Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Masks #4 - Hydration

A few years ago, someone at Clinque counter identified my skin as normal/combination and I think that is pretty accurate. Due to the fact that Cowtown is really dry and its pretty much winter for 3/4 of the year. My skin needs a lot of hydration.

During the warmer months, I just need toner, my hyaluronic acid serum and sunscreen and I am ready to go. But as soon as the temperature drops, like a few days ago where it hit below double digits (Celsius), my skin will start flaking and need the extra boost of moisture. So I am pretty drawn to items that offers boosts of moisture. Hence I am so excited to try these masks!

I should preface this blog entry with the fact that I used these masks as the last step in my routine before bed. So that would be toner, H-Acid and then mask. I feel like this is the best way to see how moisturizing the mask is. Because it is done over the warmer months, my skin can't take on too much moisture. So if I layer on my moisturizer, and the mask is really moisturizing as well, then it would be too much for my skin. Resulting in my skin looking shiny like no tomorrow and pilling up around my hairline. That's just not a good look. So this way, if the mask is not too moisturizing, I can slap on some more to compensate instead of washing everything off and starting again.