Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Memebox Superbox #78 Dirty Gal

I had to buy this box since this was created based on the suggestion by a MUT member Jane George. You can visit her blog here. She requested that the box contains products that requires you to get dirty before you can get clean. It is such an interesting concept and seem like there would be different textures so I had to get it! 

The box was $32 + 6.99 shipping. It is one of the more expensive boxes but I was more than happy that I ordered it based on the spoiler. The spoiler item was a snail cream from Dr. MJ. I love snail cream :D So this box is an automatic win! 

Memebox Christmas Collection #2 My Holiday Glam

So I bought the bundle of Christmas boxes without reading what they are for. I just wanted express shipping. Urg. Worst decision ever. Because if I read it I would not have bought the second box. It is all cosmetics, the description even made it clear it is cosmetics. Smart me. 

The box was $23 + $6.99 shipping. It contains 6 items and I like some of the products but it's very unlikely for me to use them. :( 

Memebox Christmas Collection #1 Stress Free Holidays

People has been asking for a Christmas box for a long time and Memebox FINALLY put up the Christmas early December. I jumped on it and bought the bundle due to the lack of boxes in December.

The Stress Free Holidays box is to help you fight skin and body blemishes and flaws caused by stress. But.. I don't think some of the box contents fit the bill.

Innisfree Haul

Back in November, Innisfree World had a promotion where if you spend $50 USD you get free shipping. Since my Innisfree Memebox was cancelled around the same time and I have never tried any items from the brand, I decided to take advantage of the promotion. 

The items were shipped on November 26th and I chose the free EMS service. Just my luck, the items didn't past through Customs until the weekend so I did not receive them until December 1st. But it was definitely a happy present to chase away the Monday blues. 

Straight from the box

Memebox Special #67 Blackout!

Happy holidays!! Hope everyone had a good holiday season! 

This post has been long delayed. It's on the Black Out! box which was received at the same time as Petite Treasure. This box was $19 + $6.99 shipping. 

Due to the lower cost to the box, this only contains four items. I was hoping to receive a black mask, specifically the Elizavecca Black Piggy foaming mask. But unfortunately I didn't get my wish. Oh well. The box isn't bad. 

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Memebox Special #66 Petit Treasures

 Alright, back onto the blogging bus. I decided to start with the boxes that disappointed me first and then end with the good boxes so I can end on a happy note with Memebox.

Petit Treasure was $19 + $6.99 shipping. A normal box is $23 so there is a $4 dollar difference. There was not much clue in the number of items will be included or its size.

Memebox's description for the box was:
Yes, we know. We're going overhead with our cute cosmetic obsession. But, what can we say? We've discovered another batch of rare but beautiful treasures that will give you an A+ in beauty, and this time, they're all miniature! So petite and cute, yet so intense and effective, these beautifying trinkets will fit your makeup pouch so that you can stay beautiful everyday and everywhere.

Up your game in beauty with petite beauty treasures!

I seen the spoiler before receiving my box so I knew its contents and had very low expectations. Yet when I received my box, I couldn't help but feel even more disappointed. It was in the smallest Memebox and it was light as a feather. It had four items and I guess it kind of does fit the description. The items are small and cute. But it's still disappointing.

Thursday, 18 December 2014


I currently have about 5 Memebox to do posts on. I been putting it off for over a week now. I am just so disappointed with the contents of the boxes and the direction the company is going. I can't bring myself to spend the time to write on the boxes and its contents.

I received the Rose Edition, which was a box I really wanted and managed to snag during the Black Friday restock. I was happy to receive it and was going to do a post the next day. That is when I started to receive the bad boxes. In just a week I received four boxes that disappointed me and I am not sure if I am into Memeboxes anymore :( That makes me so sad as I really enjoy getting the pink boxes in the mail. Will finish posting them during the holidays I hope.

I still have to do a post bout my finished blanket and scarf. I been trying to do it after I finish my Memeboxes but they just keep on coming so those two kept on being pushed back. I started and restarted my chevron blanket thrice now. I finally got a new set of knitting needles last night and loosen up so the blanket is looking better. Will do a progress post about that. Hoping I will get everything done before the end of the year!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Memebox Special #55 OMG 4

Memebox's OMG series is supposed to include products that will shock you and make you go "OMG!" when you open the box. I liked the OMG 3 box I received, primarily the Migabee Beetox cream. So when I needed to make up a large order to use up a 20% code in October, I decided to invest in the OMG 4 box. This box is DEFINITELY OMG worthy, but not for the right reason. 

The box was $29 + $6.99 standard shipping. It was shipped on November 18th and received on November 26th. It only took 8 days including the weekend so it came through really quick for standard shipping. 

