Wednesday, 26 March 2014

monthly subscriptions

There are so many subscriptions out there these days.. I want them all.. Too bad I am too poor to afford any besides the Barkbox for my doggies. =__=

I just saw Whimseybox's February box and it is exactly what I wanted to do. Needle felting! Though it is a little bit on the expensive side for $20 + shipping for one little bird.

Though I must admit, needle felting is expensive in North America. Heck, almost all of the craft projects I want to do are expensive here. I have seen a very small felting project for children on sale for $14 at Michaels and it is not even that cute. Though if you look on Rakuten global, you see so much more offered from Japan at a much lower price. Even if you look on eBay, the same kits from Japan is selling at twice the value you get from Rakuten.. I am so surprised at how expensive crafts are outside of Asia..

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Current project - flower blanket

This is the other yarn project I am currently doing. The pattern is supposed to look like little flowers joined together. I only started on it because I bought the bright red and green for another project that didn't pan out. I thought a blanket of flowers would be super adorable. The pattern is from here.


Current project - Checkerboard blanket

This is my current project.. It is a blanket with a checkerboard pattern. The original pattern is thanks to Purlbee. It was originally a pattern for a scarf but I thought it would make an interesting blanket instead.

Completed Work

I think I got this turned around. I think I should have posted completed work then incomplete work. *shrug* Oh well. Here are a collection of my completed work that I am pretty proud of.

This was my first attempt in fondant work. It was a cake for my friend's birthday. It wasn't too bad. It wasn't a masterpiece either..

Current Unfinished Work

I always do multiple projects at once and some are still unfinished because I am not in the mood to do it... Well here are some of my unfinished works so I am hoping by posting it, these will remind me to finish them and leave it in crafting purgatory... >___<



I decided to create my own blog to record my numerous crafting attempts, including failures and successes. I love to do too much things all at once and often that ends in failures. I thought I would share that with the world.