line with the 0.2 Therapy Air Mask line. Which I have but need to try. 😅 Anyways, this was definitely purchased for the "flavour" instead of its function. As I don't purposely purchase anything that is targeted for brightening unless the "flavour" intrigues me.

That being said, the mask is to brighten up dull skin with a radiant glow, and includes 20mg of strawberry extract. The ingredients list also includes niacinamide, sodium hyluronate as well as other botanical extracts. However, there is alochol, which is slightly unpleasant. But I mean, it is there to act as a preservative, and as long as it doesn't dry out my skin, I have no issues with it.
The mask is well soaked in a serum like essence, or ampoule as per the corresponding mask in the new 0.2 Therapy Air line. It smells like those Asian strawberry jello cups! That strawberry scent with a hint of milk. I can also smell the alcohol if I sniff hard enough but overall it was a very pleasant scent!

The mask is a cotton sheet mask and fit is similar to the other I Need You masks. My only complaint for the masks is the eye holes are so tiny. I have small eyes and they just fit around my eyes, so I can't imagine how it would fit others with bigger eyes. I do hope this is fixed with the new masks.
The instruction said to leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes. I actually took it off at 20 minutes as it was starting to feel like the mask is hugging my skin tightly despite being moist. So I wanted it off before it sucks any moisture away from my skin.

The essence sunk in quickly and left my face shiny. My skin felt taught, which isn't a good sign. But it also felt soft and greasy to the touch. I like the soft part, but not so much the greasy part. -_- I think it did brighten up my skin a little bit, enough for me to notice. But it's nothing spectacular.

Overall, this wasn't a bad mask, but I feel like the alcohol is probably why my skin felt tight afterwards. It doesn't work well with my dehydrated skin and just for that reason, I wouldn't repurchase. It doesn't help that it left me feeling dry but looking greasy. So I am not too upset that this is no longer in production. I do hope the strawberry "flavour" in the 0.2 Air Therapy masks will be better, but not holding my breath.


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