Monday, 6 November 2017

Sexylook - Pure White Radiance Duo Lifting Mask

I got this Sexylook mask from MaskGenie (now defunct) as part of a mystery mask bag I purchased. I been holding off from using it for a while now. It's close to expiration and I thought hey, why not give it a try.

This comes after I found out Winners is selling Sexylook masks under the brand of iLook Beauty. Which by the way, I have confirmed with the brand head office that is their "generic" brand for Sexylook. So if you see it in Marshalls or Winners or TJ Maxx, it is legit and feel free to buy it!

Anyways, moving on to the Pure White Radiance Duo Lifting mask. I held off on using it because 1) I don't need brightening and 2) I haven't had the best of luck with masks with ear hooks.
The ingredients list looks nice, with lots of floral extracts. And it is advertised to moisturize, brighten, soften and provide some natural shine to the skin. It promises a lot but I am not sure if it will deliver all of its claims. 😅

The mask is a two piece cotton sheet mask, with two sets of ear hooks. One set for the face and the other for the neck piece. The purpose is to keep the mask on the face and to create some lifting on the jawline. But I always think that's gimmicky. XD However, I have to say this has a pretty good fit in comparison with the Foodaholic mask I have tried earlier. This actually hugs my skin very well!

The mask has a light apple blossom scent, which I quite like. It surprised me in the essence in department. As the mask was moist but not dripping, and there was not much extra essence left within the package. This was a surprise as most Taiwanese masks tend to come dripping with essence along with quite a bit of leftover essence.

The instructions said 10 to 15 minutes but I left it on for 35 minutes because it was so moist and I forgot the time.. Oops. 😅 At this time, my ears were starting to feel the pain, which is probably why it wasn't recommended to be on longer than 15 minutes. However, the extra essence sunk in very quickly and wasn't sticky.

As for results, I didn't notice much of a brightening effect. However, I did find my skin to be well moisturized and the overall skin tone looks more even. So I do think it does providing some brightening effect. But it's not so spectacular that I need to buy another one. Nor am I sad about the fact that it is probably discontinued.


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