Memebox Christmas Boxes

After a month of no communication and then no new boxes for over a week, Memebox FINALLY released some new boxes today!

Christmas Collection #1 Stress - Free Holidays : $23 + shipping. Ships Dec 10th. 
Holidays got you stressed? It’s time to relax with a box full of easy skincare and body essentials to help keep holiday tension from taking over. The end-of-the-year holiday season is the most delightful time of the year...or it can get you to cringe, stress, and drive you crazy. Worry not because we've gathered a box full of skincare and body must-haves to help you cope with the stresses that follow holiday preparations. This box will help you to fight skin and body blemishes and flaws that follow stress, skin’s #1 enemy, and help you to maintain your beauty all season long!

Christmas Collecton #2 My Holiday Glam : $23 + Shipping. Ships Dec 10th.

Tis the season for gorgeous! Sparkle just as brightly as the holiday lights with festive K-Beauty glitz and glam! Whether you prefer subtle shine or want to rock full-blown fab, there’s a gorgeous holiday party look waiting for you in this box! With this festive K-Beauty holiday makeup essentials box, you’ll be able to step outside the traditional party look and pull together a perfect party look. Don’t miss out on this coolest, most luxurious collection – perfect to give, love, or hoard for yourself!

The Christmas Bundle : $46 + $6.99 Express Shipping. Ships Dec 10th. 
I picked up the bundle as I really wanted express shipping. All my registered mail/snail mail packages now requires signatures and are moving SNAIL like through Canada Post since it's so close to the holidays. I am not looking forward to the makeup box as I am not a make up person but I will always welcome some wonderful makeup finds. *Praying to the Memegods* PLEASE DO NOT PUT ANY CPM2 LEFTOVERS IN THE BOXES!!!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. 


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Get free shipping on Shop Global orders over $50 : FREESHIPPONY50

Monday, 8 December 2014

Memebox Thanksgiving Box Collection #2 For You

As mentioned in the previous Thanksgiving box post. This box was released in November and since I could not decide on which box to pick, I got both.The box cost $26 + $6.99 shipping. It took 7 days to arrive at my office and into my happy little hands. 

I liked quite a few items in the first box and there are a couple of items I really like in this box!

Memebox Thanksgiving Box Collection #1 For Me

There was such a Memebox drought in November that when they released the Thanksgiving box, it sold out almost immediately. I was bored and wanted new boxes, and I couldn't decided which box to get so I bought the bundle. The box was $26 each + $6.99 shipping. 

I had it mailed to my office so I can sign for it without risking the dreaded pick up slip. The package was mailed on November 18th and I received it on the 25th. The box was delayed a day as Canada Post apparently had a problem with the office's postal code. Though the package had the correct postal code so I have no idea why they decided to delay it another day. But whatever. I was very happy to receive the bright orange boxes at lunch time! (A month after the Canadian Thanksgiving but oh wells :D) 

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Nellafantasia Honey 1 Snail Ultra Moisture Cream

In one of the sampling events in October/November, the Nellafantasia Honey 1 Snail Ultra Moisture Cream was featured as one of the products. Imagine my surprise when Canada Post knocked on my door at 8PM delivering a small package from Memebox on a day that I was not expecting any packages. I actually won! I won the snail cream! I was excited because it sounded like a really good moisturizer. The cream is supposed to improve the dryness of your skin while brightening your skin tone. It is to improve your skin's elasticity and getting rid of your winkles.

Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence

So during the Memebox drought in November, I decided to purchase the Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence along with the Ciracle Red Spot Cream. I heard that it is a great product to use on troubled skin, especially those with acne problems. I bought it with my brother in mind but I ended up keeping it. I have heard of the contamination problems they had before but I have heard pretty good recent reviews and decided to take the plunge. I did keep in mind that I would do a patch test before using it on my face. 

Ciracle Red Spot Cream

During the November drought of Memeboxes,I got bored and decided to buy Benton Snail Essence. I did not want to pay for shipping so I had to choose another item to make it to $30 for free shipping. I was considering the Ciracle Red Spot Cream as I have read great reviews from different blogs. I was hesitant as I didn't want to spend so much on my brother's skincare routine. :P I was convinced by Fanserviced and her Instagram post raving about this product. I had to get it for my brother and his constant angry red spots.

I purchased the cream on November 6, it shipped out on November 14 and received on November 24. I am kind of surprised it took over a week for the item to ship out as it was listed as an ready to ship item. Oh well.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Memebox Special #57 - For Dry & Sensitive Skin

I purchased Memebox Special #57 For Dry & Sensitive Skin in a bundle with My Cute Wishlist #4. The box sounded like it would be mostly skincare so I was all game for it. It was $29 + shipping. 

