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[107 ONEOSEVEN] - Rose Vinegar Water

I love roses! I think I say it multiple times now, but I really do love them! Any skincare products that says roses on them instantly has my attention!! So I was really excited to hear 107 OneOSeven coming out with a Rose Vinegar Water last year. 

Now, I never tried 107 before but have I read reviews of their soaps, essence, masks and creams. I was really intrigued by the brand after watching the Instagram live with Chloe and Beautibi. Chloe was super likable in the video and seem genuinely care and believe in the 107 products. I was quite shocked to learn her age as I thought she was maybe in her mid-thirties. She attributed it to the Hanega vinegar and the 107 products. So I was intrigued! 

You are probably asking, what is Hanega vinegar, how does this have anything to do with 107?!?! 

Well, the parent company for 107 is Hanega, which is a naturally fermented vinegar brewery that has been passed down for generations in Korea. In the live, Chloe mentioned that they noticed the women who working at the brewery had really great skin and attributed it to the vinegar. Which led to the development of skincare products using the fermented vinegar, and the formation of OneOSeven cosmetics. The name OneOSeven is derived from the 107 different secret formulas used by Hanega. So it still relates back to its parent company. You can read more about the company on their website
Anyways. They came out with the rose vinegar water and I was quite intrigued by it! Because.. ROSES!!! 😍😍 So what does a girl have to do to get her grubby hands on one??? >_< Well.. 107 paired with a few popular Instagram accounts for giveaways around the release and I won!!! I WON!!!!! 😄😆 I WON!!!! You have no idea how happy I was about winning!! I finally got to try the brand and it is the rose product!!! 

And guess what! I attended the Beauty Date x MTL event hosted by Skinvestment in May and Be Mused Korea included it in the the goodies bag! YES! I am always up for more rose products! 

Because I did receive these for free, I have to make the disclaimer that all opinions posted are my honest opinion about the product.  Now.. Let's get on with the review! 😊 

The Rose Vinegar Water uses Hanega's 7 year naturally fermented vinegar, which has essential amino acids that has anti-aging power. As well as rose water, hence the rose part of the name. Now the product is a hydrating facial mist that will nourish and soothe the skin, as well as nourish the skin for a more radiant skin. 

Onto the ingredients. It's not listed in English on the box or anywhere on its website. But I managed to find the ingredients on Be Mused Korea

Rosa Centifolia Flower Water, Dipropylene Glycol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Butylene Glycol, Water, Disodium EDTA, Betaine, Tripropylene Glycol, Histidine, Hyaluronic Acid, Insositol, Arginine, Cysteine, Raffinose, Lysine, Glutamine, Glycine, Propylene Glycol, Caprylyl Glycol, Vinegar (1ppm)

CosDNA analysis is here. Which indicate that only Butylene Glycol has a level 1 trigger for acne and that's it! That is a pretty clean formula to me. I really like that rose water is the first ingredient! All them roses!! 

Ok, let's discuss the product itself. 

The water comes in a spray bottle as it is supposed to be a facial mist. The water is really runny, like water. (DUH! Hence the name. 😂). It has a very faint rose scent to it, but it is quite faint. I grown nose blind to it rather quickly. The spray nozzle disperses a relatively fine mist. It is not ultra fine, but it doesn't feel like I am getting raindrops on my face each time either. I didn't mind spraying it straight onto my face. But I had some issues with the water dripping into my eye because I was trying to spray only half of my face (I'll elaborate later). So I changed to spraying the water into my hands and patting it in. Either method works well. 

The product is suppose to be a facial mist, but 107 advised me that you can use it with the 3 skin method. They explained that the first layer is for toning, second layer for hydrating, and third layer for nourishing. I think that makes you go through the product a lot faster but I gave it a try anyways. 

I found that: 
- First layer (toning) left my skin feeling slightly tacky 
- Second layer (hydrating), my skin felt less tacky and starts to feel a bit dewy to the touch 
- Third layer (nourishing), my skin no longer feels tacky and actually feels more plump! 
This is after 3 layers
I was surprised by how much of a difference is between the three layers! Each layer sunk in quickly and yet it hydrated and nourished my skin. But I wasn't convinced yet, so I tried it with the Thank You Farmer True Water Deep Toner. I decided to apply the TYF toner on the left side of my face and the 107 water on the right side. Remember how I mentioned earlier the water drips into my eye? Yah.. This is why! 😂 But seriously, wait between the layers because too much water dripping into the eye is VERY painful. -_- 

So, what was the result? Well.. I have to say.. 107 won! I wish I taken photos or have one of those skin readers. Because it was very noticeable after just a few days. The TYF side felt a lot less dewy than the 107 side and I felt like it needed more products afterwards. I tried spraying the 107 onto the TYF side, and I can feel my skin tingling as it is drinking it all in. I have to say that was the moment I knew 107 won the battle. 

Now, we have come to the conclusion that I love the 107 rose vinegar water. I must discuss their level of customer service! 
This is how big the spray area with the clogged bottle
I hit an issue with the nozzle in December, where it would shoot out high pressured streams instead of a relatively fine mist. I didn't realized it got clogged up and sprayed directly to my head and it was PAINFUL. And to top it off, the product was bouncing off of my skin due to the high pressure. Think the high pressure water hoses you use to clean your patio or to get dirt off of tires. It's like that, but at a much smaller scale. I tried spraying it into my hand too, and same problem occurs. The stream is so strong that half of the products bounced off of my hand, and the remaining product is all foaming from the pressure.

I got in contact with 107 and asked if I can just somehow unclogged it. As I have tried running it under hot water and it didn't work. But they offered to send me a replacement nozzle. So.. To my surprise, they sent me a whole new bottle! I am amazed by this level of customer service! 😍😍

I have to note that this amazing customer service did not sway my opinion on the rose vinegar water. Because let me tell you... I was longing for my rose vinegar water SO bad while I was waiting for the replacement nozzle, I just ended up putting up with the clogged nozzle. I just had to use it in my routine because my skin just doesn't feel the same without it. I was even a bit disappointed that I didn't get a new nozzle to be honest..😅 Because I wanted to finish using my open bottle!! That's how much I love this product. But afterwards, I realized I was being silly because I can just decant and continue to use it.. Duh.. XD
If I can change one thing about this product though, it would be the nozzle. I been testing toners/mists from other brands since I started writing up this post, and I noticed that other brands' nozzles produced a finer mist. I ended up reaching for those products more because I preferred how much finer the mists are. I even found myself planning to decant the 107 into another mist bottle so I can have that fine fine mist. Plus, I have heard from others who ran in the same issue as me with regards to the clogged nozzle. So I think 107 should update the nozzle so it can produce a finer mist and not prone to clogging. 

I have already finished my initial bottle of the Rose Vinegar Water and can definitely see myself finishing the remaining bottles before the expiration date! 

For those interested, 107 is available at Nordstrom and Be Mused Korea


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