Thursday, 30 November 2017

Illi - Lotus Moisture Mask

I purchased the Illi Lotus Moisture Mask from TesterKorea a while back as it was around $1 each and I heard some good reviews on it. But I shoved it somewhere in my stash and forgotten about it. I finally decided to give it a try as I am no longer chasing expiration dates! (YAY!)

Bear in mind that this mask is in Korean, so I have no idea what the ingredients are or what its supposed to do. 😂 It just shows lotus on the front and says "moisture" in English, so I assume it is lotus flower based and is aimed to provide moisture? Google search didn't provide me with much more information. If you know more, please drop me a line in the comments sections!

That being said, I love how simple the packaging is. The drawing of the lotus makes it feel more traditional in a way. Which fits in with their hanbang theme.

The mask is that of a normal cotton mask, soaked in a thin gel essence. For some reason I was expecting this to be a lotion type of essence, so I was pleasantly surprised to see a clear essence. The essence has a light sweet scent to it. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I want to say I can smell licorice in it. It's nice, since I dislike licorice with a passion. So to have a nice light licorice scent that I can accept is a good thing!

 The fit is quite good for a cotton mask as it covers all of my chubby cheeks and almost hit my ears! This means this mask is quite big in width and can cover a lot of surface area. 😁

I wore this for 15 minutes, which is what I interpreted from the package as the recommended time. However, I took it off at the 15 minute mark because the upper lip area was starting to separate from my skin. I figured if that's the thinnest part of the mask, and it is drying, then I should remove it before it starts to draw moisture from my skin.

The extra essence sunk in quickly and left my skin feeling moisturized and looking matte. My skin was a bit tingling but I am not sure what's caused it as it wasn't red or irritated.

Overall, it worked out well. It did moisturized my dehydrated skin. But I am not sure if I like it for the winter, as the gel essence seem to be provide ok level of moisture to my skin in the dry winter weather. I would need more and this probably wouldn't provide enough. So, if I were to repurchase it, I would only use it for the summer. Which I imagine will work much better, as the gel essence will be more cooling for the dry weather and my skin doesn't need as much moisture as it needs in winter.


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