I am not sure what I was expecting from the box besides some skincare items. What I actually received was quite a disappointment despite having no expectations.  
Read on to see why I am so disappointed with the box. 

Monday, 1 December 2014

Memebox Superbox#71 - My Cute Wishlist #4

Memebox's My Cute Wishlist series has been one great box followed by two crappy boxes. The most notable crappy item was the creepy doll cream from My Cute Wishlist #3. But it is also the series that got me hooked with Memebox. So I did not give up hope with My Cute Wishlist #4. I am half happy that I kept it. It is not as bad as #3 but I only found half the box to be cute. Kind of sad but at least the items are going to be useful. ^__^

The box was $23 + shipping. I did get it bundled with Dry & Sensitive so I received it within 5 days. The box is sold out, but they have been restocking the series so if you like the box, keep an eye out for a restock! 

Would you like an apple? 

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Etude Haul

From Nov 5 - Nov 9, 2014 (Korean standard time), Etude House had a "Princess Day" event where they had free shipping over $30 and 50% off their sheet masks. I had to take advantage of that rightaway! That was a dumb decision as the next day they announced a 15% off Paypal event. Oh well. With the currency exchange, the 15% saving pretty much made up for the exchange rate difference. I could not resist and placed another order. 

Jump after the cut to see my two crazy hauls. 

Haul #1: Wonder Pore toner, Wonder Pore Brush, Sheet Masks
 The Etude website had an unspoken rule about the weight of the package, where your order needs to be less than 1.6kg to get the free shipping. Since I did not use most of Etude House's make up or skin care, I just bought tons of masks for myself, the Wonder Pore toner and the Wonder Pore brush for my brother. This was ordered on Nov 5 and received on Nov 21. It took a week for processing and two weeks for shipping.

Wonder Pore Toner 500ml + free cotton pads
I ordered the biggest bottle of Wonder Pore toner that I can find on the website as I know my brother will need it. His skin has gotten worse since he's done with the toner. Since receiving this haul, his skin has already cleared up quite a bit. This is definitely a great toner for his crazy hormonal skin. I love how they included a box of cotton pads. I did not know that was included, but then I  didn't really pay much attention to the product description other than it's the correct toner. The cotton pad had a smooth surface and a rough side. I need to buy a box of it next time they have a shipping event again.

Wonder Pore Brush
I got the pore brush for my brother as he has tons of blackheads and enlarged pores on and near his nose. The brush is soooo soft brushing against the back of my hand. Though some strands already fell off when I tested it. I hope it does not come off like crazy when my brother uses it.

Sheet masks!!!!
I ordered 31 sheet masks at once.. It's so crazy I know.. I should have gotten some of the coconut jelly masks. I got a variety of Hyaluronic acid, snail, Coenzyme Q10, collagen, royal jelly, pomegranate, mugwort, Korean ginseng, and mango. It's enough to last me a while.. Until my second haul came..

Haul #2 in its bubble wrap package

Again, I was dumb and did not think to order some of the more expensive masks. I ordered a total of 57 masks and an AC Clinic Intense Extractor (not pictured). I would have place an order of all sheet masks if it weren't for the weight. 

I ordered two of each masks, with more for snail, Hyaluronic acid, collagen, Coenzyme Q10, mugwort and royal jelly. I ordered one of each so I can try them all and have an extra to give out as Christmas presents. I am too lazy to find special presents for everyone, so sheet masks are a cheap and lazy way to pick out Christmas presents. 

Yay! I am now officially drowning in sheet masks!! Have to force myself to use one every other night so I can use it up within a year. I already tried the green tea mask from the Jeju Memebox and didn't mind it. I also tried the Hyaluronic acid, which has a milky white essence. I have no problem against the essence but I do have problem with the actual masks. Again, the sheet mask's proportion seems to be off. It is probably the eye hole, where it is tiny and really far apart. Other than that, these masks are pretty good for being $0.48 each,

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Ettang Modeling Mask

There was and still is a sale on Ettang Modeling Take-Out Cup Pack on Memebox, $17 with free shipping for a pack of 7 tubs of peel off masks. I heard great reviews of the masks and because my mom was bugging me for peel off masks. I decided to purchase a box to try.

Delskin Skin Juice90 Real Ampoule

Back in October, Memebox started an event called "review this to win". It is essentially leave a review on certain products they are featuring for the week where you explain why you wish to try the product. At the end of the weekly event, Memebox randomly selects some reviewers and send them a full sized product for free. 

