Friday, 24 August 2018

Masks Compilation #2 - Hydrating Masks

Hey everyone, here's the second mask compilation, which is focused on masks that are supposed to be hydrating. Let's get to it shall we?

My Coco Bottle - Healthy Juice Mask 

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I honestly bought this mask as it was really cute, in a shape of water bottle and something tells me it has to do with coconut water. (I love coconut water so.... I must try it!). Anyways, my guess wasn't far off, it does contain coconut and hyaluronic acid.

The mask comes in 20ml off essence that is heavily scented, like artificial apple blossom scents. The mask itself is soft and hugs the skin very nicely.

I had it on for 15 minutes before it started to dry up near the upper lip area. It took forever to sink in and not feel sticky anymore. I was ready to write this mask off based just on the stickiness. But my skin was so smooth and plump the next morning, I can totally put up with the stickiness. I would totally buy more of these if I come across them again.

My Scheming - Hyaluronan Hydrating Mask

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I automatically am drawn to anything with variation of hyaluronic acid advertised on it, and I was quite looking forward to this My Scheming mask. I love the super juicy thin silk mask from the brand.

True to the typical My Scheming masks, it is a very thin silk mask that is soaked in 30ml of essence. It was dripping everywhere when I took the mask out. The essence itself smells kind of like saline solution and mosquito repellent coming out of the package, but smells kind of like cucumber when it's on my face.

The mask took about 20 minutes to start drying up in the upper lip area. It took about 5 more minutes for the extra essence to sink in. My skin feels moisturized and quite happy.

This is a good hydrating silk mask that I would totally repurchase!

My Scheming - Apple Brightening & Hydrating Mask

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Another My Scheming silk mask this time! It is both brightening and hydrating. But seeing how I normally can't tell any brightening effects, I usually chalk up any brightening masks to just hydration.

This is similar to the hylauronan mask, so it is super thin ans juicy. It has a chemical scent to it that reminds me of cherry cough drops, which is super weird. I also took this off after 20 minutes, because it started to feel like the mask was suffocating my skin.

After I removed the mask, my skin didn't feel very moisturized or brightened. So this is a meh mask for me.

Mirae - Aqua NMF Extreme Hydro Natural Moisturizing Factor

That's a mouthful for name eh? I received this courtesy of Miirushop as Eden highly recommended it!

The mask is designed in such a way that it will deliver its powerful essence to your skin within 8 minutes. So you can do a quick masking session, even if you are super busy.

The mask itself is super thin and hugs the skin well. It is also super juicy, which is typical of Taiwanese masks. The only potential downside is that it does contain parabens, which is a semi-controversial ingredient. I personally don't have too much of an issue with it, but do try to limit my usage of products containing it to once every two days. But that's my comfort level. I highly recommend doing some research into the ingredient and form your own comfort level based on your findings.

Anyways, I took the mask off after 8 minutes and my skin was super hydrated and plump. I was absolutely in love. I couldn't stop touching my face to feel how smooth and plump it was after using an 8 minute mask. It was still plump the next day!

Needless to say, I absolutely loved the mask! I already bought a of the aqua one from Miirushop, and a box of the collagen flavour for my mom.

Scinic - My Juice Bottle Mask - Aqua Ampoule Juice

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Yup.. You are not seeing doubles. . It is another mask that is shaped like a water bottle, but this one is from the Korean brand Scinic. The reasoning behind the purchase of the mask is still the same as My Coco Bottle mask, it looks like a water bottle. Hahahaa.

The mask comes in 20 ml of essence that smells very strongly like a semi evaporated nail polish remover. So that's not very pleasant. The mask itself was very soft and fit very well that I didn't need a mirror to put it on.

I had the mask on for 25 minutes and it was still very moist. But my face felt SO tight! That's not a good sign. It took a while for that tightness to go away, and for my skin to feel moisturized. But it was just meh. It is just meh.

Overall Ranking

I figured I would rank how likely I would repurchase the masks in this post. So 1 means very likely, and 5 means not likely at all.

1) Mirae - Aqua NMF Extreme Hydro Natural Moisturizing Factor (Already purchased a box + a box of collagen, so no surprise there)
2) My Scheming - Hyaluronan Hydrating Mask (moisturizing, thin silk mask. Easily accessible and decent pricing. I think it got reformulated though)
3) My Coco Bottle  - Healthy Juice Mask (Hydrating, but did leave the skin feeling tacky. Haven't seen it for sale in a lot of places)
4) My Scheming - Apple Brightening & Hydrating Mask (Meh mask, but I like a juicy silk mask. It's also accessible)
5) Scinic - My juice Bottle Mask - Aqua Ampoule Juice (No.. Just no.. When the other masks in this compilation haven't made my skin feel tight. This just gets a no from me)

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Mask compilation #1 - Polatam

Hey everyone. I took a little break from blogging because it was getting a little overwhelming. I been doing a review both on here and on my Instagram. I try to keep the content slightly different, where IG is shorter due to the word limit, and a little bit more detailed on here. But it's a lot of work. I just had a major burnout and needed to step away from everything to find myself again.

Well.. I am still finding myself and taking my sweet time coming back. I think I will continue to post product reviews both on here and IG. But as I primarily review masks now, it seems silly to write the same content twice. Sometimes the masks doesn't even warrant a full post. So I thought I try something new.

I figured I may just try and do a compilation of sheet mask reviews, with the IG posts embedded. So this way, I can be brief and you can click on to IG for the more detailed review. I'll try this out and see how it goes. Please let me know if you like this method or not!