I tried my luck for Delskin Skin Juice90 Real Ampoule, but sadly I did not win. I found out the product is included in the Dessert Box, which I did not purchase and was sold out. Two missed opportunities. Since I liked the description for the product a lot, I decided that $17 and free shipping is quite a good deal for an ampoule. Sadly, the deal has ended and the product is now $30 + Shipping.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Memebox Superbox #84 Skinfood

Skinfood is a Korean skincare company that started in 1957 with the concept of creating products with nutritional values of food. Their logo is that of a guardian angel who is supposed to convey the purity and goodness of the products to the consumers.

I have heard various requests for Skinfood to be in Memebox and heard great things of their products. My only experience was the egg white nose strips I bought years ago from eBay and liked it. So when Memebox offered a Skinfood box, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try out some products from Skinfood. The box was $26 + 6.99 for shipping. It was supposed to ship out 3-5 days after release but I had a problem regarding my payment so that was delayed another week before it was sent out.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Memebox Princess Edition #6 - Cinderella

Sorry for the sudden influx of posts. I am just trying to separate all of my products into different boxes and didn't want to dig out different boxes when I am doing a post on a box. So I chose the easy way of doing all the posts now. 

Cinderella is my favourite fairy tale of all times. Like the Little Mermaid, I like the original fairy tale, not the Disney version. So I was expecting some make up but hoped for some skincare as well. But boooy was I wrong. This box is pretty much all make up. For someone who barely wear make up, this is a dud box. -__- Waste of $29 but I am hoping I will find a home for these products.  

Memebox Princess Edition #4 The Little Mermaid

 Memebox Princess Edition #4 The Little Mermaid was purchased along with the Cinderella box. It was $29 with the $6.99 express shipping for both boxes. I picked up the box as I loved the Hans Christian Anderson version of the fairy tale, where she turned into foam at the end. Not the Disney's happy ending story. I really liked the Earth & Sea box and was hoping this was a similar box.

Memebox #76 While You Were Sleeping

Memebox Superbox $76 While You Were Sleeping was purchased with Foot Therapy. I have been contemplating the box ever since it came out. I want it since I assumed it would contain a sleeping pack and I love sleeping packs. When I got the box, I was impressed with the selection. It contains everything from head to toe. I kind of wished this was also the head to toe box too. 

Friday, 21 November 2014

Memebox Superbox #77 Foot Therapy

 Memebox Superbox #77 Foot Therapy is a box that I purchased with in a bundle with While You Were Sleeping. I primarily bought the bundle for While You Were Sleeping and for the express shipping. I am glad I grabbed this box as it is a decent box.

The boxes shipped out on a Thursday, so unfortunately I had to wait until Monday for the package to arrive.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Memebox Special #46 From Jeju

Memebox Special #46 was gone when I finally decided to purchase it. Luckily I managed to grab a restock of it. Boy am I happy I grabbed it. The box cost $23 + 6.99 USD and it only took 9 days to reach me. 

To be honest, the only reason I bought the box was due to the promotional image. It included a picture of an orange and volcanic rock. I thought hey! I tend to like most citrus smelling items and there will probably be a pore product made from the volcanic ashes. My guesses were proven correct! 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Membo Superbox #62 - Just Gellin'

When I saw Just Gellin' on sale at Memebox, I HAD to get it. I love skincare in gel form. So I was excited to get it. Though I have to admit, I forgot I had ordered toward the end. It cost $23 + $6.99 shipping. It is sold out now but Memebox may restock a few in the future. The package only took 8 days to reach me via registered mail, which is quite a short time for snail mail.  

Friday, 7 November 2014

Memebox Special #40 - Head-To-Toe

Memebox special $40 Head-to-Toe was one of the first boxes I ordered. It was $29 + $6.99 shipping. It took about 14 days to get to me via registered mail. I was hoping for peeling feet masks (can you tell I am obsessed with those masks?) and that was it. What I got was actually quite a surprise. But a nice surprise. The Head-to-Toe box was just restocked today so if you are interested, head on over to Memebox to get your own box. :)

The lighting is quite dark as I took it late at night. 

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Oh sheet mask

I am conflicted regarding this blog post.. I believe in if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. Especially in such a public forum. But on the other hand, I feel like I should at least state my opinion... So I will do my best to explain my view and welcome any suggestions.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Crafting Update

I thought I would do a little crafting update on this blog as it is starting to become a Memebox blog.

First, I would like to introduce the two adorable doggies in my life. Panda and Po. They are both legally my dogs,but Po actually associate my brother as his owner. If you recall, Panda is the spoiled butt who dashed out of the house as I was leaving on my trip. Po on the other hand is the more obedient younger brother who listens to us because he is less spoiled.

Po (Left) & Panda (Right)
 Why are my doggies featured? Well.. It has to do with Po.

Saturday, 25 October 2014


I have received 5 Memeboxes since I started in August. So far I like most of the selections in the boxes. Though I think I may have a problem. I keep on ordering more and more boxes. Probably more than I could use in a few years. Oh well. The extra products are good gifts for family and friends, especially my baby brother and his constant trouble with acne.

I looked through the boxes I have ordered and thought I would post the five of the boxes that I am really looking forward to based on their themes.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Memebox Special #42 - OMG 3

As mentioned in the previous post, I bought the OMG 3 in a bundle with My Cute Wishlist #3 from Membox. The bundle cost $58.99USD including $6.99USD for shipping. The box alone cost $29USD plus $3.50USD for shipping. The bundle shipped via express post so I received it in 5 days.

The box contains 5 full sized items. It includes Cleomee''s Three-Layer Perfume Donkey Oil Mist, which was released as the spoiler item.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Memebox - My Cute Wishlist #3

I got addicted to Memebox, a Korean subscription box from an unboxing of the first My Cute Wishlist. By the time I found Memebox, they already released the second and third in the series. I managed to buy the My Cute Wishlist #3 and OMG #3 bundle before it sold out. 

The bundles cost $58.99 USD including the $6.99 USD for shipping. Bundles are automatically upgraded to express shipping so it arrives at my door step much quicker than Registered Mail. The downside is that it requires signatures. The box shipped out October 15th and I received it on October 20th. That is 5 days including the weekend, pretty fast compared to 20 days. 

I already saw the spoilers for the box and was disappointed by the collection, especially with the sun cream. But in real life it is actually ok, it does fit with the cute theme. 


GRRR .. I just found out that Blogger deleted half of my Hong Kong post and I posted without knowing. Grrrrr.  Will have to re-finish it when I have time...

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Memebox #13 - Cooling Care

Back in September I managed to grab the restock of Cooling Care on Memebox. This is one of the boxes I wanted to try after seeing reviews online, primarily for the sleeping pack (I love sleeping packs/leave on masks). The box was $23 USD plus $6.99USD for shipping. Though it was upgraded to express for free! I also ordered  the Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream since many raved about it. I have no idea why I did not get the Wine & Cheese box which includes a full size of bounce cheese cream. They were shipped together on September 24th, and I received it October 3rd. It was actually a day slower than my RoseRoseShop order that was sent via Registered Mail. Hopefully it is a fluke.

I am very amused by the way they wrapped the extra bubble wrap. Reminds me of the yangmeori towel hats you see in dramas..

RoseRoseShop Order

Yay! I finally finished my nonstop blabbering about my trip! I am trying to play catch up right now on blog posts and I am finally close! I placed a big order from RoseRoseShop after cancelling my Tony Moly + Holika Holika box from Memebox. The unboxing of both boxes showed it contained products that I am not interested in so I decided to hop on RRS and see what I can find for roughly the same amount of money.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Hong Kong

Hong Kong was my last stop of the trip. I was there for a few days but mainly relaxed and did not do much. I did go to four baking classes so that is the highlight of the HK trip. Hopefully this won't get too long winded like my other posts.. Though knowing me.. It probably will and I do apologize in advance. 
Snapped while I was on the express train to the airport. 

Taiwan Day 5

Day 4 was our last full day in Taipei so we decided to visit some of the museums. We visited the National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall and the National Palace Museum. On our way to the memorial hall, we passed the site of the Taipei dome. It is apparently a bigger version of the Taipei Arena and to be completed in 2015. 

Taiwan Day 4

Day 4 was the one that I am the most excited about! It is the night that I FINALLY get to attend the concert of my favourite band in the world, S.H.E! This is a Taiwanese band that consist of three members, Selina Ren, Hebe Tian, and Ella Cheng. They are super popular in Taiwan and I have been following them since junior high. They rarely do concerts outside of Asia, let alone in Cow town. So imagine how happy I was when I found out I was going to be in Asia when their latest concert is going to be held in Taipei. And imagine how happy I was when I went online and managed to buy a single ticket after hours of trying! Now I can tick one off my bucket list!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Taiwan Day 3

My cousins and I separated on day 3 as they headed to Qingjing farm and I stayed behind. The reason why I stayed behind is because I originally book a needle felting class on day 4 and was going to join them at the farm until we realized it would be impossible to return to Taipei in time. So I ended up staying behind and my instructor rescheduled the class to day 3 so I can schedule a cooking class on day 4. YAY! Classes during vacation! FUN!
Guess which one is mine!